I Am So Depressed And Lonely In My Marriage: Feeling Lonely In Marriage And Unhappy

Do you feel disconnected and lonely in your marriage and need help overcoming those unpleasant feelings? Well, in many marriages, it's not uncommon for one of the spouses to feel lonely. Don't think that you are odd or misguided because you feel this way. Perhaps this can help you with battling loneliness in your marriage.

One of the things you need to consider regarding your marriage is have things changed or have your needs changed. There are many times in our life when our wants and needs change. As we get older and experience life, our perspectives change. In many instances, what made us happy or fulfilled 5 years ago, no longer does. Could it be the same in your marriage?

It seems as though most married couples start off at the same place. They are physically and emotionally connected. They like the same things, enjoy the same circle of friends but most of all they are into each other. Then life happens and slowly but surely the couple seems to have differences that were not there or were barely noticed before.

Unfortunately, as those differences grow, there is a sense of disconnecting and loneliness creeps into the marriage. The more distant the couple becomes the more pain there is. However, there is a strange twist to this. Sometimes one of the spouses actually is very happy with the distancing as it's a freedom to live as if the marriage is already over. Perhaps your spouse is treating your marriage as if it's heading towards an end and making your loneliness worse.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Tips For Overcoming Loneliness In Your Marriage

Be Open With Your Spouse

Although your spouse should know that you are not happy, it might not be that clear why you are unhappy. Yes, your spouse should care enough about you to find out what is wrong. I would suggest that instead of waiting for your spouse to wake up and realize the pain you are experiencing, why not communicate what you are feeling?

What your spouse needs to understand is that you feel disconnected from him or her.

Please don't by any means let this conversation turn into a finger-pointing argument. This is simply an attempt on your part to express your hurt and sadness. You spouse shouldn't get the impression that you are blaming him or her but rather you are looking for help.

You don't have to try to solve the problem during this discussion. However, you will feel a sense of relief if you can communicate your feelings to your spouse.

Make Spending Time With Your Spouse A Priority

Getting closer to your spouse requires some deliberate actions on your part as well as your spouses part. It won't happen by itself. I would suggest that you start off small and begin to rebuild your relationship by making your relationship your top priority. Perhaps you can;

* Plan a meal to eat together.

* Schedule a time to watch one of your spouses favorite movies together.

* See if you can set aside some time to do something fun together i.e., exercise, aerobic dancing, bowling, fishing, skating or whatever you can find to relax and have fun together.

The goal should be to make improvements in your relationship so that you enjoy being in each others company. Your stress levels should decrease and not increase when you see each other. If either of you feel resentful or anxious at the mere sight of the love of your life, it's a sign that some deeper issues need to be dealt with.

Your marriage should be where you draw strength from to make it through life's sometimes difficult challenges. You will have a difficult time continuing to deal with loneliness in your marriage. One of you will get to the breaking point and most likely look for a way out, i.e., an affair or divorce. Please don't let that happen.

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What will make a marriage work? A marriage is not as simple as saying "I do" and put on the ring. It takes two hands to clap and understanding what is respect and balance in the relationship is very important too. What are the secrets of a healthy marriage?

- Do not let money rule your heart
Many couples divorced over argument on money. They tend to quarrel on topics like where did this money go, why are you borrowing money from me, why you did not save this much of money this month or this and that about money. They let the money rule their heart to do things when they have to pay for their commitments like house, car or utilities bills etc.

- Do not be a control freak
One of the successes of a healthy marriage is to maintain a balance in the relationship. Being overly control over your partner's life is as good as taking away their freedom that they ought to have.

- Do not show your jealousy too much
Trust is very important for a healthy marriage. The common signs of showing out your jealousy can be from checking your spouse's email, hand phone or getting emotional when your spouse talk to opposite sex. If you want to keep a marriage healthy, don't do this.

- Keep your marriage fresh and alive
Spice up your love life with little surprises and certain random stuffs will perk up your sex life and make both of you to be close together. How about a sexy lingerie?

- Have confidence
Have confidence in yourself. Your wife or husband would love to see you in your best form. Women or men always look good when they are confident.

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Every year, there are more than 2 million divorces. With so many married couples facing divorces, there are more professionals providing marriage counseling services. However, I have seen marriages got even worse because of counseling. One reason is because both parties will usually try to get the counselor to be on their side. This will not solve the problem at all. Apart from this, marriage counseling is expensive. You may not want to spend that much of money on it.

Today, there are professionals who offer extensive home courses to help you save your marriage and their results and testimonials are very promising. These home courses are usually very affordable and have produced proven results to solve a broad range of marriage problems.

The best thing about these home courses is that you do not need to get your partner to agree to go for counseling, which is a very difficult thing to do. These courses are designed in a way that you can work on it alone and save your marriage.

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Most persons are a bit skeptical of counselors in general, and do have their hang ups about actually going to see a counselor to help them work through their problems. Most persons ask the question, 'Does marriage counseling really work?'

Marriage counseling will work for you to the extent that you want it to work for you. What I mean by this is, if you and your spouse are willing to be openly and brutally honest to yourselves and to the counselor, then you can expect better results than if you are close-mouthed. While counseling is not magical, and there is no guarantee that your marriage will be saved as a result, it is still a good way to go. It will bring things to the surface which you may not even had known existed, and it does help persons in looking at themselves and viewing their attitude and approach in a more objective manner.

Quite possibly your spouse or even you will eventually be able to look at the problems you share from a different angle, thus allowing you to be able to identify ways in which to work it all out. One thing is sure, if you have already tried everything and done everything which is in your power to do; but to no available, then you definitely need outside help. Making the first steps to getting something done (no matter what) is much better than just doing nothing at all.

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For many persons, they really have a problem in sharing intimate details of their marital life to a counselor - someone who just sits back in an easy chair and nods their head at opportune times, but somehow is just unable to come out with a feasible solution. If this is what you fear or even if this has been your experience, there is still hope. What I am recommending is actually a far cry from the traditional counseling sessions, for one, you can definitely remain in the comfort of your home and be helped.

What do you think of a system which is designed to show you exactly what to do, say and avoid in an attempt to save your marriage. Pretty cool, huh? You will now be able to assess the particular stage of your personal situation, and be directed accordingly. It is certainly not a 'one shoe fits all' system, as each marriage has its own set of unique problems and challenges to work through. Now you will be able to answer your question of whether or not marriage counseling really works.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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