I Am So Embarrassed By My Small Penis Size: Homemade Penis Enlargement

Does size really matter? Many men are always conscious of the length of their manhood, some more than others. Others perhaps because they are well endowed don't care as much for length concerns and they may feel a lot better about themselves because of this. Besides there are a lot more ways one can satisfy his partner in bed than having a long penis, right? But no matter what anyone says many men still feel that having a longer penis is better than a short one. So if you are thinking of ways to make your penis longer, here are ideal ways to make your penis longer and fulfill your requirements.

1. Take Pills - Many people who suffer from some dysfunction can take pills in order to take care of the problem efficiently. It is a known fact that taking pills allows you to have a harder and stronger erection simply because it helps to direct more blood flow to your penis. Although, you do have to be careful when choosing which pill to use, there are many bogus pills out there which doesn't do anything to help you with your quest. So it is best to consult your doctor, should you ever decide to take pills to make your penis longer.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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2. Exercise Your Penis - Perhaps, penis exercises are some of the most common ways to elongate the penis. One of the more common exercises includes Jelq Exercises and Kegel's Exercises. By using these exercises, achieving your goal of elongating your penis will take time and you need to be patient and consistent with doing these exercises or else you might not get your desired results. So make sure you are truly committed to your goals once you start to exercise your penis.

3. Use Penis Extenders - Penis extenders are generally safe to use and can usually be procured easily. These, if used correctly, can be very effective in elongating your penis. It works by gently stretching the penis and pulling penis cells apart, and like penis exercises penis extenders can take some time before any result can be evident. But this is easier than exercises since you just need to put it on and it works to extend your penis at once.

How to make your penis longer is really an easy question to answer. Employing the various techniques noted here can be very effective ways to elongate the penis and give you the longer penis you so desire.

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As with a lot of other exercises out there, penis enlargement exercises need to start with stretches. In fact, penile stretches are considered to be the oldest type of penis enlargement exercises out there as they are vital for any workout routine. Plus, the majority of advanced penis enlargement exercises out there are actually designed to improve the length of the penis through the use of different stretches. If you need a step-by-step guide for this, just read on.

To start stretching your penis, simply grab it by the head and pull it down very slowly. Then, hold that stretch for around half a minute. Then, do the exact same thing, but pull it to the right for half a minute, then to the left, then up and then straight out, all for half a minute each.

Now, the goal here would be to pull your penis hard enough, so that you stretch the penile tissues. However, you shouldn't pull so hard that you end up feeling pain while doing your penis enlargement exercises. Since finding the perfect middle ground may take some time, though, start off gentle and easy first before gradually increasing the intensity of your stretches with time.

Generally speaking, it doesn't really matter where you grab your penis for the stretch. As long as you don't directly grip the tip of your penis, any other part will work just fine. See, if you grab the tip, you could put yourself at risk. Most men prefer gripping the penis an inch underneath the glans, though, since they can stretch the skin the most from there.

When stretching the penis, men tend to feel different things. During or after stretching, for example, some men feel a bit of tingling in their manhood, while others feel itchy or even tired. If you experience any of these things, don't worry, as those feelings are completely normal. Even burning sensations are normal since they simply signal the work of your penile muscles during the high intensity workouts that your penis goes through.

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If you don't feel a thing, you don't have to worry, either. A lot of men only feel something during the actual stretches. Either way, the only important thing is to ensure that you don't feel any pain. If it feels painful, stop stretching right away.

Incorporating more penis enlargement exercises into your routine would be highly advisable to increase the overall intensity of your workouts, by the way. While some advanced stretches can be added onto routines right away, you might have to wait a few months before adding others. Make sure you do some research on this before moving ahead.

Of course, it wouldn't hurt to get some tips on penile stretches, either. The first thing you should know is that it doesn't really matter whether you do these exercises while sitting down or while standing. You simply need to make sure that you feel comfortable in the position that you are in.

Secondly, you should only do these exercises with a flaccid penis for the first few months. Stretching your penis while it is erect is far too intense and risky, especially for beginners. Lastly, you can do these exercises with your hands or with some help in the form of rubber gloves, baby powder, fabric or lubrication.

Keep in mind that manual penis enlargement exercises might bring about red dots, as well. Do not worry, though; this is also completely normal. However, if you experience big areas of bruising or discoloration, take a couple of days off to let your penis heal. Then, make sure you do proper warm ups before you get back into the game.

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A lot of guys in today's day and age turn to various penis enlargement methods because they want a bigger penis, simply put. In fact, there probably isn't a single guy out there who wouldn't want a longer penis, if even just an extra inch or so. Unfortunately, not all penis enlargement methods in today's market are effective. Some of them even come with serious side effects. So, how can you distinguish from the good and the bad? Find out here.

A lot of guys turn to penis enlargement methods in the form of devices, pills and creams with hopes of getting a bigger size. However, all of these options are completely unsavory.

In a nutshell, vacuum pumps refer to cylinders that can suck out air. You basically place your manhood inside of this pump and the vacuum will send extra blood into it to make it erect and a bit bigger. After that, you will clamp your manhood with a ring that works like a tourniquet to stop the blood from going back into the body. While this tool does work, you should know that its effects will only last for as long as you keep the ring on your manhood. Plus, if you use this device for more than half an hour, you could damage your penile tissues without meaning to. Painful stuff!

Penis weights, on the other hand, are meant to stretch the penis a little bit. While these penis enlargement methods work, as well, you will need to be extremely dedicated to them if you want to see good gains in the end. This means strapping the weights to your manhood for 8 hours every day for about half a year. Even then, though, you can only expect an extra half-inch of length on your penis. There are drawbacks to these weights, too, such as potential tissue damage and burst blood vessels.

As for penis enlargement pills, ointments, creams and supplements; they simply do not work. In fact, it is safe to say that those particular penis enlargement methods are nothing but a waste of time and money.

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One highly effective method to lengthen and widen the penis would be surgery. You need to know that this method is quite expensive, though. Plus, it comes with a lot of risks. So, before you commit to this particular method, it would be important to take these risks into consideration.

For starters, this type of surgery isn't backed by any major medical organization out there. There aren't any well-studied approaches on it so far, either. Secondly, the negative side effects of this type of surgery include a slew of different things, such as nerve damage, infections, erection difficulties, and reduced sensitivity. In some of the worst cases, guys have even ended up with a shorter penis than they started out with, while others have ended up with an uneven, lumpy and bumpy manhood. With so many potential negative side effects under its sleeve, would surgery really be worth it in the end?

The only penis enlargement methods out there that are completely safe and effective are the natural ones, like weight loss and penis enlargement exercises. Believe it or not, you can reveal a lot of your manhood's hidden shaft if you lose belly fat. While this won't actually increase your penis size, it will definitely make it look that way.

A lot of guys also turn to exercises to get the job done. Most of the time, these exercises involve stretching the penis and exercising the PC muscles to not just create a longer and thicker penis, but also to create stronger and longer-lasting erections.

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No man wants to live his life being short in the manhood department. Not only is it painfully embarrassing, but being small-sized down there can seriously hamper your sex life.

So if you feel the need to make some improvements to your penis size, then DO IT! Because the truth is, enlarging your male organ IS possible AND can be really easy to achieve.

With the right set of knowledge passed down over the ages, you can achieve an increase in size simply by doing a few exercises to your penis - using just your hands!

The technique of doing exercises in order to make your penis grow has actually been practised by men since centuries ago. But with the invention of various tools and devices lately, the practice of penis exercising faded away.

Only recently did medical researchers discover, through their extensive testing and studies, that exercising the male organ does actually have a positive impact on the male organ's growth. Even better, they found that the size increase brought about by doing the exercises over time actually remain permanent for life!

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Why is that so?

Let's take a look at how exactly does exercising help to make the male organ grow...

Inside your male organ, two spongy tissue-like channels carry and store blood which enters whenever you get sexually aroused. The blood which collects inside these channels cause the surrounding erectile tissues to expand. This then results in making your penis appear physically longer and thicker, or in other words, erected.

By using the right exercising techniques on your male organ, the cells which make up the blood channels get broken down, with bigger cells replacing them. This allows even more blood to store in them, causing the erectile tissues to expand even further AND giving your penis a bigger physical size!

The reason why your gain in size remains permanent is because cells do not shrink in size. In this case, the cells which make up the blood channels will remain bigger than before - hence, so will your manhood.

The results are pretty amazing really, especially if you see how simple it is to do the various necessary exercise routines! One routine simple requires you to use your forefinger and thumb to grip the base of your shaft, and then "milk" your penile body with a firm amount of pressure for several repetitions each morning.

In fact, 30 minutes is all you generally need to carry out all the different exercises. And in a matter of 4 to 6 weeks, you should be able to achieve at least an inch (or even more) to your penis size.

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