Please find an extract from my next book written through channeling / Inner-dictation. This one is short but i hope you'll enjoy it all the same! God Bless, David AscensionForYou Knight Its called ......


Welcome! Many of you ask, (as if seeking permission) to come into my home, my kingdom. Please know that when you have love in your heart and learn to expand and radiate this love, you will then understand that you already are!

There is no separation and division yet it can be deemed by many that you are my children and are eternally part of me. Your core and essence too is the love that you seek and is also that of which you already give and share, but please do not ever compare.

Love is infinite and no dimension of time, space or any plane of consciousness can ever distract from this for I am all things and of course so much more. Know that you are also all these too because you are me, as I am you. We are not apart or a ‘part’ of anything else, for all Creation is one and ‘one’ is all Creation.

There is so very much to learn and again learning is infinite, but do not ever feel that you are pressured or are running out of time. All of existence and all that you can become are to be discovered at the right moment and right place, even though you sometimes feel held back or become frustrated.

There are many virtues and traits that are deep within each and every one of you. And yet every fibre, cell and particle that forms your being is the same. You are each unique and yet, as I will always reiterate, you are also ‘one’. Diverse in size, height, character and capable of different emotions and feelings maybe, but in truth with no difference at all!

Know that since time immemorial and across billions of worlds, numerous kinds of life seek answers to their questions. Deep within is where the answers lie and this is, was and always will be so. Inside of you and in every thought and in every deed I am there, because dear child of light: I AM I.

David, I sense a query flash across your mind as you now write these words. You are concerned that some will ask, "Is this writing from a child of God? How is it possible?” The answer is simple, I am that I am….the God in me ‘Is’. Some will then say, "What conduit is enabling the light to pass through the mind to the hand on a pen, and if so, how and also why and when?” This is no mystery or complex issue to discover, manipulate or bend, for you are I and I am you.

My love is your love in all that I send,
for everything am I, Father, Mother or friend.
In every leaf and rock upon land sea and air,
you will find that my love is all and is there.

So please trust in your heart whilst learning to care,
Know your hearts can be open to both hear and to share.
With your dreams and wishes and prayers that I hear,
comes your laughter and smiles and those tears I will clear.

I recognize all hearts filled with emotions that scar,
and yet in the truth lies the door for my heart is ajar.
Know that love taken away may indeed cause you pain,
but for those in the ‘experience’, it is never in vain.

And realise love does not fade like your memories can do,
for the heart retains the truth and that is in you.
My light and my love are for each and everything,
so open heart, mind and Soul to rejoice and to sing.
You will then know that deep down inside,
that I am in you and I shall not hide.


Author's Bio: 

David was born into physical embodiment on the earth plane in July 1964. He is married to Caroline, and lives with their adopted cats Toby, Treacle,Pixie and Spiky in rural Northamptonshire in the UK.

Having experienced his parents divorce at a very early age, his childhood was gratefully still a happy one. The family were bought up upon and also hold onto their Christian values (which was not always easy as a teenager and making a way in the world). In growing up, he describes himself as a Mr ‘Average’, a Joe ‘Bloggs’ and having experienced many various types of employment which ranged from factory work, HM Forces, Financial Services and self employment, his search for fulfilment changed form the exterior and without to the interior the ‘within’.

Spiritual ‘education’ gained greater momentum and at the age of 21, a more urgent sense of dedication as well as a new realization had started to reveal itself. New evidence of and from God, with his Love and Light Hierarchy, were soon revealed to him through his life experiences. These showed that we are indeed all special and that our Souls have been given a unique opportunity in this lifetime.

With the aid of Spirit guides and beings of the ethereal planes the first book Pathway, was published in 1998. This laid the foundation for anyone who wished to develop and experience their heart’s flame of love and light.

Almost immediately, Book 2 was being collated with and from Divine Guidance Deliverance of Love, Light and Truth became the 2nd gift that he now shares with you.

Early 2011....Book 3 I am I: The In-dweller of our Hearts will be ready for publication. Its text is simple, pure and amazingly profound. It is written through inner dictation from the heart- for all hearts to feel and share the love 'within'.

In your busy lives of work, family and responsibilities, the author states:

“It is your birthright to know your goal, your freedom and your very reason for living and being. You are everything and everything is you. God is you and you are God. Fulfil your true potential.”

Hobbies include DIY, animals and nature, spending time with family and friends and PS3 online gaming!