I Called My Ex and He Didn't Answer: Why Does My Ex Ignore My Phone Calls

Do you really want to know once and for all, why your ex is not returning your phone calls? Once you know where you are going wrong, you can then know why your ex is not calling you back. It is hard to be told that you are making a mistake, but let me tell you I have been there. I was once calling my ex desperately too, and once I stopped doing a few key things, I got my ex back really fast. So hang in there!

Here is why your ex ignores you and your phone calls...

Reason #1: Your ex wants some space- People often breakup with their partners just to get some space, not to end everything. They feel choked in the relationship and maybe even a bit confused, and just want some time to sort things out on their own. However your excessive calling and needy to be in contact with your ex makes them believe that you do not understand this. Which in turn makes your ex want to ignore you even more, because you are not giving him/her what they want.

Reason #2 : Your ex finds it pathetic and desperate- When you constantly call someone, and become so angry, sad, depressed, and many other things because they do not answer their phone, they will find this extremely desperate. On top of that he/she will think you are pathetic because you cannot keep yourself together in a challenging time.

Reason #3: Your ex likes the spotlight and finds it amusing- Some people actually enjoy seeing their ex go crazy for them and calling them like anything. Your ex may think that you just want him/her more now because you do not have them, whereas they feel you didn't want them that much before. Thus, they are satisfied getting all of this attention now, and will ignore you just to keep it this way, so they can satisfy their ego.

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You're wondering what to say to get your ex back. You're at a loss. You've tried explaining to them what they mean to you and how much you wish you two were still together. It hasn't worked though. You're no closer to getting them back and you've run out of ideas. You're smart to be searching for information on exactly how to approach your ex. Saying one thing wrong can actually alienate them more and cause such a divide between you two that a future together just won't ever happen.

Here are 3 things you can say to your ex that will have a positive impact on them:

I'm sorry. It takes a big person to own up to the mistakes they've made in a relationship. It's so much easier to place all the blame for the break up on their partner's shoulders. It's not fair though and it will also end up in them resenting you. Tell your ex how sincerely sorry you are for what happened between the two of you. Don't hold back. Own up to what you did and let them know that you deeply regret it. An apology like this can help to temper the past and set the tone for the future with all the bad feelings left behind.

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Let's take some time to think about things. One of the most unselfish things anyone can do after a break up is allow their partner time to themselves. When you're trying to hold onto the remnants of your broken relationship you'll call your ex several times a day or ensure you run into them at least once in a while. Instead of acting like a love crazed stalker, give your ex some space. Time really does help to heal things and if you two have a bit of time apart you may both come to realize just how much you still love and need one another. Offer your ex some time alone and take the same for yourself. It will help.

I'd love to be friends. When you try and get your ex to jump right back into a romantic relationship with you, they may feel overwhelmed and retreat emotionally. Right then, you'll have done a great deal of damage to your future with them. You have to think long term instead of what will gratify you right now. Work on becoming good friends with your ex. Most people are open to a relationship like this as it helps them to feel close as well. Once the friendship is firmly in place you can then start working on reconnecting emotionally again.

It's obvious that it takes some patience and planning to get your ex back. It's worth all the effort it takes though when the end result is a future with the person you love most in the world.

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If you have serious regrets about your failed relationship and feel that you want your ex back, then be ready to work hard to get him/her back. After the glorious honeymoon period is over, it is not really easy to stay madly in love with one another and the whole relationship blows up in your face. Here are some tips as to how you can still get your ex to fall back in love with you and come back to you.

Change the negative patterns

Think back and come to terms with the negative aspects and patterns that made your relationship go sour. What was it that made your ex start an argument or become aggressive towards you. Were there any issues that brought down the trust levels? Once you pinpoint these - deal with them and work on making sure they are no longer there and inform your ex that things are different now.

Don't give up

You think your ex is worth all the trouble and don't mind doing what it takes to get them back. Good for you! This means that you will not feel disappointed and disillusioned and give up half way! Make sure that you don't get intimated by your ex's behavior towards you. Any sign of rejection could be due to the fact that your ex is still hurting and it is too soon.

Be ready to wait patiently

Your ex needs time to get over the bad past and to realize that he/she needs to be back with you. It won't happen overnight. So don't pressurize, push or get aggressive. You will end up in failure. The best way is to be patient and give your ex the time needed to heal.

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Maintain your looks

You want your ex to fall in love with you all over again. This means that you have to look smashing. Your ex should not be able to take their eyes off you despite their feelings right now. It is very important that you always look well groomed, and attractive. It will remind your ex of the time when they fell in love with you.

Be active

It is important that your ex sees that you are not sitting moping around somewhere on account of the breakup. Instead if you are active and become more social, having fun and becoming popular, your ex will automatically wonder if you are really moving on. If there is the slightest feeling of jealousy it means that your ex still has feelings for you.

Changed priorities

Your ex should see and realize that your priorities have changed. All those things that kept you busy and away from your ex (pushing him/her to second place) no longer exist and you are making an honest effort to get back on track. Once your ex realizes that you are making an honest effort to make things work - they will be back.


One of the best ways to win your ex back is to acknowledge your faults and apologize for them Saying sorry needs a lot of courage and humility. It will prove that you are sincerely in love with your ex and will heal the relationship.

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Rushing will never do you any good. This holds true for almost everything in life, including texting your ex boyfriend back. In fact, many relationship gurus in today's day and age will insist that texting your ex boyfriend back is a bad idea altogether and that trying to do so will merely push him farther away. The question is: is this actually true?

Well, although there are some instances where this could indeed be true, this isn't always the case. Think about it. If you act without thinking after a breakup or if you get in a panic and end up saying something stupid to your ex through text, then things obviously won't work out well for you.

Because of this, the first rule would be to keep your cool. Don't worry about rushing into things. Don't worry that you have lost your ex for good. Don't worry about hurrying and don't run over to his house and beg for forgiveness.

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No matter how anxious you might be feeling right now, letting those thoughts take over your mind will only make things worse and make you act irrationally. In other words, your plans of texting your ex boyfriend back will simply backfire in the end.

So, breathe, relax and remind yourself that there is no rush. This isn't a race. As a matter of fact, if you take your time and work on reaching your goal, your patience and hard work are sure to pay off. Why, even if your ex is already going on dates with other women, you can still get what you want as long as you do things right - believe it.

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that you should completely ignore your ex and wait for the very last minute to do anything about it. Just take some time off from texting him for a while and give him some space for a change.

Ideally, you should play it cool for about a month. This might seem like a long time, but it has to be done. If you can, play it cool for even longer. You simply need to show your ex boyfriend - or at least pretend - that you have moved on and are no longer hung up on him. Once he notices that you have been aloof and starts paying attention to you again, you can commence with your plans of texting your ex boyfriend back.

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