The other day I was reading ‘I Can Make You Rich’ by Paul McKenna and, just as I started to read it, someone asked me what I was reading. I lifted the book up so they could see the title and their face said it all.

I didn’t need to hear this person say anything to know what their thoughts were about this book. Still, they ended up saying that if a book like that actually worked, everyone would be reading it.

Nothing New

When I heard this, what flashed over my mind was how my parents would often respond when I first started reading self-development books many, many years ago. If I was reading a book to do with success, for instance, they would basically say that it was a load of rubbish.

So, having had a fair amount of experience over the years of people acting in a critical manner let’s say, I was prepared for this response. Furthermore, my experiences had also shown me that what this person said had very little basis in reality.

Two Parts

I ended up saying that even though it may seem this way, it is not this black and white. Not only does someone need to have the desire to make more money or to achieve something, they also need to have the drive to make it happen.

I went onto say that this is why some ‘gurus’ are happy to sell their ‘secret’ information because they know that very few people will actually utilize the information that they give out. A guru can then share some of their information, make money in the process, and not have to worry about the effect this will have on their business.

It Made Sense

After I had touched upon this important ingredient, the other person remembered how important drive was when it came to achieving something. Another way to understand this is to reflect on how there is often what people say (words) and then there is what they do (behaviour).

The best way to understand what someone wants, or at least what feels safe at a deeper level, is to observe their behaviour. This, and this alone, will reveal what is truly going on for them.

Practical Steps

As I looked through different parts of the book, it became clear that Paul McKenna had put together a solid book. Having read a number of his other books over the years, I can say that this is someone who knows his stuff.

In this book, he goes into the importance of having the right outlook, but this is only a small part of the book. He also goes into how vital it is to ask ourselves the right questions, to find ways to offer value to the world, and to take consistent action, among other things.

Final Thoughts

The book is also peppered with quotes and advice from people who have applied the principles that are in the book and have benefited as a result. There is a good chance that you will have already heard of some of these people.

If you are looking to change this area of your life, reading this book will definitely be a good place for you to start. And one last thing, the person above said that the title of the book was a bit too much, yet they soon came to see that a title like this is far more likely to draw people in than a more ‘realistic’ title.

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