I Can't Live Without My Husband: Should I Tell Husband That I Can't Live Without Him - Here's What To Do!

I want my husband back! If you've just recently separated from your husband, or if you've lost him emotionally, thinking about your failed marriage can be excruciating. And the thought of losing your husband's love forever can be just as agonizing.

But what can you do? You love your husband dearly, and "I want my husband back" permeates your every thought. You don't want to just give up on your marriage. But depending upon the scope of your difficulties and problems and how much the two of you still love each other, getting your husband back may be hard, but it can be accomplished.

Perhaps you've already tried some of your old tricks, but they didn't work. So here are 5 new ideas to help you reach your goal of "I want my husband back".

Idea #1. Give your husband some space. Let's face it, some guys just don't feel comfortable being bound hand and foot in a marriage. The more restrictions you place on them, the further emotionally they become. You might think that by tying him down at home, keeping him away from his old buddies, and limiting his hobby and tinker time, might strengthen the bond between you. But in reality all you're doing is driving him further away!

Your husband needs a little freedom. Give him a "boys night out" once every week or two weeks, let him work on his bike or tinker with an old car, and give him his "man cave" so he can watch his sports. Better yet, watch sports with him. Become an expert in baseball or football, or whatever sports he enjoys. If you can intelligently discuss sports with him, he'll love you for it!

When you give your husband some regular free time to himself, he'll be more grateful for the time he spends with you and your family.

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Idea #2. Get your priorities straight. I want my husband back will force you to take a close look at your priorities and what's really important in your life. Did your marriage deteriorate because he or you spent too much time at work, did you nag him too much, did he not pay enough attention to you or fail to support you? Did either one of you have other outside interests or commitments that you deemed more important than your marriage?

To make a marriage succeed and thrive, you need to put the love you have for each other first. Always make time for your husband and make him feel like he's the most important person in your life. And a husband should always make his wife feel like she's a queen, supporting and helping her whenever he can. Honor your wedding vows and commit to each other for better or worse, in good times and bad times, in sickness and in health.

Idea #3. Limit your contact with him. If you and your husband have already separated, diminish your contact with him. If, "I want my husband back" is your true desire, then this step is vital. He needs a chance to sort things out. Men love to solve problems. So give him ample time to work out his feelings towards you and your relationship.

If you and your husband have been married for more than 2 years, your separation is killing him as much as it is disturbing you. You may be thinking, I want my husband back so much that it hurts, but constantly calling him, or emailing him, or texting him will do more harm than good. By staying apart and not communicating for a while, the two of you can privately look at your relationship without all the emotional involvement. It will give you a chance to clear your head and bring some positive emotions back into your marriage.

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Idea #4. Be thoughtful and cooperative. After a breakup, it's easy to blame your husband. But just as it takes two to make a marriage work, it also takes two to make a marriage fail. So forget about who was at fault, because I'm sure you both were to blame. And because both of you share the blame, you need to cooperate to make the marriage work again.

Stand back and take an outsider's view of your marriage. What worked? What didn't work? What could have been better? What ultimately caused the marriage to fail? The key is to be objective and not subjective. Sure this can engender some deep felt emotions, but you need to discover the root of your marital problems and then discuss what changes need to be made to make your relationship whole again.

Idea #5. Be a good listener. And finally, when your husband is ready to give your marriage another try, please listen carefully to every word he has to say. Allow him to open up and share his true feelings for you. Ask him what he wants from you and from your marriage. Ask him about his dreams, his goals, and his aspirations. Share your dreams and your goals with him.

But remember to keep all your negative emotions at bay. Discuss the good times you've had in your marriage. Laugh, cry, and enjoy the moment. For many couples, a break up can be a spark plug to a beautiful committed life together. Often this is the first time in a marriage where husband and wife both clearly state what each truly wants and desires.

So stay focused and pay close attention to every word he says. This can be the start of a fantastic new love life for the two of you. By applying these 5 ideas, I want my husband back can become a reality, and your marriage can become stronger and better than it ever was.

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How Do You Communicate?

Lack of communication is the world's biggest relationship killer. Without good communication, your marriage is over and it's as simple as that. But what makes good versus bad communication?

- When things go wrong, it's bad to place the blame on your partner. It's also bad to wallow in guilt if you're the culprit. Instead, when your partner does something wrong, forgive and offer them another chance. When you're the one that messed up, take responsibility for your actions and make a commitment to not doing it again.

- When talking things over, it's bad to be hasty and try to fix things. When we're talking to each other about serious stuff, what we need is a good listener. This means somebody that offers sympathy and a good ear. What we don't need is advice, opinions and solutions.

- Never say "yes" when you mean "no." A relationship is a bond between two people, and both of them need to be happy. Be honest about what you expect and need, and never give in when you don't feel it's right.

- Never use silence as a weapon. The cold shoulder doesn't get you anywhere. If you find it difficult to share your feelings, try writing them down in a letter. Do whatever it takes to let them know how you feel.

How Do You Deal With Cheating?

Cheating is another common ground for divorce. Most people say that if their partner cheats, that's it; it's finished. You can never have trust in your partner again. This is easy to say, but when it actually happens, it's more complicated than that. It's never so black and white.

When faced with the real thing, most of us try to work it out. Lots of marriages have suffered infidelity and bounced back to be stronger than ever. A cheater will most likely keep lying to minimize the damage, but what they should do is lay all the cards on the table.

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The reason for this is that cheating is only a symptom of a deeper problem. You've got to get to that problem and fix it, or else it'll happen again. Then, trust must be rebuilt. It takes lots of time for this to happen, but it can be done if you're committed to it.

We All Change

Marriages lose their spark, their sense of adventure. You become just friends or, even worse, partners in running a household. The sex and intimacy disappear, and some people who want a divorce even tell their partners, "I don't love you anymore." This is usually caused by changes in your lives, and your marriage hasn't "upgraded" to meet these changes.

Most people don't realize how easy it is to get this intimacy back. Not only can you get it back, you can get more of it than you ever had before. Schedule some time to spend along together with no distractions. Go out on dates just like you did when you first met. Imagine you've got to win your partner over again. This is a guaranteed strategy that's help lots of marriages get their spark back, and keep divorce out of their lives.

Marriage takes work, and sometimes it's easy for you to forget that. Stopping divorce means making a commitment, and putting some time and energy into your marriage. Deal with your issues, and you'll have a stronger, healthier and more exciting marriage than you ever expected.

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One of the major differences between men and women is that the words we use to convey the emotion we are feeling. Man would rather hear a phrase such as I'm proud of you. Women would rather hear a phrase such as I love you. If you are not using the exact words, the meaning still has to fall into the same category. Let's look at a few examples of how this plays out in everyday life.

Women would rather hear something falling under the context having to do with love. A simple I love you will make her day and make her feel very special. You could also say to her, I love how you handled that situation so efficiently and diligently with our family, or I love you for being so kind and gracious under the difficult circumstances we are currently experiencing. A man would rather hear something in the tune of I'm proud that you made a stand, or you handled that problem very quickly and efficiently, thank you. While the same meaning is going on underneath whatever words are being spoken, men and women would rather hear different words to describe the same motion.

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If a man is having difficult times in his life, with his job for example, a wife can play a major part in boosting him back on his feet. If a man has been laid off, demoted, or criticized at his job, you may be feeling a bit down and need some lifting. This is where a sensitive and loving wife can play a huge role to get him back on his feet. Women can simply do this by taking a sexually aggressive role towards their man. You don't have to say anything to make him feel better. In turn, all you have to do is show him how much you are attracted to him and the rest will take care of itself.

If a woman is having difficult times with the family or her job, it is the man's turn to step up and help her out. You will need to do this in pretty much the exact opposite way as you would like it done for you. Women need a non-sexually aggressive male who will help to be kind, thoughtful, and gentle during her time of need. She needs someone to listen to her and be there for her. If you tried to show sexual aggression, she will only thing that you are being insensitive and thinking of yourself. It does not matter what your motive is, this is where intelligence plays a factor.

It is both the man and a woman's job to understand what the other needs and when they need it. This will take some time to learn and develop, but once you do you will be able to fully reap the benefits and have a wonderful relationship.

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