I Cheated On My Husband How Do I Make It Up To Him: Cheated On My Husband and Lost Everything

So you cheated on your husband. I bet that is probably the worst feeling in the world. Maybe you did it because you were lonely? Or maybe it's just the lack of attention that he gives you. Or maybe he doesn't notice you at all. Even though these are good excuses to cheat, it doesn't make it right.

Marriage is a union between man and woman that is sacredly held and has been since the beginning. In the old days it was not a common practice to get divorced and it sure wasn't a practice to cheat. Today our feelings toward relationships has changed so much. If you've seen any talk show on the television you can see that society has made it "ok" to accept separation. No wonder why the divorce rate is so high in the world.

If you have cheated and you really want to make things right in your marriage there are some key things that you need to know.

#1. Admit that you were wrong.

You need to first admit that you were wrong and acknowledge the fact that you cheated. You wont be able to make a first step unless you admit that you cheated.

#2. Apologize.

This is very important. Even though your apology may mean nothing at the moment it is an absolute requirement that you apologize to your husband for what you have done. This will at least let him know that you are trying to make an effort. Whatever you do don't let it bother you if he doesn't respond positively.

#3. Let Time Pass and Be The Best Wife You Can.

Right now the best thing you can do is wait and be patient. He will forgive you eventually but on his own time, not yours. Be good to him and let him be. Pressuring him to forgive you will only make the situation worse.

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You have spent haunting nights grieving on your relationship on intense psychological and emotional pain.

Your husband attempt to save marriage after affair could be refreshing and interesting enough to boost your breaking confidence. Apparently, he loves you more than he loves the other woman. And I can vouch for that as I have survived a marriage crisis that divorce is nearly on the table.

I then put my heart and soul into my marriage and repair it. It is not about how it happen but how sincere your husband want this marriage relationship. So, whether you are a husband or wife, the following methods will help you in saving your marriage after affair. After all, these are the exact methods that help me pull through my marriage crisis.

Take a vacation, have a little space

People need space and some time alone or away from their partners to heal heartaches and feel a little better without their presence. This will give you time to think about what you want with your life and your marriage. Taking time out and obtaining your own space help you enjoy the silence and lessen the arguments and fighting back when trying to save marriage after affair.

Do not question or talk about the past or the affair

Stop the hurt! Stop and try not to talk about the past. You cannot do anything about the past but you can still do something about your relationship with your husband tomorrow. In other words, zip your mouth. Some things better left unsaid than known when you want to save marriage after affair.

Do not try to know or see other woman or guy

Be honest and try to accept the fact that in some ways, the other woman or guy has a lot to tell why your spouse got hook in the first place. Do not try to aggravate the situation by locating the other party or even stalking them to compare yourself with whatever you can find out about. This is bad for 3 of you. Just remain calm and act logically.

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The idea of a divorce is gut-wrenching. Love is on the line. Commitment, honor and your sacred vows are up for grabs. There's a lot of fear, apprehension and disgust in the air. It all seems so horrible and it's hard to believe that there's even a slender silver lining amongst all of the dark clouds. There is, though. You can stop divorce even when it seems impossible.

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There isn't one simple little trick. Saving a marriage in the face of tough odds requires a combination of things. It requires a willingness to take action by at least one spouse. It requires a certain tenaciousness and commitment to the relationship. It also requires a good blueprint to direct your action.

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Don't give up. Your marriage matters to you for a reason. This is the time where you need to take a stand and to take action for the sake of love.

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In Christian counseling the goal should always be to seek God's direction. It is important that the counselor be prayerful, compassionate and yet remain objective. The counselor possesses no power to change the behavior, attitude or motivation of the counselees. The counselor should desire to be a useable vessel yielded to God's Word. Although educational training and various counseling models are invested in the counselor; God's Word and principles contained therein is always the superlative model for Christian counseling. Dependence upon His Word is what makes Christian Counseling essentially unique.

To truly be a Christian means to desire to live a life that pleases God. Yet we have many Christians who have not developed a personal intimate relationship with Him. How can we know what God's will is for our life and not have a relationship with Him?

How can we consider making such a serious vow as marriage and not know what it entails? When our automobiles need repairing we go to the mechanic. When our roof leaks we look for a roofer. When our soul desires a soulmate we need to consult our Creator who is the soulmaker. Life is full of many valley and mountaintop experiences. Knowing God will greatly impact how we weather each storm as well as the outcome of our life quest experiences. One must be willing to put forth a serious effort to know our Creator. God cares for us so much that He has given us accessible directions in His Word for a successful marriage. A successful marriage is contingent on our ability to trust and obey His instructions.

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The counselor should be prepared for a possible spiritual warfare. Often misunderstandings can arise. Relationships can sour amidst much resentment and persecution.

It is of utmost importance that the information discussed during the counseling sessions be kept in the strictest confidence. When entrusted with information we should respect the right of confidentiality.

God has created us in His image. God has all power. He alone is sovereign. He patiently and graciously allows us to choose. He never forces us to do anything. It is only by obedience to God's direction we can truly partake in the abundant life Christ's death and resurrection has made available to believers. It is our duty to inspire and urge the couple to be willing to submit to the principles God has provided in the bible. Marriage is ordained and sanctioned by God. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. " Proverbs 3:5-6(KJV).

I wish you a loving, eventful, committed, lifelong, God-centered marriage. "What God has joined together let not man put asunder."

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