Anxiety and panic is a medical condition that so many people suffer from in silence. I suffered from this condition for many years, from a very young age, and the real problem was the loneliness I felt when I would have an attack.

I truly believed that death was near, and my thoughts were so insane that I would never share them with anyone. Once I realized that this was not normal I could not get anyone to validate how I was feeling.

I would end up in the emergency room all of the time because this thought of dying that I had was so real and so scary. I never did die though obviously, but I couldn't believe how frightening the daily panic attacks were getting for me.

The first thing that happened to cure my anxiety was a great doctor, not necessarily a psychologist, but an actual family doctor who listened to me. Then he did some blood work to make sure that my thoughts were actually caused by anxiety and not an underlining medical condition.

Once all other illnesses were ruled out, he prescribed to me an antidepressant, fitness regime, and diet that actually changed my life. It is very hard to admit you have a mental condition, as our education makes us believe that you are some how crazy.

Once you realize that panic and anxiety is actually a chemical and hormonal imbalance in your body, and make the commitment to make changes in your life and mood for the better, the results can be really amazing.

The medicine used to cure anxiety takes about a month to three months to give full results, however there are a few things you can do meanwhile to help your treatment along. For example when you feel a panic attack brewing, you could do some squats. Sounds ridiculous right, BUT the biggest muscle in you body is working very hard when you squat and produces serotonin, ( the happy hormone in our body) it will usually completely stop the panic attack.

How to cure you anxiety is to first break the silence.

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