Oh – and company.

In fact, I already do this – and even more than one mile. I belong to a Saturday morning walking group that meets early in the morning before the heat (in summer) and the rain (in winter) sets in.

We actually walk 5 miles before we’re ‘allowed’ to have coffee – arguably the actual reason we dutifully walk each week. Our regular coffee place easily has the best coffee in Perth. The queues out the door and the expanding premises will attest to this fact.

My husband now calls this group our ‘coffee club’ as opposed to a walking club. There may be some truth to that- but yes – we walk our requisite miles before rewarding ourselves with cappuccino and fruit toast. It’s all about balance, right?

The walking is different in that it is Nordic Walking – the Scandinavian exercise. We walk with Nordic walking poles, akin to skiing on land. This does attract the odd looks and curious (read rude) remarks from onlookers when the temperatures soar into the high 30 degrees Celsius. But that comes with the territory as Perth is about as far from snow as I am from becoming Queen.

As you know, we’re social creatures by nature and somehow the weekly walking, coffee and friendship connection seem to close the deal for many of us. So we get up early and head down to the beach.

In total, on some more social days a 5 mile walk can take me four hours, all inclusive! This makes quite a dent in my Saturday – but ensures a warm and fuzzy feeling throughout.

So, perhaps – I’d actually walk a mile for that familiar warm, fuzzy feeling?

But that’s life – isn’t it?

Author's Bio: 

Heidi Cornelissen
Life Coach on Steroids

The Life Coach who facilitates your journey within. Learn to look at-; live with and love yourself.

Heidi Cornelissen has a background in Accounting and Financial management. Her qualifications include an MBA, where she specialised in Organisational Behaviour as well as a Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy.

She spent 15 years working in Corporate organisations, but once she qualified as a Life Coach and Fitness Instructor she started her own business called Completely Human with business partner Helen Human.

Heidi is a professional member of the International Coaching Federation.

She is the author of a few E-books, including “Becoming Worthy of Self-Love” and “Creating Life Change”.
She has also created a deck of inspirational, coaching cards called Animal Instincts.

Her passion is YOU – the individual. She helps you engage with who you really (authentically) are and what you really (honestly) want.

Heidi works with individuals on a one-on-one basis, and regularly runs a variety of workshops specialising in authenticity.

Her vision is to see all people becoming self-aware, connecting with the truth of who they are and ultimately loving who this is, without any need for pretence.

Her personal journey in ‘the second half of her life’ unravelled her unique understanding of authenticity, fulfilment, happiness, love and success. This led her into the world of coaching, where she provides the same opportunity to you. Her coaching involves creating a safe space to undergo meaningful self-discovery of your own. Meaningful, honest and authentic self-discovery allows you to live a more abundant life from the inside-out.
One of her clients has described this experience as ‘feeling like I’ve won the lotto!’

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