I Define the Rhyme in My Subliminal Mind
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I define the rhyme in my subliminal mind to say I expand my innate imagination unsheathing my sanctified talents opening my adventurous eyes unleashing my empire-building wise
To sew my seeds of common sense expressing my confident credo to be the bee buzz-n pollenating my win-a-mating zing
To be the king fertile-eyes-zing my majestic seeds of wisdom unhinges my endearing innovative spry enlivens my genuine jive energizing my internal electrician
To wire my intrepid intentions from heart to my eyes to the fields of universal communiqué eavesdropping on my spiritual sassiness parleying live innovative entertainment
To my physical playground day after day as I choose to receive accept and appreciate my instant gigantic pay because I elect to play every day in a passionate prosperous way
Harvesting awesome yields of sumptuous wealth streaming from my sizzling sapience unleashing my gutsy feisty fire in my soul sending out unrestricted love
To lock and load an exploding idyllic lissome chi opening my collaborating kinship liveliness optimizing amazing discernment unhampering
My ramped up frontrunner gunner telling the world I get err done-r in a funnier way unrestricting my global utopian newlywed novelty electrifying regal rowdiness
To say howdy to the cosmic cosmos introducing my charismatic whiz kid magician unlocking my supernatural miraculous surprises unwinding my superstar aspirations smoothly oozing
My inventions into universal vista to multiply my shrewd lucent liveliness unrestricting my glorious grandeur to surrender to my mystical listening planting
My seeds of accomplishment to cultivate weeds of need pull out my dandelions of want unshackles my tumbleweed wisdom to rock n roll across the universal vista spreading
My oracle-eyes-zing zeal of high-spirited thaumaturgy to luxuriously spicing up the lives of farsighted people allowing them to shed the skin of sheeple opening their eyes to realize
They comprise the worldwide acumen to escape the cape of fear to open their wings of triumph to soar with the eagles in the exosphere of victory because they confessed
To their subliminal mind they are the tumbleweed letting of go need to stop flopping around inside trauma enflaming their drama of want is now fumigated and long gone like November 2011
As I gallantly verbalized my gift of intuitive woo popping the cork on my champagne because I choose campaign championing my winning opulence optimizing astute
Tenacity igniting visions of excellent adventures into the land of new wisdom to parlance an echoing effrontery liberating my prominent percipience
To claim my forthright fame because I choose to propose produce and infuse my award-winning tumbleweed resolve, to let go of everything thing I think I know so slashed
My ties to my egotistical arrogance unlashing my buzzing, bumble bee brilliance to speak freely from my inner spree now
As I ascertained my way to entertain my sired desires to calmly sit on beaches of bountiful abundance as I amazingly influentially magnetized heavenly skies enjoying
My hors d’oeuvres of serenity as sail ashore to meander as the commander of ship of success allows
Me take pleasure in chillaxing on my beaches of my joie-de-vivre feasting on caviar to say to “Hey I am by far the avatar” realizing
I am free awesomely rebellious in my own bold way I embellish my gushing greenback deluge because I choose to live within cooperation of money energy
Because I let go of competition to free my core lucre to petition my I am intuition bridling my mustang of success saddling my mountain bred stud to ride my cascading cash flow to say I won
Because I choose to experience life as mystery of collaboration to define the rhyme in my subliminal mind unleashing my canonized abilities naturally employing
My rodeo rider flair to experience my victorious ride cloud nine today and every day in every way under grace in a blissful blessed way and in divine order now to eternity
With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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