The vision, the dream, the passion you have for your new business is about to come to fruition. You are opening a store or selling something online. You are so excited. Then you start your business and months down the line you see how much paper work there is: invoices, paying suppliers, orders, wages, book-keeping, etc. Paperwork is boring and you hate doing it. You start to neglect it!

Trust me, if you neglect it long enough it will come a bite you on the backside.

Doing paperwork and being organized are key to running a successful business. Don't ignore tax returns or paying staff super (if you do, your accountant will have your head on the chopping block too). Allocate time each week or month to do it.

What I suggest is firstly get the hang of everything and I mean everything. You must have an understanding of how everything works so you are in control.

Put the tasks you need to do in your dairy. For example, "One hour on a Monday to do orders", "15 minutes, wages". This will ensure you are always up to date and you don't just keep putting it back on the shelf. If you are organized then your staff will be motivated to be same.

Once you understand it and have control of it... outsource it!

I hate bookkeeping. It drives me mad, so I hired a book keeper. It takes her half the time it would take me, plus I can get out there and do some more of what I am good at and what I enjoy.

Paperwork is part and parcel of any small business and being organized and having everything up to date will serve you well in the long term. As a small business owner we have to wear many hats, and this is just one of them. Don't be scared to outsource, you will free up your mind to do what you are good at!

You didn't buy a job you started a business take control of your own destiny. Make the most of it, and ensure you remain in control.

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