I cannot Break the "Chain of Mistakes"

Decision making is one of the most important key factors of success. You have to make the right decision now to break the chains of mistakes which will follow. If you make the wrong decision now, you will probably have to choose the best of the worst next time.

I guess you already felt the stress of making decisions. This is the answer of your continuous mistakes in your life. You cannot handle stress of making decisions so you take the short cut whether it is right or wrong.

Why you always make the wrong decision?

Sometimes you cannot stop making mistakes. Every time you make a decision you fall on your face and you become afraid of making decisions. Everyone around you get used to your mistakes. You are supposed to make a mistake every time you make decisions. How can you move forward when you are under stress? You have to make the right decision to believe in yourself and release the stress of making mistakes.

The truth is you are not making wrong decisions, you only choose the shortest way out from your problems. You only want to escape from stress immediately, no matter how.

Here are two casual examples of short cut.

Everyone may have such scenarios about wrong decisions. Can you remember the day which you were looking for the end? You were overwhelmed with problems and you felt helpless. You were responsible for many things. You knew that it was impossible to complete everything on time. You had to make a decision. You can complete as much as possible or you can make an excuse and escape from stress for now. What have you done? If you have problems about making the right decision, you should have escaped because you felt relieved from stress for now.

Here is another example. Do you have children? If so, you will clearly get the point. Every child needs different things to stop crying. You can choose to talk with them and understand what is wrong or you can choose to punish or to bribe to stop their crying. You know that their cries can last forever and this can be really stressful. Which option will you choose? If you cannot handle stress, you will choose the immediate solution to their cries. It can be sending them to their room, paying the price or talking about the problem. You will choose the immediate solution if it is the right one or not.

Whether you know the right choice or not you will still choose the short cut. You just cannot cope with stress for a long time. You decide to run today and make a decision tomorrow.

You can delay your decision to run from current stress and make a healthier decision later. Delaying your decision is far more different from making immediate and wrong decisions.

A wrong decision can start a chain reaction. Every time you make the wrong decision, it gets harder to find the U-turn. Next time, you will have to choose the best of the worst. Things will get worse and worse every time you make a mistake.

How to take control of your feelings and thoughts

Actually you can evaluate the situation you are in and choose the right way. You only need to learn how to take control of your feelings under pressure.

The best and the easiest way to take control of your thoughts and feelings is meditation. Actually I cannot understand why people do not try the easiest and the most beneficial way of dealing with stress. You should learn meditation before you make another wrong decision. You will benefit from Meditation more than you think.

Author's Bio: 

Nil Celen is an investigator for the proofs of "Mind Power" and how to improve it, based on scientific resources.

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