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There are indeed exercises to get a bigger penis and they are quite effective as well. But one thing about these exercises is they need to be done gradually so as not to put too much stress on your penis.

It is important to take note as well, that as with any exercise, it is important to start from the basic exercise and gradually progress the levels as the penis builds up strength, endurance and length as well.

If you are just starting out with penis exercises, you don't actually need to do it everyday, it can be done every other day, this will give your penis time to rest and recuperate. You also need to learn to stick to one exercise routine or else you might not see your desired results. It is not recommended to do varied sets each time you do exercises, as this may not provide you with the result you want.

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Here are some exercises to start you on your quest for a bigger penis.

1. PC Flex. This perhaps is the initial exercise that you need to do. PC Flex is very effective and strengthening your penis and give it strong erections. The PC muscle controls urination as well as ejaculation. The best way to identify your PC muscle is to stop urinating midstream. The muscle that you used to do this is the PC muscle and it is what you need to strengthen.

This exercise can be done anywhere, you simply squeeze your PC muscle and hold the contraction for thirty seconds and relax. Do this for about five minutes in the beginning and gradually increase the duration until you reach thirty minutes.

2. Jelqing. This exercise is quite popular among men since may profess to its efficacy and it's generally very easy to accomplish. Just hold your penis with your index finger, thumb at the base of the penis of a flaccid or semi-erect penis, and slide your fingers up the shaft towards the head of your penis. This can be done with the aid of a lubricant or lotion, although you can still do it even without these items.

You should emulate the motion of milking a cow, sliding your hands towards to the head of your penis, if it gets swollen and shiny, if so you can release the hold and start again. You should do this for around 15 seconds each go and repeat the process for about 20 reps every day. You should also not feel any pain when doing this exercise, you should keep that it mind, if you are feeling pain then you might be squeezing your penis too hard, relax your hold and start over.

These are just a couple of exercises to get a bigger penis.

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Penis exercises capture the interest of many men although the quality of information available is quite poor. There are so many different websites telling you so many different things. You will also find hundreds of videos of amateur exercises, each one different in some way or another. Some will require you to exercise your penis for an hour, some more than that and some for only a few minutes.

So, how you do you decide which is the correct way to follow?

First of all, you should completely discard websites that ask you to exercise your penis for an hour. It is completely ridiculous and they have no idea what they are talking about. You are only going to do more damage than good if you exercise your penis for that long.

The intention of exercises is to increase the size of the chambers in the penis. The chambers are what hold the blood in the penis and they determine how big you are down there. These chambers are surrounded by cell walls and exercises target these cell walls by breaking them down. The cell walls in most adults are very thick as a result of the penis not being exercised consistently. Think of it this way, if you stopped using your right arm for the next 6 months, do you think it is going to stay that way after 6 months. You will see it start to lose muscle and deteriorate in condition. The penis is no different. The average penis gets used only for urination and sex. Urination is a daily routine but it hardly exercises the penis. Sex is a good stimulant for penis growth but then most people have sex very infrequently which doesn't provide a constant exercise for the penis. Exercises need to be introduced very gradually in increasing stages of intensity in order to make the penis grow.

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Good exercise instructions will instruct you to exercise your penis for just about 10 minutes a day although you will have to exercise your penis for about 5-8 weeks. The exercises will be designed in such a way that you start with low intensity exercises and then slowly increase the repetitions and type of exercises as you go along. Most of the gains from exercising the penis comes in about 2-3 weeks. The first two weeks are usually stages of no growth as the purpose is just to get you penis introduced to exercises.

If you follow exercises according to a schedule, there is no reason why you cannot get a permanently bigger penis in less than 8 weeks.

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For most people, the quality of sex life is usually on a downhill slope when you compare it with your teenage years. The reasons being that there is a decreased level of excitement from both partners. However, there is no reason why the passion and high energy sex that you had during your younger days cannot be brought back.

You just have to find ways to reignite and attract your partner physically with something new. That something new could be going to the gym to get an attractive body, trying to lose weight or simply getting a larger penis. Nothing creates a better wow factor than a larger penis. Women will never admit that penis size matters but the truth is that they will definitely notice the size or lack of size down there.

It is not just that a larger penis looks more attractive, it is also the fact that a larger penis feels physically good for both a woman and a man during sex. The reason why this happens is because a larger penis fills out a woman's vagina a lot more than a small one. The result is that there is more surface area contact for both the partners which results in a big increase in sensation. A lot more nerve endings are stimulated for both the man and the woman thus greatly increasing the excitement level during sex.

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That brings us to the question of how you can try to get a bigger penis. Whatever you do, do not start searching for penis enlargement methods and then fall for silly scams such as pills and pumps that give you nothing but a firmer erection for a few minutes. Even the improvement in erection will fade away in just a few minutes. For this reason, pills and pumps are just not worth it, especially because they can be quite expensive.

An almost free way to permanently increase the size of your penis is by using your own hands and specialized exercises to increase penis size. It only takes about 10 minutes of exercises everyday to increase your penis size although you will have to do these exercises for about 5-8 weeks.

Most people see gains of about 2 inches, the gains start to usually show in the 2nd-3rd week. The best part about gains from penis exercises are the fact that they are permanent. You do not have to exercise your penis beyond a certain period, usually about 5-8 weeks. Once you finish a good program, you can enjoy the benefit of a larger penis for a very long time.

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Do you seriously want to get a bigger penis down there? If you do, here is a little bit of advice: there is no need for you to resort to having surgery done to enlarge your manhood. There are plenty of other ways you can take advantage of in order to gain extra size to your penis - and mind you, they are far more easier, safer, and less costlier than having to go under the knife!

Penis Stretching Tools

These devices, often also called penile extender tools, attaches to your male organ and uses a gradual traction force to stretch your penis into becoming bigger. This is a very natural way of stimulating your penis into growth, and is highly recommended by many medical professionals as well.

The only qualms I have with these tools is that they can be quite costly and sometimes uncomfortable to have on your sensitive member. So unless you don't mind these two pointers, the penis stretching tool is one product which you should consider investing in.

Penile Growth Pills

One of the most popular ways for men to enhance their manhood, growth pills are mainly made of important vitamins, nutrients, and natural herbs. These ingredients work together to help your male organ to naturally increase in physique.

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However, by itself, penile growth supplements are not much effective. Just by popping a pill or two each morning has little impact on your male organ's growth mechanism, and may take you a long time before seeing any noticeable change in your penis size.

Penis Exercising

This is one of the most ancient methods of enhancing ones manhood. Simply by using your hands, you perform several stretching and stroking actions on your organ to stimulate it into naturally enlarging. This happens through the increase in the blood which fills up the cavities within your penis.

Although this is a very age-old technique, it is by far one of the most effective methods too. Various medical studies have proven the effectiveness of doing exercises on your penis; so much so that even doctors today approve this method to be used by their own patients.

What is amazing is that you do not need to put in such a lot of effort into exercising your penis to make it bigger. Just 20 to 30 minutes of your time exercising your manhood each day is enough to get you a bigger-sized penis down there within a matter of weeks from today!

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