Not having enough energy is the next excuse we are going to smash in our “I DON'T HAVE THE.......” series of articles identifying the causes of in-activity and helping find your way around them.

How do you feel? I'm not talking emotions, I mean how would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10 in terms of energy right now?

2 – Exhausted?
5 – Lethargic?
8 – Ready to take on any challenge thrown at you?
10 – Bouncing off the walls?

If it's anything below that solid 8 then you might have noticed the following excuses slipping out occasionally;

“I just don't have enough energy”
“I'm too tired”
“It's just suuuuch an effort”
“WHAT time in the morning!!??”

The lack of energy stopping you getting a body you are happy with could be put down to a short sleep last night, excess stress or being over worked.........but it's much more likely to be short comings in you diet and/or a lack of exercise. Below are some hints and tips that will boost your energy levels and have you chomping at the bit to get out there and do something active!


The food we eat gives us the energy to do stuff. It's a very basic principle but something that many people seem to ignore or perhaps forget. Eating small meals on a regular basis (every 3 hours or so) will give us all that we need to maintain our energy levels at that nice 8 – ready to take on any challenge. Another fact that we all know but sometimes negate is that not all food has the same benefits to us, different foods affect us in different ways. Foods that are high in sugar or HIGH GI send our energy levels soaring temporarily – right up a 10 but then they come crashing down and we feel even more tired than before. Foods that are on the opposite scale ie. LOW GI release energy into our system slowly and help keep us at around that even keel 8 we are after. So eat the right stuff in little portions and often and you'll be tying up the laces on your sports shoes without even realising you are bending down to do it.

Caffeine is a bit like sugar in that it yanks our energy levels way up and then drops from them a great height. For many people a typical working day consists of a string of coffees to keep them going from task to task and then a big slump when 5pm comes and it's home time. It's almost become an instant reaction – “Me tired.....Me need coffee”. It's just a quick fix that ends up leaving you feeling deflated and a bit spacey (if my experience is anything to go by) after the initial hit. Why wait until you have hit that wall to do something about how you feel? It's a bit like PLAY's mantra relating to general exercise and well being – “prevention is better than a cure”. Don't let your energy levels dip down to the level where they need to jacked back up again. Eat right and keep your body hydrated and you won't need that caffeine fix throughout the day and the 6pm training session will be the highlight of your evening.

It might sound odd in theory – expending energy to gain energy – but it certainly works in practice! The body thrives on oxygen and exercising speeds up blood flow and breathing rate therefore transporting all that lovely O2 around your body, giving you a completely self generated lift in energy clever! The ideal combo is a mix of cardiovascular and resistance training (weights) 3 to 4 times per week.

Everyone has been told to drink more water but not many people know that good old agau is actually a key factor in our energy levels. If you consistently 'under drink' then you may not ever be reaching your energy potential due to chronic de-hydration. Aim for 1ltr of water per 25kg of body weight. So if you weigh 75kg try and get 3 litres down you during the course of your day. Not only will find more energy for exercising, your brain will thank you by not expanding against the side of your skull and giving you a headache whilst going for that jog!

There is definitely something to be said for the power of motivation in pepping you up. If you have someone there - be it a coach, running partner or personal trainer - to encourage and help you along the way (and maybe kick your arse a little bit if needs be) then your perceived energy levels will go up, exercise won't be perceived as a chore and the stimulation you get from a bit of competition will keep you coming back for more.

Apply some or all of these tips to your life and soon you'll have enough energy to power through your day, smash out an awesome workout and maybe even some spare for a cheeky “home workout” in the bedroom later on.

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Author's Bio: 

Author Bio

Nick Randall is a Personal Trainer with PLAY - Fun, Fitness and Performance based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I am very passionate about healthy eating, exercise and overall well being and my life revolves around keeping the health of myself and others in the best condition possible. I love writing about these subjects and as a result my work comes straight from the heart and is normally just general thoughts and musings put down onto paper.

Other interests include golf, surfing, reading, chess and watching practiacally all forms of sport on TV!

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