I Don't Know If I'm Big Enough: Is My Penis Big Enough To Satisfy My Girlfriend

Don't be discouraged by the smallness of your penis. There is still hope for you to grow your manhood bigger in size and put an end to all your embarrassment! Just by doing some simple stretching exercises to your male organ at home, you can easily gain a significant amount of size to your penis and make it naturally bigger for good!

Medical research has found that the male organ can still physically grow, even when one is in his prime adult age. By allowing more blood to store within your organ, you naturally cause an expansion to your penile tissues, resulting in an increase in the size of your penis.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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This is the essence of how most male enhancement products such as extender tools or growth supplements work. But as effective as these products are, they can be very taxing to your wallet, as most of these tools or pills cost hundreds of dollars each.

"Just start stretching your male organ regularly to make it grow!"

Doing stretching exercises to your penis is a relatively cheaper alternative which works as effectively as those expensive enhancement products. The only things you require to perform the exercises are your two bare hands, a small amount of lubricant, and a few minutes of your time each day - that is it!

What the exercise routines do is to stimulate a higher amount of blood flowing to your penis and into the main channels where blood is stored within your male organ. The stretching action simultaneously enlarges the size of these channels in order to allow more blood to accumulate inside them.

By practising the exercises regularly, you continuously cause more blood to store within your male organ. This gradually expands the tissues that make up your penis, resulting in your manhood naturally growing bigger in size - both length and thickness!

One advantage of exercising your male organ into growing bigger is that it is extremely easy to do so. The routines are mainly stretching and massaging actions which you can easily perform in the privacy of your home, within just a few minutes each day.

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Not a lot of men know this yet, but the PC muscles are actually very important in the world of sex. So, if you want to grow your penile length and girth through penis enlargement exercises, the exercises that target the PC muscles would be your best bet to get the gains that you want in the long run.

Although there are various exercises for this, kegel exercises are known to be the most effective penis enlargement exercises in this particular department to date. The good news is that there are various kinds of kegel exercises out there, so you will still have a few options to follow in case the first one that you try doesn't exactly suit your fancy. Regardless of which one you choose to stick with, though, they are sure to provide you with the necessary benefits and gains that you hoped to get to begin with.

Kegel exercises basically refer to natural penis enlargement exercises that target certain muscle groups found in the pelvic area. The most basic kegel exercises involve contracting the PC muscles while thrusting to improve the feel and look of your erections and help you battle premature ejaculation. In fact, these penis enlargement exercises can help you control your ejaculations, in general, so that you can release when you want to for a change.

If you have no idea where these muscles are located, you just need to stop your urination as your urinate. These muscles are the ones that start and stop your urination on demand. So, the next time you use the restroom, stop short of releasing your bodily fluids. The muscles that flex and work while you do this are the PC muscles.

Even if you aren't urinating, try putting some tension into the lower part of your pelvic area and clench your muscles there. Those are the muscles that you will basically need to focus on strengthening while doing these particular penis enlargement exercises.

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These exercises actually come with a lot of different sexual benefits overall. As with any other exercises for penis enlargement, these exercises can give you stronger erections. Studies done on kegel exercises also state that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can successfully restore their erectile function when they do these exercises correctly and regularly.

Other benefits that come with these exercises include better ejaculation control, improved erection strength, enhanced erection size, and the possibility of experiencing orgasms without even ejaculating at all - believe it. All of these things are made possible by kegel exercises.

To do kegel exercises, all you really have to do is focus on flexing your pubococcygeus muscles as mentioned earlier. Once you flex them, keep them flexed for around half a minute before relaxing them again. Conversely, you can also work quicker and flex and release your PC muscles faster at around one or two seconds per flex.

If you are a beginner with no previous experience doing penis enlargement exercises whatsoever, then you might want to turn to professionally developed programs to make the most of your time and effort.

Fortunately, there are a lot of exercise programs for penis enlargement available in today's market, which feature well-implemented and thoroughly developed programs for men to follow to achieve the penile length and girth that they want. These programs usually feature kegel exercises, which progressively improve erection function in the safest and most effective ways possible. The best part is that you won't have to spend too much money on these programs, in general. Plus, since the exercises are all natural, you will never have to worry about inflicting unwanted pain or damage to your penis in the long run, either.

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Jelqing is one of the key elements to penis enlargement exercises since it can increase the flow of blood into the penis, particularly into the three main chambers found in its shaft. These chambers basically run through the whole penile shaft and are full of erectile tissue that fills up with blood when a man gets sexually aroused and achieves an erection. Jelqing is known to increase the capacity of blood in these chambers, thus bringing about better gains in terms of penile girth and length.

Jelqing is quite easy to do as it mainly relies on doing a milking motion along the length of your penile shaft. To do this, just massage your penis to a semi-erection and then encircle the base of it with an OK sign made with your forefinger and thumb. Make sure you have a good grip on your penis, though, and use enough force to maintain your semi-erection in order to trap enough blood in the penis.

After that, slide your grip forward along the shaft of your penis with moderate pressure and encourage the blood to engorge all of the tissue found inside of it. As you grip reaches the tip of your shaft, use your other hand to do the same thing and continue these motions repeatedly with alternate hands. Ideally, each motion should last around 2 seconds. If you need some lubricant during these penis enlargement exercises, try using some Vaseline or baby oil for the best results.

Aside from promoting gains in terms of penis size, other benefits include an increase of blood flow into the penis and better blood circulation overall. A lot of men have also experienced significant improvements in terms of the strength of their erections after doing these penis enlargement exercises for some time.

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Kegel exercises are also considered to be key elements of penis enlargement exercises. These penis enlargement exercises basically involve the PC muscles that form parts of the pelvic area and contract during ejaculation. The easiest way to find these muscles is to stop the flow of your urination mid-stream.

Kegel exercises will not just strengthen your PC muscles, but will improve your control over them in the long run, as well, thus improving the circulation of blood in the penis and resulting in stronger erections. Aside from that, the intensity of a man's orgasm is enhanced, as well, while ejaculations become more powerful and the amount of ejaculate increases at the same time. However, men who suffer from impotence or weak erections are the ones who tend to benefit from these exercises the most.

Penis enlargement exercises that stretch the penis are very important, too. This is because they can help the body adapt to change. During this time, the area's cells are exposed and result in an increase in tissue mass, as well. While these benefits can also be obtained with the use of penile stretching devices and weights, manual stretches are a much better choice because they will not reduce the circulation of blood in the penis in the long run the way that other devices tend to do.

Penile stretches mainly promote gains in terms of penile length. After all, the suspensory ligaments of the penis are stretched during this time, thus exposing parts of the shaft that are usually hidden inside the male body.

Penile stretches are quite easy to do, too. All you have to do is grip the head of your penis while it is flaccid and then pull it forward as gently as possibly and hold it there for around half a minute before relaxing. 15 repetitions are usually enough to finish one stretching session per day.

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When it comes to enlarging your penis, there are several options you can look at. You could always opt to have your male organ surgically enhanced... but it can be rather expensive and painful to do so. There are also several products and techniques which you can apply easily at home to get about the same (or maybe even better) results over time!

So what are they?

1. Taking male enhancement supplements

Male enhancement pills are aplenty in the market these days. Generally, these supplements are made up of a special selection of natural herbs, and a combination of vitamins and minerals. These pills work by naturally stimulating the male organ to enlarge over a period of time.

While this may be one of the easiest way available, taking enhancement supplements over a long period can be quite costly too. Plus, most of the pills that are readily available today are not yet approved by the FDA, so one should be careful in picking the right product.

2. Using penile extender tools

The penile extender tool is a simple contraption that uses a traction force to stretch your male organ. It attaches to your penis and pulls on it gradually. Over time, your male organ gets naturally stimulated into increasing in size.

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But again, cost comes into factor. The extender tool can be quite an expensive device, costing a few hundred dollars each. If you don't mind spending that extra amount of money, then this should be your best option to help gain that additional few inches to your manhood.

3. Regularly doing exercises on your penis

Did you know you could actually perform exercises on your male organ itself? It's an age-old technique which has helped men over the years to actually achieve a significant increase in their manhood size. You basically use only your hands to perform several simple stretching and massaging exercises on your penis for a few minutes daily.

It may get a little physically tiring to have to perform the different exercises each morning until you get the results. But one advantage with this technique is that it does not require any other products to make it work - your hands work well enough to carry out all the routines.

That is why more and more men are turning their attention to learning how to perform the right kind of exercises to be able to enlarge their penis size. It's cheap, easy, and of course, it works!

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