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The great thing about the female orgasm is that women have the ability to have more than one orgasm in one night. This increases your chances of giving her pleasure, as long as you know what you are doing in the bedroom and this is where a lot of men stumble. A lot of men don't even know how to get a woman to orgasm once, so if this is you, then you need some help.

You can make a woman have multiple orgasms in one night, as long as you learn some of these deadly tips that are bound to give her unreal pleasure. You can completely transform the way you give a woman pleasure and you are about to do just that.

Learn this one technique -- simple and easy for any man to use -- and not only will sex be more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet. Here's how to have sex more often -- and have her thank you for it

In order to make a woman experience pleasure over and over again, you need to be able to make it happen once. You have to be able to make this happen if you expect to make it happen again and again. This is always the most difficult step. When you make her climax once, then you will notice that it is like releasing the floodgates; once it happens once it will happen again and again and get easier each time. The first orgasm will take the longest and will be the most difficult to achieve. After that, it is easy as pie.

To get your woman to orgasm once, it is best to use oral sex on her. Going down on her and allowing your tongue and lips to caress her gently will easily send her over the edge and quickly. Cunnilingus can be your secret weapon to making a woman orgasm fast. This can help you to get the first orgasm out of the way so you can start giving her multiple orgasms that will leave her trembling.

Now, she is ready for more. Now you can use your fingers to finish the job. Your fingers can lightly caress her clitoris and this can help her to continue climaxing. During this time, her g-spot will also be very aroused and very engorged. To maximize her ability to climax, you can also stimulate the g-spot. Just think the more you give to her, the more you are going to get and the more you increase her chances of having an orgasm.

With these deadly tips, you are easily going to give your woman unreal pleasure but most of all, you are going to make her feel pleasure over and over and over again. You can make her orgasm multiple times and you are going to do just that tonight.

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The final and the eventual pleasure is in the stimulation of the g spot. The g spot is located in the upper side of the vaginal channel though not visible to the eye.

However, you will know you have located the spot by some indications from your girl.

Lie your girl on her back. As you stimulate her vagina and clitoris you could slip your finger into the vagina and move it in a 'come-hither' motion with the palm cupped facing upwards. Do this while she lies on her back.

When she is in reclining position. You could also do this while she is seated in a half reclining position. You could insert your finger with the palm cupped and facing upwards.

When she is on all fours. This will add to the variation and excitement. With your girl propped on all fours you could easily access her g spot in similar fashion. You might need to recline to do this comfortably.

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When she sits astride you while you lie down. When she sits astride you while you lie down insert your finger and stimulate the region of the g spot. You will need to adjust the hand so as to reach the depth of the vagina.

She could also stand with one leg lifted. This position too makes it comfortable for you to reach the g spot easily and stimulate it. You could either be sitting or standing, it may not matter as long as you can reach the spot with ease.

She could lie with upper body on the bed. She could lie in this position and rest her legs on your shoulders while you stand facing her. You might need to hover over her partly to be able to reach the g spot.

You both could face each other in lying position. You could also make it comfortable by lying down facing each other and reaching out for the g spot. Stimulation will be easy and comfortable for you both.

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Here Are 7 Ways To 'Get Your Woman Off' And Give Her Incredible Sexual Pleasure

1. Rub Her Clitoris With Your Fingers

Use your fingers to rub her clitoris. You can rub it side to side or up and down. Just be sure to find a speed and pressure that she likes.

2. Give Her Oral Sex

You can lick her clitoris from side to side or up and down.

But, this works even better...

Get her clitoris between your lips and suck it into your mouth, whilst humming. This totally drives women crazy and results in a powerful orgasm.

3. Massage Her G-Spot

Rubbing your woman's g-spot with your middle (or middle and index) finger(s) can result in a powerful vaginal orgasm. This will be more powerful for her than a clitoral orgasm.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

4. Stimulate Her Deep Spot

The Deep Spot is as far into your woman's vagina as you can get your middle finger on the FRONT and BACK wall.

Stimulate this area with a great deal of pressure and your woman will have an EXTREMELY POWERFUL vaginal orgasm.

5. Make Her Squirt

When you give your woman G-Spot or Deep Spot vaginal orgasms you'll more than likely hear her say that she feels like she is going to pee.

However, she is actually feeling the need to SQUIRT.

To get her to squirt, tell her to 'relax and push' when she feels the need to pee. The result will be that she squirts and has a powerful squirting orgasm.

6. Give Her An Anal Orgasm

This is the best way to turn your woman onto the idea of anal sex.

To give her an anal orgasm, you stimulate her g-spot whilst your middle finger is in her ass.

7. Add In Some Dirty Talk

Whichever of the techniques you use, if you start TALKING DIRTY at the same time -- you'll get your woman off quicker, give her more SEXUAL PLEASURE and make her come harder.

For example, whenever I'm giving my girlfriend a G-Spot Vaginal Orgasm, I'll talk dirty at the same time.

Very simple to do.

Very powerful.

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"Stop Premature Ejaculation." If you can't keep it going for more than fifteen minutes of sex, then you are not even going to be in the same time zone as her orgasm. You see, a regular woman usually needs 15-20 minutes of intense stimulation from the guy in order to reach orgasm - therefore, if cannot continue that long, then she will not be capable of reach orgasm, period. She might be eager to give you another chance, but if the next time is a mere repeat of the first experience, she's not going to make love with you for a second time.

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"Focus on the Pre-Game". A lot of men go straight to the sex and don't know that this actually damages their chances of sexual success. The foreplay steo is essential - simply because it is during this time that a woman feels emotionally "connected" with a man - which is a vital prerequisite strong orgasms. Foreplay is a bigger turn on than sex for many women. If you work at it so that she's always excited for foreplay, then that'll mean more sex for you.

"Filthy Vocabulary". You probably have a few dirty words going through your mind as you are having sex with her. Share the dirty thoughts that you are having. Talking about what you are feeling during sex helps her feel turned on.

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