I Don't Think I'm Big Enough For Her: Worried Your Penis Is Not Big Enough

As a guy myself, I know very well how embarrassing it can be when you are lacking in size in the manhood department. You try as much as possible to avoid letting out "your secret". But inevitably, your future partner will know about your shortcomings, and you have every reason to worry about that!

Fortunately, there is such a thing as making your penis grow bigger - even in your adult years. No, I am not talking about going for some high-risk surgery to have your male organ artificially enlarged. There are far easier ways to go about getting your size upgrade, without having to endure the pains of surgery.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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How? Exercise!

Today, it is already scientifically known that by doing exercises on your penis, you can actually cause it to gain additional size, both lengthwise and thickness-wise. Better yet, it is very convenient and easy to do these exercises - all you need are your own hands in order to perform the exercises privately in your own room.

In other words, you do not have to spend any money on some expensive penile enlargement gadgets or male enhancement pills. Yes, the very kind you often see being advertised on men's health magazines and websites.

Because just by doing the simple exercises on a regular basis, you can realistically even gain as much as 3 inches to your little buddy down there!

Here is how it all works: the exercise routines, which are basically a variety of stretching and massaging techniques, help to stimulate the blood flow to your male organ. Increasing the amount of blood which enters the main blood channels within your penis causes the blood channels to gradually expand in size.

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As you continue practising the exercises daily, more and more blood can get stored in the blood channels. This expands the tissues in your male organ even further, resulting in a larger physique to your penis!

But don't be mistaken. You do not have to spend the rest of your life doing the exercises in order to maintain a bigger-sized manhood. In fact, whatever gain in size you experience will remain for good - even after you stop doing the exercises!

Let me give you a preview of how simple it is to perform the exercises...

1. You begin with a semi-erected penis

2. Lubricate your penis body slightly

3. Grip the base of your shaft using just the forefinger and thumb of one hand

4. Slide your grip down your shaft with a little bit of pressure

5. Release your grip just before you reach your penis head

6. Rest and relax your male organ and re-establish its blood circulation by twirling it around gently

7. Repeat the above as many times as you comfortably can each day

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If you are looking for effective penis enlargement exercises that are easy and won't even make you break a sweat, then you have come to the right place. PC muscle exercises can efficiently pump more blood into your penis to achieve a bigger erection and pump the blood out of it afterwards, as well, to ensure the utmost comfort and convenience for you at all times.

Not only will these effective penis enlargement exercises give you bigger erections in the long run, but you will also be able to experience stronger orgasms that you can control better for a better sex life overall. Aside from that, these effective penis enlargement exercises come with various benefits, too - benefits that you will definitely want to take full advantage of.

So, what kind of benefits can you get from these effective penis enlargement exercises, you ask? Well, for starters, you will be able to satisfy your partner much more with your harder and longer-lasting erections. Second of all, you will be able to intensify your own satisfaction with stronger and longer-lasting orgasms. Lastly, you will be able to experience better gains in terms of penis enlargement, too.

See, when your PC muscles get stronger after doing these exercises, they will be able to send more blood into your penis and improve the cell regeneration in it until you get the gains that you want for your manhood in the end. This will also result in stronger PC muscles overall, thus preventing incontinence and other unwanted penile issues in the long run.

The first one of these effective penis enlargement exercises is called the Quick Clench, which can help strengthen your PC muscles as needed. The Quick Clench involves a lot of clenches within a short span of time. These clenches should last for a few seconds each. Basically, after each clench, you just have to take a short break and then do another clench. Ideally, you should do this exercise thrice a day.

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The second exercise is called the Basic PC Squeeze, with which you will have to squeeze the PC muscles and escalate repetitive practice with time.

The third exercise is called the Short Squeeze, which is quite similar to the Basic PC Squeeze. The only difference is that you will need to do more repetitions of this squeeze per session. You should do around 100 repetitions of this exercise a day.

The fourth exercise is called the PC Step Workout, which involves tightening the PC muscles in short steps as you walk up a flight of stairs. After each step and squeeze, just relax your PC muscles and then tighten them again for around 5 seconds while taking the next step. Keep doing this until you reach the end of the flight of stairs and then tighten your PC muscles a bit longer at the end. Try holding the squeeze there for around half a minute or so. Then, do the same thing as you go back down the flight of stairs.

The last exercise is called the PC Burn, which involves tightening your manhood as hard as you can until you feel a burning sensation inside of it. Once you feel your penile muscles burn, breathe through the pain and just keep tightening your muscles until it is no longer bearable to do so. Relax after the exercise and do around 20 squeezes. This exercise should only be done once a day.

So, there you have it: 5 highly effective penis enlargement exercises that are as easy as pie. If you want to enlarge your penis the easy way and improve your sex life at the same time, these exercises would definitely be the best options for you!

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Most men have a generally averaged penis size and this is about 5 to 6 inches in length. And most men want a longer and thicker penis as well since they are not satisfied with the 6 inches, and they much rather have an 8 or a 9. They believe it will satisfy their women in bed more. There are actually simple solutions to the problem but some of them do require some effort on your part.

One of the more popular methods is the penis exercises, it can easily be done, inexpensive and no one will ever know that you are doing it. A good example is the pull method, which only involves the hands, perhaps some lubricant like baby oil and your penis. Grab your penis by the 2 fingers at the base, wholly encircling the shaft. Then pull the penis from the base up the shaft to the tip, pulling in an upward direction. Hold your pull for a couple of seconds before finally releasing the penis. Repeat the procedure for around 20 times a day, increasing gradually.

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There are other exercises that you can take into consideration like the Jelq and the PC Flex. Jelq works by milking the penis. Again by the fingers grasp the base of the penis and pull up towards the head making sure that blood is being pooled into the penis, this is proven by the larger, redder and shinier penis head. When the first hand reaches the head, allow the other hand to do exactly the same, repeat several times. PC Flex on the other hand works on controlling the PC muscle which controls erection. This is done by stopping urination mid stream, the muscle that stop urination is the PC muscle. Just make sure you don't overdo it and you don't overexert your penis or else it might lead to dire consequences.

Another method is to use penis enhancement devices that can range from penis tractions devices, pumps, patches and pills. All of these methods have their own advantage and disadvantages but have proven to have some positive effects as well. So you can actually try all of them if you wish, just make sure that you get your products from reputable sources in order to get the premium quality products and not get scammed along the way.

If you are indeed interested in the topic of how to make my penis bigger then you should consider the methods mentioned and use them for you own benefit.

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Generally speaking, penis enlargement exercises have different effects on a man's penis and the other tissues found near the overall pelvic area. A lot of people are usually surprised to learn that some of these penis enlargement exercises do not just involve the penis, either. Kegel exercises, for instance, can strengthen the PC muscles and condition them at the same time.

The muscles can be found just behind the scrotum on the floor of the pelvis cavity, the part that supports a lot of the organs in the pelvis. Basically, whenever you contract your manhood whenever you ejaculate or urinate, your PC muscles come into play. To find where they are, just urinate and then stop the flow of your urine before you finish. You should feel a bit of a contraction in your manhood area while doing this.

The penis enlargement exercises for the PC muscles can benefit sexual function in various ways. In fact, there are a lot of benefits related to developing these particular muscles. The PC flex, for instance, can give you stronger erections in the long run by improving the circulation of blood in your penis. If you ever feel your erections becoming flaccid after some time, these penis enlargement exercises can also help them keep a stronger pose overall.

Believe it or not, PC exercises can also help improve the results of other penis enlargement exercises. In other words, if you are currently doing any exercises to build your penile girth and length; you can supplement those exercises with PC muscles and get more gains out of them in the end.

Think about this: whenever you get an erection and flex it, you should notice the tip of your penis expand slightly and turn into a darker color. This happens because the PC muscles can circulate more blood in the penis, in general. So, if you do PC muscle exercises on a regular basis, you can actually strengthen your manhood's flexibility. In turn, this will also decrease impairment from impotency, improve the quality of your erection, and make sure that your penis is always in an upright and full position as needed.

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Another thing that PC muscle exercises can help with would be the control of your ejaculation. Whenever you feel like you are about to ejaculate, you can basically just contract your PC muscles and withdraw your semen from the urethra.

Aside from that, you can also learn how to strengthen your PC muscles with time. Once you master this, your body will then be able to respond the way that you want it to whenever you start to orgasm and ejaculate in order to produce better and longer-lasting orgasms in the end. Once your PC muscles are strong enough, they will also be able to contract and be much more assertive during climax, in general, thus constantly intensifying your sexual pleasure as time goes by.

As you can see, the PC muscles are definitely vital parts of both penis enlargement and sexual function improvement. So, if you decide to opt for natural penis enlargement, you definitely shouldn't overlook PC muscle exercises.

Probably the most important penis enlargement exercises for the PC muscles thus far, though, would be the kegel exercises. These are the exercises that you should do if your main goal is to strengthen your PC muscles as much as possible. There are various types of kegel muscle exercises out there, though, so make sure you find the one that would suit your needs best - preferably one that isn't too hard and which will bring you the gains that you desire for your manhood in the long run.

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