I Don't Think My Husband Loves Me Anymore: Does My Husband Love Me or Is He Using Me

If you feel like recoiling from your relationship due to some reasons, you should call your acts together before another woman gets the man who is rightfully yours. It is understandable that you ask the question every other woman on earth always asks; that of - "does my husband love me?"

This is nothing new especially for women who have just married recently. What happens is when the husband seems quiet for a while; the women take it as there is already something wrong in the relationship. To avoid acting this way and feeling like your husband is always out to cheat on you, make sure you read this article from top to bottom. In the end, you will realize the benefits of doing so.

Is Your Husband Receiving The Kind Of Care He Needs?

You see, to have found such a relationship with the person you love is not a simple task. For this, you will need to take care of your partner when you know you have finally found the one. That way, you will not be forever stuck to that phase of always having to find "Mr. Right" or perhaps leaving one marriage after the other. Keep in mind that for as long as you take care of your husband, he will have no reason to look for love elsewhere.

What Does Your Husband Do For You?

"What is essential is invisible to the eye." It may sound like a very old cliché, yes, but it holds true. Surely, you know how difficult it is to find a person who will truly and everlastingly love you for who you are and what you do. Keep in mind that it is never about what good people can see about your husband because it is what you feel he is doing for you that is of greatest importance.

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Do You Remain His Priority?

Try to observe if your husband's caring for you has not waned at all. Oftentimes, a husband who begins to lose the love he once had for his wife ends up not caring anymore or perhaps showing little concern over what you do.

For as long as your husband has not changed with how he treats you, then there should be no reason for you to be worried about whether he still loves you or not. Before you start asking questions like "does my husband love me?", it would be best to first ask yourself if you are giving everything that your husband needs. For after all; the wife is supposed to pamper the husband in every way that she can.

Do You Sense Some Coldness In Him?

Finally, pinning down the answer to your question"does my husband love me?"will still boil down to how he acts towards you. Is he the intimate husband you know in bed? Or has he finally changed to some other man you do not know? Does he still call you with the term of endearment you have grown used to or not anymore? For as long as you do not see any major change sin how he deals with you, then it is most likely that there is no reason why you should be asking the question, "does my husband love me?"

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Do you know that taking your spouse for granted will cause your own marriage to fail?

Read on and find out 4 common marriage problems that cause many couples worldwide to fail in their marriage.

Argue, ignore, challenge, revenge, and cold treatment

They say the last one to say something is the winner of the argument. In many cases, this would sound childish if you intend to have the last "say" and the message you deliver meant to take revenge or challenge your partner. After the long argument, ignoring and cold treatment follows for days, weeks, or months.

The best challenge is yet to come, which is the division of properties when you sign your divorce papers. Marriage failing because of pride, too much confidence thinking that you can live life without your partner, and taking little importance on how your partner thinks and feels that lead to overbearing, uncaring attitude.

Comparing partner with another woman

There is someone always better than you or her. Your partner is who she projects herself to be now or even before the marriage. That is a fact and you have known that before you married her. Comparing her with another woman will only hurt her feelings and push her away from you.

Love is acceptance. Accept the good things as well as the bad things. Making your partner feel insecure will make her find ways not to mind you that will lead to marriage failing because she will start to ignore you and your comments.

Less caring and thoughtful

Couples who are married for long usually forget to talk and listen to each other before going to sleep. Their life became a routine that they do not even remember saying "thank you", "I love you", "I want you", or even just hug while watching TV together.

Planning activities that excludes partner

People do need privacy and their own moments alone but couples need to perform some activities together for fun. Make plans for your weekend activities. Jog, walk, or browse the malls with your partner. Do some activities that you will enjoy together. The sharing counts and prevents marriage failing gradually because of the lack of interaction, communication, and sharing of fun.

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Our little spats started getting bigger and bigger until all we did was fight. And when the fighting started getting very bad, we ended up retreating into our own silent places. In a couple of years, I started feeling that getting married to him was a big mistake.

Communicating with each other was a big challenge for us. It was torture to be with him in the same room. When one of us starts talking, the other already goes into the defensive until nothing is resolved and the conflict just got worse. After a year of endless quarreling, we both started to think about divorce. It was really a hard decision to make but with all the hurt and the pain, we thought that divorce is our only way out. My mother was always there to give me advice on how to save the relationship but she only do so much. The hurt and pain that we have caused each other has resulted in anonymity that I do not know how to even begin mending the broken bond.

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