Real Happiness comes from "feeling" our feelings. Quite literally.

If you can track your feelings they will reveal the lies and expectations that shackle us to our unhappiness. So they are a gift. The greatest learning and light comes in those moments of shear consciousness of "what our feelings mean".

So feelings are an indicator of where we are at AND what we need to change.

Change comes from not being afraid of our feelings.

Fear of our feelings is what causes us to kick into a behavior. When we have pain, it feels like it will kill us. So we kick into getting and protecting behaviors to ease our pain.

Real Happiness is "I feel therefore I grow and learn". Not "I feel therefore I medicate".

If we medicate our feelings we never learn our light. We never make it to the next level of our lives. We never live to our potential. We repeat the same patterns over and over again.

Sitting with a feeling for as long as we need to without medicating, we get the awareness of what we need to change.

What a gift.

So in those moments of confusion and pain, the thing to do is identify the feeling. Do not cover it up, stuff it, run from it or medicate it.

Once you have it identified, then ask, "what is the lie or expectation you are having that is keeping you from moving ahead?"

So a man called me today. He said he was sad. But we identified his real "feelings". He was insecure and unworthy. So once we identified that, then we were able to identify that he felt still like he needed to be "further along" or " doing real love more righter" or "had to jump through a hoop" to somehow earn the love I had to freely give.

He has never been loved this way, so he has a "habit" of showing up to the world by "buying" his love in imitation currency. He still feels "bad". So what he is really needing is proof over time that people will love him just the way he is. That takes time and repetition. It does not happen over night. The world has taught him that the world does not love this way.

So he needs to make multiple calls to wise men and women who are "full" and capable of helping him see his lies. Wise men and women can get the currency of real love to him in each call. Eventually, and the key word here is "eventually", he will begin to "feel" happiness.

So you see by this example, that if we don't "feel" all the emotions then we never can make ti to "happiness"

True joy comes from having all the feelings all at once totally accepting and embracing them and not feel afraid of them AT ALL!

Then joy arrives. Our fears are our preditors. But the reality is, fear and feelings will not kill us. In order to become a "mature" adult we need to get that "AHA", that none of it will kill us.

We just have to realease and let go. Practice the steps to happiness with wise people. They will train you how and help you on your way to happiness.

Be loved
Be loving
Be responsible

Three steps to happiness.

What are you feeling today?




4.Positive Expectation/Belief



















Author's Bio: 

Sharon A Winningham, Certified Real Love Coach
I am a Religious Scientist, Mom, Seminar Speaker, Teacher, Realtor, Salsa dancer and Real "lover". It's all about Real Love.