I Feel Uncomfortable Around My In Laws: What To Do When You Can't Stand Your Husband's Family

When you gazed into your spouse's eyes at the altar and said, "I do," you might not have realized you were also saying, "And I take your mother and father to be in my life forever, too." Well, guess what? Your in-laws come with the package!

Developing a good relationship with your in-laws is critical to the overall harmony in your relationship, since your in-laws will most likely be an ongoing part of your life. Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves dodging emotional landmines when it comes to issues involving their in-laws, even when they've brought their "best self" forward. Some of these landmines include:

- Holidays, visits, family events, and phone calls

- Your partner taking his or her parent's side instead of yours

- Feeling disrespected by your in-laws regarding your role as a parent

- Avoiding asserting yourself with your in-laws for fear of creating a "scene"

- Being treated like the "odd man out" when your in-laws visit

- Feeling like your home is invaded by your in-laws upon their arrival

- Spending more time with, or favoring, one set of parents over the other

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If your relationship with your in-laws is interfering with your happiness, here are 5 simple, yet powerful steps to help get you headed back to harmony:

1. Don't choose sides between your partner and his or her parents. Choosing sides will create more tension and rifts within the family.

2. Don't insert yourself into an argument between your partner and their parents. Inserting yourself into an argument will put an even greater strain on your relationship.

3. Let your partner know that you are there to help them sort out their feelings and that you will help them come up with a strategy to deal with their parents, but that they must discuss difficult subjects with their parents on their own. Slow things down when you are discussing this so that each of you can understand just what the disagreement means to each of you and what feelings are below the surface

4. Discover your mother- or father-in-law's likes and dislikes. Take the time to get to know them and you might even find that you have some things in common!

5. You don't have to like your in-laws, but treat them with respect. After all, they are your spouse's parents and are a part of your family

There is no reason why you and your partner can't have a wonderful relationship with each set of parents. In-law relationships can bring much joy and wisdom to your family if boundaries are established and everyone's feelings and viewpoint are understood and kept in mind.

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You are in love, life is giving you the best gift ever, and you don't want to give that up for anything in the world. You are thinking that nothing could change things between you two love birds, but time, money and the people around you may badly influence the course of your relationship.

Very often, couples discover shortly before marriage that nothing is what it used to be. Routine takes over their lives, and they slowly forget what brought them together the first time. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your relationship fresh and interesting.

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Surprise Your Spouse!

You haven't made love to your partner for a while now, but it's been a hard day at work and you only want to go to bed or lay on the sofa watching TV. Instead of doing that, pull yourself together, buy a bottle of good wine and cook a fast delicious dinner.

It does not have to be anything pretentious, but it will surely show you care enough. Prepare a bubble bath for the both of you, buy some fine underwear, deliver flowers or a small gift to your spouse's office. Your gesture won't go unrewarded!

Don't Believe Everything You Hear!

More than a few times, couples split due to what someone said about the person next to them. Do not keep everything to yourself, if you don't want to struggle to save the marriage later! Secrets can easily destroy a relationship. Trust your life partner, talk about things that you have heard or that bother you. After all, you took your spouse "for better or for worst".

Enjoy the Little Things!

Spending a Sunday afternoon in bed with your spouse watching a movie, going for a walk in the park, preparing a meal together, cleaning the house together or playing a computer game together may seem unimportant, but, in fact, they bond a relationship more than anything. It's the quality time that you spend together that may save the marriage in the future!

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In love relationships some people express what I like to call the sweet heartache of love; it is the racing beat of the heart, the butterflies or flutters in the stomach, or the wondering thoughts that make the mind daydream. Holding on to the initial emotions of feeling truly, madly and deeply in love is a challenge most couples face. As time progress or changes occur, couples ability to withstand life changes together is compromised by the predictability of familiarity. Familiarity is practice through the act of dating, the stage of having fun while getting to know a person. The catch is familiarity cannot stop or become stagnant, there must be room for new life experiences for love relationships to grow; in turn, couples should not stop dating in order to keep the romance and passion in their relationship fresh.

The Key of Dating

The key is to never stop what started a love relationship, in order to stay on top the demands of life. As the reality of life begins to settle in, couples have a tendency to get comfortable or familiar with each other. Couples may often no longer work towards impressing one another. They may begin a family which takes additional time away from their love relationship; they no longer have the time or the energy to put into their relationship. With that said, it is crucial to take the time and make the effort to sustain love. To do so couples should never stop dating, including the activities of romance and passion that goes along with dating.

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The Goal of Dating

The goal is to keep the excitement, romance, passion, and spontaneity active in love relationships. Never assume that you totally know the person you are with, always keep in mind that different aspects of that person will change while you are together. Overtime, a person has new life changing experiences, both good and bad. Dating will enable couples to keep up with the individual changes that are occurring and impacting their love relationship. Couples should make dating a fun priority or required quality time spent together as a couple. Spending time together could be something simple as a scented candle light bubble bath or something elaborate as a Caribbean cruise.


The mistake most people make is believing love will conquer all, which is partly true; the whole truth is love can conquer all when sustained. Love relationships require hard work considering the changes people go through in their lifetime. Withstanding the changes of growing together as a couple is the biggest challenge of love relationships. In order for couples to keep their relationship fresh, dating should be implemented as a fun priority; it is crucial that couples take the time and make the effort to keep romance and passion in their relationships through dating.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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To become more attractive in your spouse's eyes, consider this. A person wants what he or she can not easily have. This is a universal truth that applies to everybody in many, many situations. And this truth is working against you - you have pledged your life to your spouse, and this means you can be taken for granted. This is the single truth that lies beneath the incredible rate of failed marriages. This is why I once said my husband wants a divorce. But don't despair, as this law works both ways, which means you can use it to your advantage, instead of disadvantage!

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