If your anxiety and panic attacks are making you feel extremely lonely, you are certainly not alone. So many people suffer from this disorder that makes them so anxious and fearful of their lives, that feeling so alone is very easy to do.

That's how I felt for many years of my life when I suffered with extreme anxiety and panic. I was convinced that I was going to die all the time and it took me a very long time to finally realize that I wasn't. The worst part though was feeling like no matter how I explained my panic attacks and anxiety, nobody got how scary it was to me.

If they didn't get that, then they certainly wouldn't get how scared I was when I would have to get myself to the hospital. Some of my attacks would be so frightening and last so long that I started to think that other things were wrong with me. Worse yet, I started to feel like I was going to die one day from this anxiety.

I am still alive though because I found a wonderful doctor who finally got me to believe that I only had anxiety and nothing more severe wrong with me. This took a little bit of blood work for him to be sure of, but once I knew that I was anxious and nothing else was the matter with me medically, I did feel a bit better.

It was relieving to know that there was nothing seriously wrong with my health, but I still had this anxiety to deal with. I started exercising a little bit and it actually helped to use up some of my nervous energy, which made me feel a little bit more calm on most days. I wasn't cured yet, but I was on my way to feeling better for sure.

I would eventually learn how to cure anxiety, and it was all because I finally learned that what was wrong with me was in my head and not in my body. Once I really got this concept, it seemed much easier to make the desired changes to my life that I needed to in order to rid myself of anxiety once and for all.

And it did work for me too. Just by adding a bit of exercise to my life, I was increasing the amount of the chemical serotonin in my body. Serotonin is responsible for our mood, and so it stands to reason that making more of it through something like exercise will have great benefits.

I can't say that exercise was my cure for anxiety, but the difference it made in how I generally felt was pretty amazing to say the least, and it was certainly much better than I had felt in years.

Finding a way to get me on the road to finding out how to cure anxiety for myself was a great first start for me. Because I made some simple changes in my life, I am now living a life free from anxiety and panic attacks for good!

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