I Have A Small Penis And Am So Ashamed Of It: Most Effective Penis Enlargement

Many men have sought to find ways to get a bigger penis, but the problem is that most men doesn't have the discipline or consistency to be able to gain any effect when using natural methods. So how to get a bigger penis becomes an easy thing to do when you are ready to go under the knife. Here are a few things you should know before you decide to go under the knife.


Penis enlargement surgery or phalloplasty is the term used to describe surgery that a man will undergo in order to lengthen the penis. There are two types of penis enlargement one that can add inches to the length and one that can girth or width to the penis. Usually for the best result, you have to undergo both surgeries.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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Dermal Transfer

This is the more preferred type of transfer to increase the girth of the penis, since the skin is involved, the fat isn't reabsorbed so the new girth of the penis isn't altered making the surgery more successful. The process does need strips of skin and fat to be grafted onto the penis. An incorrect surgery runs the risk of the penis being disfigured.

Length or Girth?

The length of the penis is also enhanced through surgery, the procedure is different from that of the increasing the girth. What is done is that the suspensory ligament that holds the penis the base of is cut so that the penis will be allowed to elongate. The patient may also be required to wear penis traction devices to enable to penis to grow more.

Are there Any Side Effects?

Just like any other surgery, phalloplasty also puts the patient at some risk, it is a surgery so all the complications of undergoing surgery is present as well. Also you might feel a loose and floating sensation around the pubic area. When erect the penis may shift and slip and the angle of erection is also minimized. When not in the aroused stage though there really isn't much change.

So, if and when you do consider surgery to enhance your penis make sure that you go to reputable surgeon that really knows what he is doing so you can minimize any side effects and/or complications that can arise from the surgery. Now you know how to get a bigger penis through surgery, are you willing to undergo it?

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If you suffer from urinary incontinence, then you should know that this condition is completely manageable and preventable with the help of penis enlargement workouts. That's right. Not only will penis enlargement workouts grant you with a longer and stronger penis in the long run; but they will help you fake full control of your bladder, as well.

If you do kegel exercises for your penis enlargement workouts for 5 minutes twice or thrice a day, you will already see a significant improvement in how you control the leakage of your urine. Aside from that, you will also reap the benefits of better erections and more intense orgasms at the same time. How great is that?

The main goal of these penis enlargement workouts is to focus on the muscles below your bladder and to strengthen them as time goes by.

Weak urinary sphincters usually cause urinary incontinence in men. These weak sphincters, on the other hand, usually come about because of prostate cancer surgery, a bladder that refuses to contract or a bladder that is too active. Kegel exercises will be able to improve and even regain your bladder control for a happier and more convenient lifestyle overall.

Fortunately, these penis enlargement workouts are very easy to do, especially if you already know which muscles they are meant to target. One easy way to find these muscles is to urinate. In a nutshell, all you have to do is either slow down or stop your urine from flowing while urinating without tensing any of the muscles in your legs, stomach or buttocks. Don't even hold your breath. Once you can successfully stop or slow down the flow of your urine, you will know exactly where the necessary muscles are located for these exercises.

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Another way to find these muscles is to imagine you are stopping gas. Squeezing the PC muscles should give off a pulling sensation, thus resulting in finding the perfect muscles to use for kegel exercises. Again, it would be vital not to contract any other muscles during this time, though. There are also several cases wherein men might need biofeedback in order to target the necessary muscles.

Now, on to the exercises! To do kegel exercises, simply squeeze your PC muscles while slowly counting to 5. Then, release that squeeze while slowly counting to 5 and do this 10 times in a row. Ideally, you should do 1 set of 10 kegel exercises 3 times a day. If you are a beginner, it might be easier for you to do these exercises while lying down, so that your PC muscles won't have to fight against gravity. You might want to aim for your squeezes to only last for 2 or 3 seconds to start, as well. The choice is yours.

Once a few weeks have gone by, you can then gradually increase the time of your squeezes until you reach 10 seconds. You can also try doing the exercises while standing to put more weight onto your PC muscles and boost your workout at the same time. This will improve your control even more in the end.

As with any other type of exercise out there, seeing the results of penis enlargement workouts will take some time, so be patient. If you choose to do kegel exercises thrice a day, though, you should be able to notice better bladder control after just 3 weeks, if not sooner. Try keeping track of your urine leakage every day, so you can notice the improvements with time. If you still don't see any changes after a month, then you might be targeting the wrong muscles.

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If you have always wanted to make your penis bigger than what it is right now, here is your opportunity. Getting a bigger sized manhood can be pretty easy these days.

Gone are the days where you have to painfully (not to mention embarrassingly) get your male organ surgically enlarged. Now you can actually make use of several products as well as self-help techniques to get just about the same results - all in the privacy of your own room!

Amongst the different types of tools, devices, and health supplements being sold in the market today, one technique stands out for its easiness, effectiveness, and convenience.

How? Simply by practising exercises on your male organ!

It's a fact. You do not actually need all those fancy and expensive contraptions nor medication to get your penis to naturally grow in size. Just by using your own two hands, you just have to perform some simple stretching and massaging exercises on your manhood to get it to naturally enlarge.

Penis exercising is actually a long-ignored male enhancement technique which was supposedly conceived by the Arabs in ancient times. The men back then relied on simply doing exercises in order to make themselves well-endowed down below.

And it worked!

And for a good reason too. In recent times, medical researchers who carried out extensive studies on the effects of exercising the male organ found enough proof to suggest that this age-old technique DOES work - and to great effect too.

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But how does the increase in your penis size actually happen?

Within your male organ lies a pair of spongy tissue-like channels where blood flows in and gets stored during sexual arousal. This holding of blood in the channels (otherwise called the Corpora Cavernosa) is what causes the erectile tissues of your male organ to expand and give your penis an erection.

By doing regular exercises to your penis, the Corpora Cavernosa gradually increases in size and capacity. This enables more blood to store in them and that, theoretically, makes your penis appear physically larger over time.

Of course, not just any exercise will do. There are specific exercising techniques which you should follow and practise in order to achieve the results you desire.

But worry not; although the exercise routines may be specialized, they are not at all difficult to do.

For instance, one stretching technique only needs you to hold your penis by its head using your fingers, and then pull it outwards as far as you can go comfortably. You do this several times each day, stretching your male organ in varying directions and holding the stretch for 15 seconds each time.

It is THAT easy! In fact, you only need to spare about 20 to 30 minutes in the morning every day to do all the necessary exercise routines. I bet you don't have any problem sacrificing that little amount of time - especially if it concerns your prized asset down there!

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In today's day and age, a lot of men have been looking into mechanical devices that could possible lengthen their manhood. Because of this, typical penis enlargement exercises using nothing but one's hands have fallen out of favor in many men's eyes. The truth is, though, that natural penis enlargement exercises are still the best options to turn to if you want to get positive results in this particular department.

What is Jelqing?

In the most basic sense, jelqing refers to a type of auto-physical therapy. See, instead of turning to invasive and unknown methods to improve the size of a man's penis overnight - something that is impossible to do, to be honest - penis enlargement exercises are promoted for men who want to get a bigger penis in a gradual, safe and natural process.

What is Milking?

Milking, on the other hand, refers to an exercise that isn't necessarily new. In fact, it has been around for centuries now and involves nothing but aggressively gripping one's penis and using pressure to rub it to get a better erection and a bigger penis with time. To be more specific, this exercise has actually been around since ancient Arabic times.

How Do These Exercises Work?

Jeliqing is one of the easiest penis enlargement exercises out there and can be done without any help whatsoever. All that you will have to do is repeatedly massage, rub and stroke your penis during the exercise in order to send significantly more blood into its shaft.

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Once you reach the optimal level of blood circulation in your penis, the arteries inside of it will react, adapting to the new pressure and eventually extending themselves. This will, in turn, make your penis bigger in the long run.

As long as you can successfully put enough pressure onto your penile vascular tissue through these penis enlargement exercises, you should be able to improve the length and girth of your penis in a natural way.

Milking, on the other hand, is done in a more specific manner to make sure that you achieve the final results that you want with as little risk as possible. To start this particular exercise, you will need to warm up your penis first. To do this, just wrap your manhood in a warm washcloth and get a semi-erection. It would be very important not to get a full erection while doing this, though, because you could unintentionally harm yourself if you do.

After that, apply some form of lubrication on your penis and then grip it with an OK sign done with your forefinger and thumb. Make sure your grip is firm and that you start by squeezing your penis at the base. After that, maintain the pressure in your hand and gradually move your grip up onto your glans while counting to 3. Then, use your other hand and do the same thing. Keep doing this until you have had enough. Once you are done, wrap your penis in a warm washcloth yet again.

Of course, there are also a lot of other devices out there that can help you enlarge your penis without using your hands. However, regardless of whether you decide to use these devices or stick with your bare hands, you will still be able to get the same results, so why not just choose the cheaper method, right?

Besides, you can ask any professional on this particular subject out there and they will all advise you to only use enlargement techniques after assessing all of the risks associated with them and comparing them to the gains that you could get out of the techniques. Penis enlargement exercises definitely come out the strongest when it comes to this.

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