Do you currently think 'I have an invention and what now' or 'I have made an invention what now'? Invent Help is happy to help you with answers. They are continually supporting inventors since 1984. Have you come up with an invention, but you don't know what to do next? Then make an appointment with their specialists. A qualified professional will tell you everything about what you need to know to make your idea a success. Share the details of your design. Then they will gladly guide you about your progression and available options. You’ll get satisfactory answers to your questions.

You have made an invention, but now what? You are naturally curious about how you can make your imagination a definite success. How do you market it? And how do you ensure the right financing? What about patent law? What to do now? InventHelp has an answer to all these questions. However, before they can help you with specific solutions, they expect the necessary input from you. After all the required information from you, they will investigate the potentials of your idea and will guide you in a better way. They expect that you have investigated whether your invention is indeed a new product.

Are you familiar with the commercial value of your product? Sure, the company will help you in building your first working prototype. Then; therefore, you can see the results if your invention idea into real existance. Do you want to know what you can do now to answer the above questions or have them answered? Seek their positive results-oriented guidance.

What questions should inventors ask themselves after shouting 'eureka'?

Does the idea already exist?

Has there been anyone else for you? Contact some experts in your domain to see if your idea is new. For technical purposes, you can look in the patent database. The search is not that easy, but you can follow training courses.

How can you protect the idea?

An idea in itself cannot be protected, but you can register it so that you have an official date. You can use it to prove that you were the first,

Do you market the idea yourself?

"Most people overestimate the value of a good idea. You don't get rich with it. If you have to make big investments to make a product that you can only sell with small margins, it might be better to sell your idea to an existing company." If you decide to sell, be surrounded. As a private person negotiating with a large corporation, I don't think it's a good idea. If you are looking for a partner to set up a company together, you can visit Invent Help, that guides young entrepreneurs.

How do you make a prototype?

You always make more impression with potential partners or investors when you can show something tangible. You can do that by making a prototype. That does not always have to be expensive. You can often go to vocational or university colleges. The alternative is again, InventHelp where you can make a prototype yourself with the available machines.

From invention to success in 5 steps

You have made an invention what now? InventHelp helps you with the following steps:
• conduct a consultation
• identify your situation
• listen to your wishes/needs
• provide concrete advice
• offer a report of our findings

Make an appointment with the InventHelp, specialists, right away.

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