You have been through a breakup just recently, but the feelings still are there. The feelings you have for your ex will not just fade away. It will take time, and may even cause your pain. For most, when there are still feelings you may hope for another chance together. Since it is impossible to read minds, it can be difficult to know if your ex has mutual feelings.

Does he Still Speak to you?
It is obvious that if you have an ex that still speaks to you, that they are still interested. They may not be as interested as you are, but they still have some type of feelings. There are no reasons for him to call you if he's over you.

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He Shares Memories
If your ex enjoys bringing up memories from the past, he is showing that he still cares. Of course this must mean that he brings up good memories; remembering memories that you once shared show that he still cares.

Ask Your Friends
Your friends could have a lot of information about you ex. He could have been talking to them about you, as well as asking questions. If he is talking to your friends, they can be quite helpful. Ask them if they have heard anything from your ex.

Physical Touching
Has your ex tried getting close to you? This includes any hugging, hand holding, or even kissing. Your ex is doing this because they find this an easy way to get close to you. Someone who is not attracted to you will not set the goal of touching you.

They Want to Take You Out
They may be finding any way to be around you and try to make plans with you. Whether this be just going for a walk, or out on a date. They also enjoy being somewhere that they know they will be likely to run into you.

Your Ex is Single
He has not shown any signs of being interested in a new woman. He also has not been dating anyone, because he is still stuck on you. If you see that your ex is not making an attempt to be with anyone, and you still want to be together, you should go for it.

Face to Face
After you have searched for feelings from your ex, and you still cannot figure it out, talk face to face. Instead of remaining confused about what your ex is feeling, you should approach him. Simply ask if they are still interested in you and want to be together again. Make sure you are completely comfortable first.

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If you are finding yourself tongue-tied and blank-minded when it comes to talking with your ex, don't despair - you're not alone. Many people find it awkward to strike up conversation with an ex lover, but there are many things you can talk about that will smooth over past bumpy roads.

Current Events
There is always something going on in the world. You don't have to turn on the news or read the breaking headlines of one of the hundreds of thousands of blogs to be bombarded with politics, breaking stories, events, and popular opinion. Plus, it shows you're paying attention to the world around you - and it's always good to show off a bit of worldliness!

New Music, Entertainment
Music, movies, books, plays, theater, ballet (yes, there are still ballets!) - there are so many performing artists and shows and creative works to be enjoyed and discussed, it's virtually an endless playground! Not only will you perhaps broaden your horizons and enjoy yourself, but you'll learn a lot about what your ex is into by finding out their favorite song or movie.

Plato? Socrates? Not necessarily (although they are still studied and discussed). How about Ayn Rand? Objectivism, ethics, knowledge, episiotomy - there are many different forms and schools of philosophy. You may have to read a book or two (which will be good for you anyway), but then you get your ask your ex about their stance on [insert favorite philosophical question here].

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Personal Development
You can always talk to your ex and fill them in about all that you've been doing with your life since you've broken up. And if you have absolutely nothing to report at all, then there is a good indicator that maybe you need to focus less on them, and more on you anyway!

Dreams are always interesting - to hear about and to convey. If you remember your dreams at all (even if your ex isn't in it), tell them about the dream, and ask their opinion about what they think it means. It's a fun exercise, and who knows, they may even have some insight for you that you'd never have thought about!

Your Friend's Accomplishments
You can always bring up a friend of yours, and strike up conversation under the muse that you are so proud of your friends accomplishment that you just have to tell everyone you know. It works well if you need a good "ice breaker", and takes the focus off of either of you, which helps limit any awkwardness that may arise if you're speaking to them for the first time since...

The Weather
The weather is an age old, tried and true topic for people of all ethnic origins, relationships, ages, political or religious affiliations. It's the "safe" topic that you can always talk to anyone about, as it's universal - we all feel the weather.

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When one reflects on the reason behind the break up, one sees how petty and insignificant it was. By then it's too late. And now you're wondering if your ex wants you back. Here are significant ways to read if your ex wants you back.

Recognize their intention

You need to be bright enough to recognize the intention behind your ex calling you, or meeting you, or sending you texts or mails. All this has a significant purpose which you need to read into, to know that your ex wants you back.

Your ex appears from nowhere

You might suddenly feel that you are being watched and also feel the presence of a person who is emotionally close to you. Turn around to where that strong feeling seems to come from and sure enough it's none other than your ex. This shows your ex wants you back.

Your ex tries ways of impressing you

If something happened to be the reason behind your split, your ex has realized their mistake. They try whatever is within their means, to rectify that shortcoming, and impress you with their new self. This is a clear indication of them wanting you back.

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Your ex calls to keep in touch

Without bothering you or making a nuisance of themselves, your ex will call to keep in touch. This will tell you that they want to leave open channels for you to get back with them. They will be cautious not to annoy you with their calls.

Your ex proves to be a different person

Perhaps your ex used to be jealous at the least thing when it came to you speaking or being around with the others. They know that it was not the right way to behave, yet they could not contain themselves. But now they try to prove they are different.

Your ex respects your space

Your ex tries to show you or tell you that they respect your space and realize that you need to be on your own as well. They want to make amends about this and promise that they will not claim your time and space as they had earlier.

Your ex reminds you of old times

It's very likely that your ex reminds you of old times, to indicate that they remember you with as much fondness and love now, as they had for you then. When they do as much as this, then you should be able to read that your ex wants you back.

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If your have been thinking about getting even with this guy who broke your heart it is a natural feeling and you can take your sweet revenge by playing these mind games to make him feel terrible that he gave you up.

You are single and you are happy
Deal with your pain on being dumped or the anger you may feel for your ex in private and try to get on with your life. Go out and have fun and let the guy who broke your heart see that you are happy and leading a great life and that you don't need anyone, least of all him, to make you happy.

Give him the shock therapy
Just channel all your anger and frustrations in a positive way and join a gym or get into exercising, you will not only feel good but end up looking great too. Your improved physical appearance will make him wonder about what is happening in your life; it will be a shock for him and he will be forced to think that you have moved on.

Let him see you enjoying with your friends
Go out with your friends and be seen in the places where you know he will be present and let him see you having a time of your life, if you have to pretend a little - do it. Keep your weekends busy socializing and let him be curious about this change in you.

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Get along with his friends
You must have mutual friends when you were together, hang out and enjoy being with them. They will surely talk about you in his presence and when he hears positive things about you he may regret his decision to leave you. What's more, he may get the impression that you are doing well and not getting depressed thinking about him.

Make him jealous
Hang out with one of your close male friends and flirt with him to make your ex jealous. Even if he is dating someone, he will not like to know that you are seeing someone; as that's the way most men think.

Ignore him
If your ex tries to make contact with you just ignore him. If he calls you, don't answer his phone and keep your distance if he wants to meet you. Let him realize that he is getting what he deserves and that you have no interest to renew the friendship with him.

Be genuinely happy
Get friendly with members of opposite sex and go out with someone who is much better than your ex. Let him see you enjoying yourself with your new friend, this is definitely going to make him feel worse that he left you.

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