I Haven't Heard From Him In 3 Weeks: Why Hasn't My Ex Tried To Contact Me

You are sure that you want your ex back and are ready to go all out to capture his interest again. Well - good for you! Here are some sizzling steps that will make him long to have you back. Follow them diligently and see how quickly he will try to get in touch with you.

Take steps to revive his interest in you
It is important that you look sensational. Not only will he be extremely curious and interested to know what is making you look so gorgeous but because of the past, he will find himself longing to get in touch with you again. Make sure that you come across as a person who is popular with her friends and also madly attractive and available.

Be subtle - don't try to blunder into his life again
If you go all out to show him that you aim to get him back, he might pull back and stay away from you. If you are subtle and make him wonder if you still have feelings for him then you can be sure that he will slowly but surely get interested enough to pursue you all over again. He will hate it if you rush and invade his space and try to bully him to come back to you.

Be casual and don't make him feel like you are out to get him back
Be casual and treat him like you would a good friend. By doing this you will automatically put him at ease with you. He should not have the slightest inkling that you are out to get him back. Concentrate on making him notice how good and sexy you look, what a fantastic companion and friend you can be and he will do everything to get in touch with you on a personal level.

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Show him that you have forgotten the bad times
Once you are sure that he has noticed you and you find him looking at you more than once, then you can go a bit further by smiling at him and showing him that you are not holding a grudge. If he is convinced that you have forgotten the bad times he might feel more confident to call you and contact you.

Be warm and friendly enough to put him at ease
The first and slightest sign that you have not forgiven him or are still hurting will make him disappear from your life again. That is why it is necessary to be warm and friendly so that he can learn to trust and relax with you. If you are careful not to be too available though, he will try to contact you.

Be positive about the future and look confident
Try not to look edgy and uptight. If you show him that you are tense and anxious he could put two and two together and know that you have plans, strategies etc that involve him and may back off. If he sees you as a person who is confident of herself and one who has made an effort to carry on with her life and be happy he is more likely to contact you.

Wear clothes that make him remember the passion
One way to make him contact you again is to make him miss the good times he had with you. Jog his memory by wearing the type of clothes he used to want you to wear. Make him subtly aware of your sex appeal and once he begins to get attracted to you again - he will contact you.

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This is really awful! No that your relationship has ended, the only thing that is on your mind is how to win your ex back. You love your ex so much and are missing him/her desperately, now you are told that you need time apart to have a chance to get back together again. This really bothers you - just how long should you be apart?

Well as you know, each and every one of us is different, with different needs. Now when it comes to a break up, you need to have a lot of patience. While you might be the type of person who gets through a traumatic situation with ease, your ex might be one of those who needs some time alone to think about the problems, and how to fix them.

So, to win your ex back you have to just wait it out and give yourself and your ex as much time as is necessary to both of you. It's no good being impatient and trying to rush things along, because this will make all your efforts up to that stage go back to square one.

No one can tell you how long this is going to take - it could be a few days, a week or two, or even a month or so, it's just a matter of playing the waiting game, and keeping yourself busy in the meantime. If you feel that you are ready to talk to your ex, then give your ex all the time he/she needs to get to the same emotional level as you.

Once you are thinking clearly, your hurt and anger a thing of the past, and you are both missing each other, then it is time to take action and try and win your ex back. Being your normal self again will give you a much better chance to succeed in your mission to get back together again.

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Get on with life - By this, I am not directing you to forget your ex; but rather I am telling you to get on with life. If you sit around and wait for your ex to take you back; he/she will not. But instead, if you were to start dating again, start going out, making friends etc... your ex will instantly be wanting you back, because you are appearing to be successful. As well, what will happen, is that your ex will feel ignored and will feel like you are moving on too quickly. This will bother your ex so much, that his/her curiosity will be sparked and they will start to follow you, try and talk to you, and eventually they will start completely seeking your attention.

Date a close friend of your ex's- When you do this, you instantly make your ex want you back badly; because they will not be able to stand the idea of you with someone else; as it will make your ex extremely jealous. This will make your ex go crazy, and it will have him/her chasing you just to stop it, and get you back together with them.

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Don't go bonkers
Don't let a break up crumble your entire existence. Going bonkers and losing your mind because of grief is not going to help you in any way to get your ex back. Instead try to get some bit of control and get help if you feel you aren't being able to cope.

Identify the causes behind your break up
Start thinking with a clear mind and identify the causes that led to your break up. When you are able to see why things happened you will be able to get all your answers and make the right amends.

Rediscover yourself
Don't let your life revolve around your break up. You need to earn the respect of your ex boyfriend and waiting around for him wasting your life is no way to go about it. Look at ways of rediscovering yourself. Take your interests and hobbies seriously and also focus on your looks. You do want him to get attracted to you once he sees you again.

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Get back into the social circuit
Sitting around at home pining away for your boyfriend again is going to do you no good. Instead just reconnect with friends old and new and get back into the social circuit after the self imposed exile. You are much likely to run into your ex here than when you are in your jammies at home with a bucket of ice cream.

Be cool with your ex
Remember that you cannot go fawning all over your ex boyfriend now that you are no longer together. Do that and he will have struck you off his list for good. Instead, you should look really great and be a little cool and casual towards him. Just acknowledge him and that's all that you need to do. Once you do this he will be the one making a move again at you.

Sort out past difference
After the occasional meeting meet with your ex and talk about all that happened. Tell him that you only want to sort out past differences so that you two can be friends again.

Spend some time together - non romantically
Now start spending quality time doing things you both enjoy. Let him enjoy your company and soon you will find that he is taking more than just a friendly interest in you.

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