Have you ever been in a place or time when you just could not concentrate? We have all experienced this at one time or another. Angel Jophiel, the angel of clear thinking, can help bring wisdom and understanding to you so that you can become creative in all areas of your life. When you ask for his guidance, he will give you the clarity to focus on the task at hand and help to remove all the insignificant clutter in your mind.

I know it is often easier said than done, but the important thing to know is that we all have angels - each will assist us if we just remember to call her or him by name. Jophiel is one of many angels, who brings us the comfort and peace of mind to see past the walls we have created for ourselves.

When you are being challenged by a number of obstacles and other events in your life, this is the best time to take a step back and ask Angel Jophiel to step in and clear the way. Sometimes the messages he sends you may be quite subtle and unnoticeable at first; but as time goes by, you begin seeing a clear pattern that promises the view and end goal you are seeking.

Got creativity?

If you wish to be more creative in your life to get real solutions and to achieve the goals you want, reach out to Angel Jophiel and ask him to give you a clear channel and pathway. Ask him to de-clutter your thoughts so that you can focus on those areas in your life where you might need the most help.

"What if Jophiel doesn't hear me," you ask? First and foremost, Angel Jophiel - just like all angels - hears your every thought, sees your every deed, and knows your heart's desires. That is the miracle of angels: they see, hear and know all - even among the millions of people everywhere on Earth. I want you to know that you can and will find peace of mind and clarity with Jophiel when you allow him into your life. The most amazing things are possible when you do.

Joan Marie

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Angel Jophiel: I just cannot think - what can I do?
By Joan Marie

Within each one of us is the potential to embrace good principles and enhance our well being. The inner core within each one of us is pure light. The brightness of our light depends on how often we nurture it and utilize its power.

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