I Just Realized I Have A Small Thin Penis: How To Get A Thick Penis Girth

No matter what everyone says, size indeed matters. You are generally respected more if you are taller and you actually look better if you are taller. When you order food, you often go for the large size. When it comes to the male organ size is indeed a very important factor even if others deem to tell you otherwise, we know the truth, size matters! Now the question is how can I get a longer penis? Here is the answer.

The two most common methods are

1. Do penis enlargement exercises and all the extra that goes along with it

2. Take supplements to make your penis larger

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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Do Penis Exercises

The most common exercises for penis enlargement are the Jelq and Kegels Exercises. These exercises works on the premise of increasing the blood flow to the penis and stretching it to allow for it to lengthen. If you wish to know that exact procedures, you can always search online for manuals or even videos on how to do it or visit sex shops to look for the same. The good thing about looking for it online though is anonymity, no one knows you've come looking for it.

Although you have to realize though that doing exercise alone or even with some augmentation to the process like stretching devices and the likes will take some time for the effect to be evident and you do have to do the exercises religiously for a prolonged period of time. If you skip exercises or do only a few of them a day, results might not be forthcoming as you wish. So you need to persevere and exercise not only your penis but your patience as well.

Take supplements

Being healthy in general allows you to be more vigorous in bed for one and it can help in your quest to lengthen your member. There are specific supplements that are packed with natural herbal concoctions that allow for you to have ample blood supplies that are needed for your quest and are especially formulated to help you achieve lengthening, just make sure that you get these supplements from reputable sources and that they are made only from natural ingredients.

Having a larger penis can do great wonders for your sex life and can indeed make a woman scream for more and more of you when you pleasure them greatly in bed. I have answered the question how can I get a bigger penis, now you have the chance to get yours answered too. Don't hesitate, grab it now.

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Before we get into the various enlargement methods, let us briefly discuss the topic of penis enlargement in general. You will see that there is a lot of material that supports penis enlargement and a lot of material that calls it a scam. The penis enlargement industry has been tarnished by a number of small companies that are trying to make quick cash with deceptive marketing campaigns. These few bad apples have led to widespread frustration among people trying for enlargement. However, there are still plenty of methods that are effective and being used by thousands of men successfully. The key for one is to to find a method that works and stay away from the scams.

Here is how you can go about doing that. First of all - which method would you want to choose. The following is a true reflection of what the various methods can do for you.

1. Penis pills - Most scams come in this segment. You have to realize that popping a pill will not make your penis bigger. It is just not possible, as simple as that. Pills at best will give you a firmer erection for a few minutes or a few hours, that is about it.

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2. Penis pumps - These expensive gadgets will also not result in permanent enlargement. They force more blood into the penis thus giving you a temporarily larger penis that will again fade in a few minutes or hours. Penis pumps are also potentially dangerous in the sense that they can result in burst capillaries!

3. Penis extenders - These gadgets are also really expensive and have had some moderate success in terms of enlargement. It is however not practical for a man to wear this bulky contraption for about 8 hours a day which is what you would need to do if you chose this method.

4. Penis lotions - They are completely useless. There is nothing more to say.

5. Penis Exercises - This is the only form of enlargement that has been clinically proven to produce consistent and permanent results. They are not popular because it will take about 4-8 weeks before you see the results. Though the time period can be frustrating, it is only a few minutes of exercises a day which should sound more encouraging to users.

Thus, from all the above methods, only penis exercises can fulfill your enlargement goals by giving you a permanently larger penis in a safe and natural way. The other methods will just cost you money and frustration.

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Most men would just smirk or laugh at the mention of penis exercises. A lot of them think it is a scam that marketers are trying to make money from. They are however quite wrong. Every part of your body gets regular exercise on a daily basis. You use your arms, legs, back, neck and so on in everyday activities. The penis is the only part of the body that is used only during sex and urination. Is it any wonder to you that 1 or 2 out of every 10 men suffer from erectile dysfunction. How do you think it is possible for a large portion of the adult male population to suffer from ED for no reason at all.

The reason why ailments like ED are present is because the penis is unfit and under exercised in most cases. The average person does not lead a very active sex life which otherwise means that the penis is not fully fit.

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Here is a simple test that you can do for yourself to see how fit your penis is. Now, you have to remember that we are not just taking about the external penis organ but also the muscles that connect to it. The muscle that controls erections and firmness in the penis is called the PC muscle. You can see how fit this muscle is with the following technique. Identify the PC muscle by trying to make your penis bounce when you are erect. The muscle that you use for this is the PC muscle. Now, try to contract this muscle and hold it in that state for as long as you can. You should also breathe normally when you do this. it might take a couple of tries to get this right but time yourself once you get a hold of the exercise.

How did you fare? If you were able to contract it just for about 10 or 15 seconds, your PC muscle is very weak and needs a lot of improvement. If you were able to contract it and hold it for about 30-40 seconds, you are about average. Anything longer than a minute means that you are in excellent shape down there. Most people fall in the 30-40 second range.

Thus, exercises are not techniques just to enlarge your penis. They also promote good penis health, better erections, better ejaculation control in addition to increasing the size of your penis over a period of about 6-8 weeks. It is best that you follow a good set of exercises to achieve both size and performance results.

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Most guys are still unaware of the huge potential their male organs hold to grow bigger in size. So if you are troubled by how small you look down there, take heart - you can easily stimulate your manhood into becoming bigger. How? By exercising your penis!

Besides exercising, there are of course several other products in the market that can help you gain some size to your manhood. These products though can cost a real lot of money, compared to doing exercises.

Because all you need in order to properly do the exercises are, firstly the knowledge of how to carry out the various routines, a bit of time in hand each morning, and just your hands as the exercising tool!

There is not just one exercise routine which you need to do in order to achieve the best results possible. However, that being said, it does not take up a lot of time to do all of them - just 20 to 30 minutes a day is all you need.

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In fact, the routines themselves are very easy to do. Most, if not all, are just specific stretching techniques which are not at all complicated. Take for instance one of the stretching routines below:

1. Make sure your penis is flaccid before and while doing this exercise

2. Hold your penis by its head and start pulling it outwards in a straight direction

3. Maintain the stretch for 15 seconds before letting go

4. Now do the same 4 more times, only stretching your penis in different directions (either upwards, downwards, left, or right)

Sounds ridiculously simple right? But that is just it - that is just how easy the exercises are.

As easy as these exercises may seem to you, they do an excellent job internally to affect the size of your manhood. And within a few weeks from starting to exercise your penis, you will not be feeling too small down there, ever again!

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