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The Wits End Letter: where all growth begins!
Personal growth letter for Americans!

As a Passionate U.S.A. Professional: Please read my sincere letter and help US to “Together” achieve greater ideals, goals & achievement as one.
What we have learned about WEB TV and Traditional Television Programming:
Internet tech talent when mixed correctly with traditional television talent seems to create magic, read this with designing, engineer and executing your ultimate dream job in mind, as if nothing could stop you and you were free to totally pursue and achieve what you were born to do.
What would you do if nothing stood in your way? What would that look like? What would that attitude achieve? What would you ultimately accomplish at your highest level and why? You must know what you were born to do! Then: Do ONLY that! Delegate your weaknesses to other team members that possess the strengths that you do not.
Read this to get perspective: this is new to many and difficult even for “A” Player quality talent to do on their own. (More on that in a moment)
Imagine yourself doing what you absolutely love to do in business! What you would absolutely love to do IF your current job wasn’t holding you back! This letter seeks to find passionate enthusiast of Web Technology and leading edge space command abilities, a talent call… There are facets to business and specifically talented people needed to fill them at this time (Think D.I.S.C.)
3 year plan is to go IPO at 300M; Current CEO: Ron Laker sold last company for 700M Ref, Book “Good to Great” TMR Metals.
America needs to reverse the tides of outsourcing by taking our 26.9 million businesses and projecting their message, products and services to a global audience in order to sell to the world and bring those dollars back home, this will create jobs in sales, manufacturing and innovation once more.
We have started creating Web programming that showcases experts and presents their message to a global audience in 720p in HD on all devices. (That’s a big deal)
We have been steadily building our team and making great strides for 9 months, however this model demands that we continuously be on the lookout for more and richer talent to continue making forward momentum as we take more control in the new space.
Please review a few of the links below to gain some initial perspective on what we are trying to achieve.
Internet enabled TV reaches a Global audience:

Domains we have targeted as potential channels’ for development as the space matures: Each domain is a Silo, can you envision?
Examples of early operators in the space of Web TV Channel Organization:

Ron (Above) Created and ran TMR metals, he was the corner office and oversaw 700 employees; Ron is an emotionally intelligent cultural leader on a mission to deliver sound advice in challenging times.
Your new CEO: Ron Laker:!/profile.php?id=1501403153
Ron is a 25 year board member of the Tampa Bay Fortune 500 CEO’s council, he may be reached directly at or by phone 1-813-230-8676 (At this time)
We are a committed group of industry “A’ players from across the tech spectrum who are moving forward together to overcome the early adoption obstacles of emerging web tv technologies.
If you are currently happy with your job, then please stay and do it well, kindly pass this letter on to someone who comes to mind. We will not waste your time or ours, do not send this letter to non-performers. (Please) Superstars only: aka Chet Holmes)
T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More is our motto. Action oriented dreamers wanted! If you have a sense of urgency towards accomplishing your dreams, then give this letter some thought.
P.S. I’ve been turned down, ignored and blown off by hundreds of people along the way, but I eventually always find that 1 in 100 who wants to join the 2% Club. Rejection is the taskmaster of perfection, take all criticism constructively towards positive results based goals attainment regardless of obstacles, this is the path to success. Tony say’s live with passion, I say, Live your passion.
Next Century Studios is seeking strategic alliance partners who are willing to work virtually as a team, (tech team and division head positions forming now in all 50 states) No travel required! Tampa based Corporation, internet connected virtual workforce. Think global message reach & penetration in 30 minutes or less in HD!
Few things I like you to know:
Latest business fundamentals for 2011:
Example of production quality:
Always default to a positive mindset and focus on the solution:
We are collaborating with friends here: We are organizing talent and getting commitment from industry experts like you now. We are a full turnkey cradle to grave technology solution for web video, education, production, marketing and syndication, delivered by Industry experts with passion.
Dan Auito COO Next Century Studios 2800 Gandy Blvd N St. Petersburg FL. 33702 www.NCS.TV 1-352-560-7860
Send me your thoughts, ideas, suggestion and list of talents, resumes optional! 
Join or die, China and India are on the rise.

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