I like books to read and to have on my shelf. Well, I live outdoors most of the time so I have very limited shelving. Actually, most of my books are in boxes and, hopefully, stored in a dry place. When my home became a cabin in a state park a few years ago I no longer had a place to fill with accumulations we all so love to gather. It became obvious that I needed to unload a lot of stuff.

Furniture, pictures, clothing, tools and all the little things that seemed so important had to go. Most of it was gifted to friends and others who might need those things. A bed went to a girlfriend along with dresser, tables, chairs and nicnacs. Another bed went to my boss along with a band saw, table saw, several tables and some pictures. The X-wife wasn't left out. I tried to give her back a lot of things but she wouldn't take much. Some clothing went to my now grown up kids but most of it wound up at Good Will. I didn't sell anything. Just gave it all away.

After getting rid of all of those things, one might think there would not be much left. There is plenty left! Some things just seem too important to let go. Those things aren't of much use living outdoors or in a cabin either. Sentimental value I suppose!

When it came to books this act of unloading the burden of things became a little more serious. How could I possibly do without my books? Many had been with me for much of my life. Others are classics! At least to me. Many are about history or other things I research when writing. Now I am reading that books are out and technology is in. I love my books!

I wrote a book! It is called White Mocs on the Red Road / Walking Spirit in a Native Way. I have been attempting to market it as a book for the past nine months since it came out. No big money backers so it is a grass roots effort at best. I do sell a lot of them here and there when I am doing presentations. You generally don't get rich writing books unless you are wealthy and well known to start with.

I always carry some of my books with me to sign and either sell or gift as I travel and work. The book is published and for sale on the internet through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu and other on line booksale retailers.

The other day I talked to my publisher. "You need to focus your sales on electronic books!" She said. "People today are reading on iPods, Kindle Fire and Droid Tablets. If you want people to have your book you have to let them know they can download the book electronically."

Then she hit me really hard when she told me, "You must be one of the last people in the world that still reads a book in print!" That hit me right between my reading glasses. I know many of you still like the feel of a real book!

Ok! I will listen to what you are saying! You can buy my book Through any retailer on Ebook, Ibook, Nook Book, Kindle Fire and others for about two to three dollars. It is a book you will enjoy and treasure on your electronic gizmo for many years to come.

It is a great book to own!

Author's Bio: 

Author, Story Teller, Native Cultural Consultant
James B. Beard aka Noodin
Grand Monadnock, Jaffrey, New Hampshire

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White Mocs on the Red Road ~ Walking Spirit in a Native Way