Are you looking for some services and can’t find the right service provider or are you looking for convenience when you need to get your service done? Well, you won’t have to worry anymore since there is an amazing mobile application that’s about to hit the app stores which will revolutionize the way you find service provider. Yes, that’s right!
All you need to do is to download the app and you will be ready to go.

Wondering what app this is? It’s called i’llTip .
Thinking about what the i’llTip app is and how it will benefit you?

i’llTip is an amazing mobile based application platform which allows you to conveniently request for a service and connect with people who are providing the services you are in need of.

It’s easy! since the i’llTip apps integrates social media with services, hence it has a combination of all the unique platforms and features which allows its users to connect as both as service provider and someone in need of service either looking for someone to get their service done or want to provide a service.
Great isn’t it?

It’s a great application which allows its users who are in need of a service to get the job done by connecting them to capable hands. The service providers provide the service for a fee. Users will also be able to access volunteers who are offering their services to other users on volunteer bases.
User will be able to promote their talent, skills and work experience to a global audience for free, drawing more customers to them, expanding their market share.
The i’llTip app is a revolutionary application with a greater benefits that includes connecting people to fulfill a need, at the same time users can make new valuable friends, you can search and be a volunteer with your services and a great opportunity to market your skills to make some money.
What else do you need… right?

The i’llTipapp provide a multidimensional service with a social media feel. Be rest assured that with i’llTiip, users are professionals from different communities that will surely get the job done for you.
With the potential of having the largestpool for service providers, i’llTip apps lets you choose from a wider range of workers and you can choose as per requirements. The social media feels enables you to connect for a long lasting business and personal relationship.

What else? It’s completely free for you to download and create your profile. You won’t be charged any sign up fees and there are no hidden charges. All an i’llTip users just need to do is to sign up and setup his or her profile with needed information such pictures, videos, content, skills, talent or experience and you get your free global promotion and canstart to receive services request.

The i’llTipapp gives peoplethe opportunity to build their dream fulfill their purpose, fulfill a need, and connect with others on a higher dimension creating a better financial situation for people. It’s a great opportunity for small business owner’s and people around the world to share their service profile with others to let them know that they can find the right choice here.

The payments method can be from cash to online payments.The aim of this revolutionary application is to provide convenience and make life easy in the way we connect, bridging the gap between the service providers and service seekers. It acts as a middleman for the two to connect and get the job done. The app will make your life easier since you won'thave to spend long hours thinking and looking for someone to provide the service you need.

With an opportunity for small business owners, workers and individuals from all works of life topromote their skills and services, meet andconnect, the i’llTip app will be an amazing addition for you to have a hectic free life.

i’llTip is revolutionary innovation projected to be a big success connecting millions and billions of people. The i’llTip app integrates social media with services, combining the feel of a social network with freelance and services. The app is projected to provide mass employment using the interdependence of the nature of humans to connect and provide help and services to one another in exchange for money or other tangible things that brings value to the life of people. Some of the features that comes with the i’llTip app include video call, chat, voice call, volunteer services, a profile page for users to post and promote their skills or service, a search and explore page to help market your skills and boost your i’llTip success on the network with added exposure and the chance to reach new users who may not have otherwise seen your content.
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