So you’ve purchased the “How to Communicate with Your Angels e-book” and are ready to practice the techniques. You’re so excited to try everything and begin talking with your angels and having their support in your life. But what if you start trying to connect and you feel like “you’re not getting anything?”

If you’ve ever felt like that – don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s normal and you can get through it. I know from experience, without a doubt, that everyone can have a clear, direct communication with their angels.

So, if you’re having trouble, here are some tips that will help you to turn it around, and embrace the angelic communication that has been with you all of your life!

1. It’s not them, it’s you.

One of Richard’s favorite points to share when he lectures is, “You don’t have trouble with your angels; they have trouble with you.” Sorry, but it’s true! Your angels have been with you all of your life. As a child, you may have had imaginary playmates. You talked to them, and they talked back. Communication with your angels is as natural as waking up in the morning.

However, life on Planet Earth is very intellectual and as you get older you could lose the natural ability to talk to your angels. Actually, you don’t lose it, you just cloud the communication with your intellectual habits like self-doubt, stress, worry and pressure. If you can learn to relax, you will be tuned back in to the high vibration level of your angels. They are always right there with you. All you need to do is re-learn what comes naturally.

2. Trust your first impression.

One of the most helpful techniques I use on a daily basis to connect with my angels is to get a keyword each day. I have been keeping a journal to do this for over 20 years now. When I first began getting keywords from my guidance, I didn’t trust it. I would say, “Guidance, what is my keyword for the day?” The word that came into my mind was “tree”. “That’s strange, I thought, that can’t be what my angels would give me… oh I wish I could relax! OK try again, angels what is my keyword for the day?” “Tree,” came the thought in my mind.

“Ugh, I can’t get the word!” I thought. “I just keep thinking silly things.”

But guess what? My angels had already told me the word. It was TREE. Even though I thought I wasn’t getting anything from my angels – I was. I didn’t trust the message because I didn’t think my angels would give me a word like tree. It didn’t seem spiritual enough.

Are you talking yourself out of your impressions and messages from your guidance? In our Angel Encounter Workshop, I often watch people take a very long time to get an impression. Usually they have already received the impression, they just don’t trust it enough to write it down. Write down the impressions you get, no matter how strange they seem.

3. Your intuition can be faster than your brain.

When your angels communicate to you intuitively, it can move at the speed of light! Sometimes, when you’re just asking for one word, you could get several words, ideas and impressions coming through. Just opening to the communication with your spiritual helpers can open up the floodgates and because you’re tuned in, you start receiving a lot.

To some people, this can seem overwhelming, and they get a little scared and shut themselves off from receiving the communication. Then they wonder why they’re not getting anything. Remember that old spiritual truth – Ask and you shall receive. If you get overwhelmed and ask for the communication to slow down or stop, you will get exactly what you asked for.

Instead, take a different approach. If your feeling/psychic nature is picking up more than your brain can handle, just pull out one impression and write it down and meditate on it. Then see what else you are picking up. Don’t worry about remembering it all, or interpreting it, just stay relaxed and allow that energy to flow through you as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

If you ever feel uncomfortable, spiritually cleanse, and ask your angels to come close to you physically. You’ll probably feel chills or tingling to reassure you that everything is all right. If you feel tense or fearful, your angels will stop communicating with you for a while, because they don’t want to give you more than you can handle. Stay relaxed and open and it will all be there for you when you need it.

4. A blank mind.

So you’re trying to communicate with your angels and no matter how hard you try, you’re just not getting anything other than a blank mind. Well, for most of you, this is actually a case of referring to #2. Because you probably did get something, you just don’t believe that it was real!

However if you really, really think you’re not getting ANYTHING, try this. Pay attention to what you start thinking about. Because unless you’re highly trained in transcendental meditation and have the ability to truly think about nothing, your thoughts probably start to wander toward something while you’re trying to get a message from your angels.

Guess what. Whatever it is that you start thinking about, is probably the message from your angels! We tend to think that when our angels communicate with us, it will be this amazing, holy, profound experience. In fact, it’s as simple as your own thoughts. Your angels are sharing hundreds of hunches and impressions a day with you, and most of the time you just think it’s your crazy imagination. Well, imagination isn’t crazy – it’s your psychic sensitivity picking up dreams, ideas and plans from your angels. The communication of your angels can be so “mundane” and “everyday” you didn’t even realize it was happening.

The other reason for a blank mind is simply that you are putting way too much pressure on yourself. Cleanse, and relax, or come back to it another time. You can also ask your angels for a sign within a particular time frame that will give you your answer.

5. Make it up.

OK, if after all these tips you STILL think you’re not getting anything – just make it up. I discovered the truth of this a couple of years ago in one of our Angel Encounter Workshops. A woman was having a lot of trouble getting a keyword, even after I had been trying to help her through the process. She was putting more and more pressure on herself, and getting very frustrated. So I said:

“OK. If you were to make up your own keyword for the day, what word would you choose?” She said, “Power.”

“OK great,” I said. “Now, using your direct communication technique* I want to you to ask your angels if the word Power came from them.”

She got a yes.

Her angels had actually given her the keyword of Power.

What actually happened, was that when I asked her just to make up a word, she took the pressure off herself. She relaxed enough to receive the word impression that had been right there.

As a child, if you felt or perceived anything you were told, “It’s just your imagination.” So you start to believe that anything you make up or imagine is not valid. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re really struggling to get a message from your angels, just make one up! And the good news is, even if you think you are, you’re not really making it up! Imagine, dream and have fun with it!

*This is a confidential technique for asking questions & receiving immediate answers that can only be learned in the Angel Encounter Workshop or Angels Direct Connect session.

Now, we’d love to hear from you. What are your tips for people who might struggle to receive any message from their angels? What has helped you in the process?

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