The health and fitness industry is always coming up with newfangled ways to tweak your diet in order to lose weight. While some of these fads may seem farfetched there are actually nuggets of truth hidden inside them. If I need to lose weight I simply do the research on some of the dietary world’s biggest claims and then discover the truth for myself. On the subject of chewing gums and microwaves, you may be surprised to discover the truth.

“Don’t Stand in Front of the Microwave!” Why Your Grandpa may have known a thing or two about a Diet Plan to Lose Weight

The old myth reads that you shouldn’t stand in front of the microwave, since you may be susceptible to harmful radioactive waves. And while you can rest easy about sipping your morning cup of Joe, in front of the old General Electric Space-saver 1600, you may want to think twice before you make your next meal in there. With so much emphasis on fast food, and getting things done faster the microwave may be one of those factors that are keeping you from your weight loss goals. Why?

When you microwave a meal you are molecularly changing the structure of your food. This means that it can be cooked to the level of unrecognizable proportions, seeping out the nutrients from the food you are making and rendering the food pointless and of no use to the body. Greatly reducing the amount that you use your microwave could have a positive effect on your body, your weight loss efforts, and your ability to digest and absorb essential vitamins and nutrients from your food.

Since the microwave is so commonplace it has been flying under the radar in many food administration studies you won’t often hear many dieticians or nutritionists tell you to skip the nuking. Keep in mind, too, that the microwaveable food industry cannot function if their products are openly classified as bad for you. So do yourself a favor and skip the microwave, unless you simply need to boil a cup of water for your tea in a hurry.

Chewing Gum Conundrum: The Truth about Why Gum May Be Making a Dent in Your Healthy Eating Plan

Sugar-free gum is calorie-free and tastes delicious- however the amount of chemicals it takes to create a piece of chewing gum is downright scary and shouldn’t be a part of any diet plan to lose weight. Aside from the deadly chemicals like aspartame, that run rampant in all packs of sugarless gums, it can also lead to large amounts of trapped gas in the body. This trapped gas can then cause bloating and gastrointestinal discomfort. Not to mention, if you chew too many pieces at a time it can have a laxative effect on your system, and strip your body of any nutrients it was in the process of absorbing.

Estimated as a $19 billion dollar industry, chewing gum is one of the staples of the American diet- and yet people don’t think of it as something that can negatively affect them. Want to freshen your breath without ingesting poison as well as harmful gas? Try chewing on a mint sprig or simply toting a toothbrush and natural paste with you wherever you go. A simple tooth brush will not only keep your breath fresh, it can also keep gum disease at bay, curb cravings, and leave you feeling refreshed.

So, to stay on the safe side and help shed those stubborn pounds faster, you should refrain from using the microwave and stop chewing gum. These two crutches—one for making your meals quicker, and the other for freshening breath—can actually deter your weight loss efforts.

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