Losing weight is more than just watching numbers plummet on a scale. For those who find themselves thinking, I need to lose weight and fast often, there can be many hidden dangers in doing almost anything to get the body you want. From subscribing to diets that basically starve your body into submission to trying diets that are purely liquid or deemed detoxifying, you need to be careful about how you approach your weight loss strategy. Any diet that controls your amount of calories to the point of fatigue, hunger, and lethargy is not empowering your body but instead tearing it down.

Juice Diets: Why They Won’t Offer the Best Diet Results You are Looking For

A juice diet is what I like to call “controlled starving”. Companies create a brew of water, some trace vitamins and some trace fruit and they call it a juice diet. If anyone cuts out all substantial calorie intake and basically “waters it down” to simply a liquid you will lose weight. This is the type of diet that cannot be sustained and can actually add to unwanted weight gain as soon as the last drop has been drunk.

Not only are juice diets vapors in the reality of your struggle with weight loss and can easily perpetuate frustration, it can also be dangerous. Some of these juices are packed with chemicals and additives that are basically posing to your system. And even if you are on an all-natural juice diet, many of those contain high amounts of fructose, sugar or high fructose corn syrup, which can lead to an increase amount of fat stores while your body had to utilize muscle mass to create energy. Your body is basically eating itself in order to for you to see any numbers drop on the scale. This is a dangerous way to lose weight, and also one that will not yield long-term results.

What is a Detox and Why Is It Not Recommended for the Diet Solution?

Detox diets come in many different shapes and sizes. The reason the a detox is not a part of the Diet Solution, nor is it necessary to jumpstart weight loss before you begin you new way of eating is because the Diet Solution is a detoxifying diet in and of itself. Cleansing your system of impurities, toxins and chemicals is not just something you should do every few months or once a year, it is something that you should be doing every day.

The foods that you feed your body should be high in minerals, naturally occurring fats, and high in quality-dense calories. This process of eating clean will naturally flush your system out and allow you to see significant weight loss. Drinking half of your body weight in water a day as well as staying away from commercially distributed and pre packaged foods are in a sense a “detox”, and will actually give you the same results- more energy and weight loss, but for a sustainable period of time. If you are looking for a long lasting weight loss solution then you should turn your focus to eating foods that the liver can easily process to naturally detoxify your system. This intake of organic fruits and veggies, lean cuts of free range poultry and grass fed beef on daily basis will ensure that your metabolism slow and your weight loss remains steady and consistent.

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