You are not alone if busyness has kept you form your weight loss goals, but for anyone who has ever said I need to lose weight, and then has found that goal lost in the piles of to-do lists and deadlines, the Diet Solution was made for you. The truths about any diet or exercise regime are that it will need to take priority in some capacity over your demanding schedule. If this means that you skip happy hour and instead blend up an antioxidant rich smoothie or you change pancake Fridays into whole organic egg omelet day- these little changes will need to be made in anyone’s lifestyle for weight loss results.

A Diet Plan for Weight Loss Begins with having a Set Plan

Even the best of intentions fail when you find yourself running around trying to get all of your duties done, without planning ahead for meals. Even if you forget a snack and defend yourself starving in the car, it is easier to grab a candy bar or sugar-laden granola bar at the gas station. But if you plan for moments like these, you can have some fresh fruit in your bag or a handful of raw nuts. The truth is, that if you have time to stop at a gas station, you probably have time to stop at a local grocery store and peruse the salad bar or pick up a chicken breast at the deli.

It is the habits that we make for ourselves before we decide that we need to lose weight that can be the hardest to break when you become truly committed to changing your lifestyle to make health a priority. But if you just take small steps towards that change, your schedule will make room and your body will have more energy to get to everything you need to do without packing on the pounds from eating foods that are high in sugar and fat.

Know Before You Go: Simple Tricks for a Healthy Eating Plan on the Go

Preparation is key in losing weight. This can be something as simple as having a bottle of water on hand anytime you feel thirsty to a more extravagant plan of carrying a cooler packed with wholesome goodies. The key is to know what foods you are looking for when hunger strikes or what foods you should have on hand in the preemptive time before your next meal.

Here are a few things to consider:

- Always have a source of protein in your meal or snack. Having lean meats such as bison, buffalo, free range poultry, grass fed beef, and wild salmon in conjunction with an organic apple or leafy greens will not only satiate your hunger but it will also give your metabolism the proper combination of calories it needs to keep burning at a high functionality, and will keep your blood sugar stabilized until your next snack or meal.

-Skip packaged foods. Even something that can sound healthy--like a granola bar or whole grain snack--can be packed with added sugar and chemicals. Unless you are a professional at understanding what the chemical jargon is on the back of packaged foods, the trick is to stick to items that have 3 or 4 ingredients or less. This trick will help you keep your unnecessary sugar and additive intake at a low and will enable you to lose weight fast.

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