Do you believe you know everything about I pad repairing? There are some common myths about I pad repairing. This article is for you to bust those myths.

Myth 1: 

Rice is for dinner, not repairing. Rice can drain the water damage in I pad:

 There are multiple blogs about how uncooked rice can drain the water off I Pad and make it work just like before the water damage. Partially, it can give some effects to some of you. But it can't be possibly true. The starch of the rice can cause an adverse effect in an I pad. The common belief is the rice will absorb all the moisture stuck in the internal parts of the phone. It is better to ask for professional I pad repairing centre's help in Adelaide rather than just believing in such a myth.


A screen damaged I pad does not affect the LCD screen:

The LCD screen of I pad is sensitive. Once the screen of the phone gets damaged, it can damage the LCD screen too. A common notion is that minor screen damage can only affect the aesthetic of the screen. But that’s not the case. It also affects the screen internally. 

Myth 3:

I Pad repairing is highly time-consuming: 

It is also a belief in general people that I pad repairing centres is highly time-consuming. They take at least two to three days for screen replacement or fixing the internal damage. It is not always right. Some reputed I pad repairing services ion Mawsin Lakes takes maximum 30 minutes for fixing the I pad screen. 

Myth 4:

Repairing centres are not cost-effective:

According to the common notion repairing centres are of high value. As they provide you with the replacement of the original part, they are overpriced. Well, it is a complete myth. There is plenty of cost-effective options for I pad repairing.

Myth 5:

Once broke I pad cannot be fixed twice:

Some of you believed that if you have already repaired I pad once; it cannot be fixed for the second time. You choose to buy a new one. Well, there are different problems and those trouble fixings are different. You can try going for I pad repairing again and time. Do not consider buying a new one instead of repairing. Even if you buy another, you should always keep this one as back up.

Myth 6:

I pad repairing kits are available online:

Yes, you can watch videos and read blogs about I pad repairing. Those blogs and videos support that the repairing kits for screen replacements and other parts are available in the online market. But mostly, those kits are not original. You can buy them and fix the screen on your own, but those are easy fixes but not at all long-lasting. 

Myth 7:

I pad batteries are irreplaceable:

You think that I pad batteries cannot be changed if the currently used battery is damaged already. But you can fix the problem with professional help. They can replace the Ipad old battery with the new original battery. 

Note: I pad battery is replaceable only if it is not covered.

Author's Bio: 

The author is running a business in I pad repairs in Adelaide. The author bust some general myth about I pad repairing.