“What I notice is that children who come to me from other practices where they've been fully vaccinated often are--well they are the kids in my practice with asthma, panic disorder, OCD, pandas, autism, Asperger's. My kids who've never been vaccinated in my practice, I don't see those issues. I don't have one child who was not vaccinated who also has asthma, food allergies, or Asperger's or autism, or Crohn's or ulcerative colitis-none of these chronic, either chronic inflammatory or chronic autoimmune diseases.

I don't understand how people can say that's not true or it's coincidental when there are so many parents with the same story. And these are not parents who are anti-vaccine. These are parents who didn't even question the schedule or anything. They just let the doctors give the kids the vaccines on schedule.

A lot of physicians are really, really in the dark about policy, how vaccines are made, how the advisory committees work, the actually history on how small pox was eradicated, the actually history on the first several attempts on the polio vaccine.”

“The first time I learned about the thimerosal issue was through a veterinarian who told me that in 1983 the FDA removed thimerosal from vet vaccines because the animals acted like they had mad cow disease (after vaccination) They acted very bizarre neurologically. It was so profound that the vets at the FDA petitioned and got the thimerosal removed from the veterinary vaccinations. That was quite remarkable. So I decided I didn’t want to vaccinate kids anymore.

“I ran a paediatric ER clinic and didn’t even know about the vaccine compensation program (VAERS)”

From the docu-series ‘The Truth About Vaccines’...“When you eat aluminum or you eat other toxins you're open from your mouth. The digestive system is an open system. It's not there. It should be an intact barrier, protecting whatever we eat to go directly into the bloodstream. So theoretically you're not absorbing much aluminum when you eat it. You excrete it in your stool. It's still not good and I don't recommend it but ingesting is very different than injecting. Where you also have things like polysorbate 80, things that actually open your blood brain barrier, they open all these tight junctions and you're getting them directly into your bloodstream especially when you're injecting”

They looked at mercury and thimersol in vaccinations and they looked at the association between thimerosal and how early infants are exposed to it. What they found, in which they said they can't make this go away, that was literally written some of the FOIA documents was that the earlier the exposure the greater the risk for autism so what happens. Well, at the same meeting we see a recommendation to start pushing the flu shot on pregnant women. And the flu shot has mercury in it.

I'm sitting next to a legal expert when I'm hearing this because I got this information at a conference and it was it was (Dr) Brian Hooker who was presenting his FOIA documents. He was explaining this data and we saw the data from the documents and I'm sitting next to Mary Holland. Mary looks at me she goes ‘Wait a minute... the earlier the exposure to thimerosal the greater the risk for autism, so why would they turn around and recommend to give the flu shot with thimerosal in it to pregnant women?

We're having polio outbreaks and The Gates Foundation came to Pradesh in India in 2010 or 2011 and because there was on average 9 or 10 cases of wild polio every year out of millions of people. Then they had this polio campaign with the OPD and within 2 years were 475000 cases of flaccid paralysis or polio. They’re not calling it polio. They changed what they're calling it but it's basically what you would call polio. These kids are paralyzed or they died from paralysis. Bill Gates said in the Huffington post's article how ‘Oh my god we've eradicated wild polio in India and the Hutu Pradesh’ but he said wild he couldn't say polio because the vaccine strain is causing outbreaks. You can't use live viruses in a vaccine in areas where there is no sewage and no clean water”

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