I Resent My Husband Because Of His Family: Things Toxic In-Laws Do That Damage Your Marriage

Are you looking for Christian relationship help regarding your in-laws? This article will identify six things toxic in-laws do and why each of them is undermining to the union God wants you to have in your marriage relationship. God intended you to leave your families and be united to each other (Genesis 2:24). These are the six things that toxic in-laws do that are destructive to your marriage:

1. Use money or offers of assistance to control or bribe you. When "help" has strings attached, it isn't honest. God wants our motives to be clear. When help is offered it should be offered honestly rather than with hidden motives. You and your spouse need to make decisions independently of the pressure from parents. This will especially cause problems when you can see the ulterior motive and your spouse doesn't.

2. Get in between you and your spouse by making your spouse choose you or them. This is an especially damaging maneuver because your spouse will be conflicted over who to choose and is in a no-win dilemma. If losing the favor of the parents is uncomfortable and unfamiliar, it will be hard for your spouse to put you first. Your spouse will put pressure on you to understand the lack of loyalty to you and will make excuses for choosing the parents. You will feel betrayed by your spouse and angry that you and your feelings aren't important.

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3. Criticize you in front of your spouse or behind your back. Of course you want your in-laws to like you. Rejection and disapproval aren't ever comfortable, but it has an extra "sting" when it is your in-laws, because you want your spouse to defend you and when it doesn't happen, it makes you even more angry and reactive to the criticism. And if your spouse excuses the parents' dislike of you by offering excuses for them or blaming your behavior as the cause, you will be even more upset.

4. Are overly demanding of your time and/or your spouse's time. It is important to spend time with your in- laws, but when it encroaches on your time with your spouse by becoming excessive or demanding, it will cause stress within the marriage. The marriage relationship needs to be prioritized and protected by appropriate boundaries on your time and space.

5. Give too much advice and get mad when you don't listen to it. Part of being a "couple" is having the freedom to live your lives like you believe you should. Separating from your parents requires you to decide which things you want to do the same as them and which you want to do differently. There is a time to learn from the wisdom of those that have experienced more of life than you, but if advice is given too often and with the expectation that you have to do what is suggested, it becomes unhealthy.

6. Ignore you and not include you. It is painful to have your in-laws not like you or treat you respectfully, but it is even more painful if they ignore you or refuse to include you in invitations to family events. This puts your spouse in the awkward position of having to draw a line that demands you are included. If your in-laws give in, then it puts you in the position of going when you aren't really wanted.

This Christian relationship help identifies six things toxic in-laws do and why each of them is undermining to the union God wants you to have in your marriage. The difficulty lies in figuring out how to react to these things without doing further damage to your marriage.

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With spring in the air, flowers are beginning to blossom. Flowers remind us of weddings.
Weddings become a challenge for a successful marriage. We can use floral arrays to remind us of the characteristics of a marriage that will last into eternity or one that will last until the death of a spouse.

It has been said that marriages are made in heaven, but they must be worked out on earth. A successful marriage is one that is permanent, one that is based upon love and unity. Success can be found by following principles of the Bible. A Christian marriage is one between a man and woman. Married couples are not perfect, however, role models can be found among friends, relatives and church groups.

A white rose reminds couples of the purity of unconditional love. Strive to make your spouse your best friend; one to whom you can tell anything. Never keep secrets that may affect the relationship. When thorns begin to grow among your rose of love, recall what brought you together in the beginning of your relationship. Remember the things that made you cherish your partner. Talk about those things that made you value each other. Water your rose of love with tender actions and words of kindness; say, "I love you" and mean it. Remember love covers a multitude of mistakes. Watch your marriage blossom with newness of love.

Many grooms choose to wear the lily of the valley in their lapels during the wedding ceremony. The lily of the valley flower reminds us of maturity and wisdom that is needed in marriage. Age has nothing to do with maturity and wisdom; rather it is the judgment that you use in making decisions or in a crisis. Money management is one of the biggest conflicts in a marriage. Plan to establish a joint bank account, not his bank account and her bank account, but joint with both names using the and/or symbols so both can use the account. Keep a record of expenditures and all credit card charges at the time of purchase. Consider any debit, credit or checks as already spent. Save your receipts and record expenditures daily. Pay credit card bills as they come due each month so interest will not accumulate. Make a budget of planned expenses like rent, car payments, loans, etc. Document the amount of money that you have to spend on each; make a wish list of items you want to purchase and save toward that goal. Pay cash for as many things as possible. Wear wisdom and maturity like you would a lily of the valley flower.

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When you took your wedding vows, the bride may have carried a pink carnation in her bridal bouquet. A pink carnation represents commitment. When you said your vows of matrimony, you where making a commitment to remain together and be faithful for a lifetime. Many things can interfere with commitment in a marriage. Changing family status-having children or in-laws-job changes or the desire to reach new dreams can challenge wedding promises. Couples should seek solutions when conflicts occur. Talk to one another about the problems in open communication. Not only talk with one another but with your Lord God.

Search ways that other people have solved their problems. Look again at the commitment that you made and say:

I will never leave you or forsake you even though times are hard right now.

Couples who pluck solutions based upon permanent commitment will come closer together. Let the flower of success bloom amid struggles in your marriage like the pink carnation among a garden of weeds.

It has been said, "Bless be the tie that binds our hearts in fellowship and love". As couples tie their marriages together with attributes that lead to success, they often find that they are happier. Look for the flowers of love and commitment. Tie them together with maturity and wisdom. Stand back and let society awe at your marriage that blooms with success. Be patient, it takes a lifetime to grow and nurture a marriage of complete success.

Although flowers do not last forever, marriages can last into eternity. Take the success challenge and not let you marriage wilt and die like flowers that are not watered and nurtured. Do not let it end in divorce!

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The shock of discovering one has been betrayed by one's spouse is indubitably one of the most devastating experiences a person can go through. In many cases the damage done is irreparable and can lead only to a divorce. While salvaging the relationship is sometimes feasible, it will certainly be no easy feat. Once one has asked oneself the question, "Is it worth it to try to save my marriage," the following should be considered.

The anger, pain, and shock that will occur after discover one's spouse has broken their vows may seem at first to become a permanent state of living. Remember, by allowing these feelings to control oneself, one is giving one's fraudulent spouse complete power over the situation. One ultimately has to make the decision for oneself whether or not to move or to try to fix what has been broken. It lies in the wronged spouse to be honest with oneself and decide whether or not they can truly forgive such a transgression.

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Marriage counselors continuously hear, "I have no choice but to save my marriage. We have to stay together for our children." This belief is noble but can do more harm than good. An unhealthy marriage will create an environment of hostility and suspicion that no child will benefit from growing up in.

Of course we've all heard the mantra which points to past behavior as the best predictor of future behavior. Some people can change. Others cannot. If one is willing to give one's spouse a second chance, so to speak, it's possible that the marriage can be saved. But they have to be ready to fully grasp this chance and prove themselves trustworthy.

If one finds oneself bringing up the injury to oneself over and over again and one simply cannot help oneself from raising painful memories, it is probably much healthier for one to move on from the relationship. If, however, one has resolved to stay in the relationship, be aware of the strength and fortitude it will require to repair the damage that has been done.

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I sometimes hear from women who are happy that their husband is coming over regularly while they are separated. But, the wives sometimes can't help but wonder if the husband is only coming over to see the children instead of being motivated by seeing them.

I heard from a wife who said, in part: "my husband has been coming by every Wednesday night and on weekends since we've been separated. We've been getting a long well, but part of me can't help but wonder if he's only coming over to see his kids. He does interact with me when he is here and things seem to pretty easy between us. I'm glad he wants to see his children and is so involved in their lives. But, I hope it's not too selfish that I also want him to be coming over to see me. How do I know if that's the case? Should I just ask him? Or do I just wait and see what happens?"

I didn't think that this wife was being selfish, but I also suspected that just coming out and asking him why he was coming over might carry some risks. Unless you are in a situation where the two of you are very open and comfortable with one another (even during the separation,) then the concern would be that if he's not ready for this question, he might give you an undesirable answer, or, worse, he may stop coming over quite as often.

Men don't always know the exact motivation behind their actions. He may not have sat down and thought about or defined why he is acting as he is and being asked to do so might be a bit or a turn off for him. Or, he might misunderstand you and think that you're questioning his motivations because you aren't sure that you want him coming around so much if his intentions aren't to your liking. So, I think there are some better alternatives to directly asking him why he's coming over during the separation, which I'll discuss now.

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Offer To Allow Him To Spend Time With The Kids Without Your Presence And See How He Reacts: One suggestion would be that the next time your husband comes over the house, you might consider saying something to the effect of: "I know that you're here to see the kids, so I'm going to get out of here so that you guys can spend some time alone together." This gives your husband the perfect opportunity to clarify and tell you that he is also there to see or spend time with you. If you don't get the response that you were hoping for, try again a second time later on and see if your husband doesn't ask you to stay or doesn't ask to spend more time with you at another time to compensate. One more tactic would be to just ask him if he wants to spend time alone with the kids or if he'd like to interact with them somewhere other than at your home. Again, this is giving him a chance to clarify with out your coming right out and being too direct.

What Happens If You've Tried Different Things And You're Starting To Think He's Only There To See The Kids?: Sometimes, wives try the above and find that the husband isn't all that receptive or doesn't ask them to stay. And often, as a result, the wife panics and thinks that the husband has no interest in seeing her and therefore worries that the separation is only making things worse or is the first step to a divorce.

I would caution you against doing this. Although he may initially be there to see the kids, that doesn't mean that you can't have a positive attitude and hope that you make a little bit of improvement each time so that eventually, he is there to see both the kids and you. Sometimes when you are separated, you have to accept small victories and gradual progress. Much of the time, your husband isn't absolutely sure what he wants. He may know that he enjoys seeing the kids, but he isn't thinking very hard about the reasons behind the visits. He may not know what his motivations are. And this can be OK.

Because things in this scenarios were going well, I encouraged the wife to worry more about being sure that they were continuing to go well rather than forcing the husband to define his exact motivations when he may not understand them all that much himself. If he is mostly coming to see the kids, don't see this as a defeat. Be glad that he's involved in their lives and know that this gives you an advantage. Not all wives have regular access to their separated husbands. And this most definitely gives you a foundation on which to rebuild.

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