I Think About My Ex Everyday: Why Am I Still Thinking About My Ex

Do you still awake till 4:00 am everyday because you cannot sleep? Have you tried all those sleeping pills and they do not seem to be working to end your insomnia?

Do you think you can't keep a record of how many sleepless nights you had after you had broken up with your ex? Do you really wish to take a very long vacation from work to sit on your couch in your lonely place watching anything on TV while eating all kinds of junk food?

Do you feel that nothing can distract you from thinking about your ex? Do you feel that everything in your life reminds you about your ex even the songs in the radio, the streets in your town, and the bed you lie on?

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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If you feel all this and you feel you can not handle it anymore, continue reading these lines because I know how really does it feel. Because I was in your shoes once, and I managed to get out of this emotional status and I had succeeded to get my ex back to my life. I want to help people to overcome the breakups and divorces they face everyday. This is simply my way of paying it forward.

Believe me you do not deserve this. You need to take your chance and live your life. You have to show your strength and power to handle a messy break up. These tips will help you if you can't stop thinking about your ex .

* Believe that this is a tough time and tough times always fade out and turn into a memory that entices smiling or a learning experience. You are strong enough to pass through this and you know it.

* Do not let your ex obsessions haunt you. Face your fears and confront them. Do you know why fears make their biggest influence on us? Because we escape from them.

Do you realize that rabid dogs will not chase you unless you showed some fear and run away from them. As in the Elm's street movie, Freddy will not attack you in your dream unless you are afraid of him. The smell of fear is what makes us vulnerable to these obsessions and this must be ended as soon as possible.

* Realize that even if self confidence and power will not guarantee you to get back your ex. It will surely attract more women into your life. You can get the maximum joy from the heart from the maximum of pain if you knew what your weapons are, and I am sure you are full of them.

You have many cards in your hand. You can start training at the gym, you can give yourself the gift of healthy diet, you can call an old friend to go out with him and spend the night clubbing and having old time fun.

The choice is yours and you have the power to make the right choice. And remember you do not need to force yourself on anything. You will do only what you want to do.

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Love is a tricky game. It's fun and exciting and challenging and drives us all crazy - at least once in our lifetimes. So how do you play this psychological game to get your ex to pull a psychological 180 turn? Read on, my friend. Read on...

Tell Them You are Done Chasing
Okay, let's get real. It's fun to be chased. It's lovely to know and feel that you are the object of desire, and that you are being pursued. So stop pursuing them outright. Turn your back, and watch their reaction. You may find them looking all around, seeing where it is that you've run off to.

Find Another Love Interest
You can always find someone else to "play" around with, and depending on your situation, this may even be healthy for you as well. Sometimes, it really does take having the possibility of losing someone to another before you realize what you're going to lose.

Complain about...Nothing
Whatever you do, don't complain about anything. That's right - nothing, nada, zip. Do not utter a word of negativity (at least to you ex) about anything at all. It's all to easy to push when someone is a downer. Put on your happy face, and they'll come running - at least they'll stop pushing...

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Run Away
This is especially effective if you have been the one chasing for a while. Just stop doing it - run away from them, quickly. Every time you see them duck away, turn the other direction - literally run if you have to (make it obvious). Your ex will hunt you down if anything just to see what the hell is going on!

Find Out Why They are Pushing You
If you don't already know why they are pushing you away (don't assume it's because they don't want you), then this is imperative that you find out. It really could be they are pushing you away because they are scared of loving you too much, maybe you broke their heart when you two split (even if they broke it off). Love can be complicated. Find out what exactly you're dealing with.

Darn that Patience
It's perhaps one of the most painful virtues, but patience is sometimes the best thing you can have. Playing it cool, waiting around, acting as if you will pursue them until you both die of old age - and that's all there is too it - can sometimes convince a person that they can trust you. And that trust will quickly grow into the desire to share it, and not ever let it get away again.

Do it All Again the Next Day
You can't give up! Don't even think about giving up. Even if you think it's hopeless. Nothing is hopeless until you lose all hope, so by golly hang on to it! Some people just need more time. But if you're sure he/she is the one that you want, then be sure that you have the dedication to get what you set out for. Just keep trying.

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If you have recently broken up with your ex, there are many things you can do that will get them to miss you. Below are just a few examples that will be sure to have your ex thinking about you in no time!

Email a Story
If you're creative, this is a wonderful outlet. If you're not, this is a wonderful way to arduously prove your dedication and will. Email your ex a short story - about your past relationship with them. Take whatever spin you'd like, but if you make it a love story, they'll be sure to remember and miss all those good qualities you portray.

YouTube Yourself
Millions of people are learning the art of online video production. There is no excuse why you aren't utilizing it for your own agenda. Make a video of yourself, and send a link to your ex. Sometimes, all it takes is for them to see you in action - whatever action that is - before they remember how much they cared.

The Social Network
Again, Facebook, Twitter, emails, Linkedin, mIRC, AOL - they are social networks for a reason, and they can be tools for getting your name and your face out there and into your ex's mind's eye.

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Call in Troops
Don't be afraid to use your friends - after all, what are friends for? Have your friends mention you in conversation to you your ex. If your friends and your ex don't have any reason to talk, they can still do things on your behalf that will bring you to mind.

Send a Picture
Find that old, buried picture where the two of you where happy, and send it to your ex (or send a copy of it if you can't bear to part with it). It will bring that happiness back into your ex's mind, and they'll be missing you before you know it.

Follow Your Nose
The sense of smell imprints some of the longest lasting memories we form. Don't underestimate the power of our noses. If you wear a certain cologne or perfume, send your ex a card sprayed with your scent. They will be immediately reminded of you as they biologically miss you.

Send a Parting Gift
If you send a parting gift - chocolates, flowers, a nice thank you card or good-bye underwear - it will show that you care, and your ex will have something tangible that will remind them of you. And sometimes, that reminder is all it takes for them to miss you.

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There is just something to be said when someone is begging for your attention. It boosts your ego, pumps your pride, and generally just makes you feel good - especially when it's an ex. Regardless of why it didn't work the first time, there are things you can do to get your ex to desperately beg for you to come back.

Act Distant
You can never underestimate how much this motivates people to the chase. It's like some distant gene still left over when we used to be more like wild hunters, and chase after anything that ran. Try staying distant - don't ignore them - just stay hard to reach. That is sure to trigger than deeper need to get what is so close (and yet just out of grasp).

Know Your Worth
It is rare that anyone is truly rescued by love - especially from himself or herself. We can easily (and usually are) our own worst enemies, so taking some time to really understand your qualities, what you have to offer, what your strengths are, and why you are truly unique and beautiful is the only way others will see you. And once they do, they're sure to beg for your company.

Make Yourself the Prime Catch
Perhaps the most straightforward way to get your ex to beg desperately for your return is to make yourself the hottest thing on the market. Don't worry, and no "nay" saying - confidence and self-worth go farther than natural good looks and wealth. Yes, really. So boost up your confidence, and ramp up your style, and show off how amazing you are to be you.

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Don't Respond Right Away
When they do start to show interest in you a bit, don't be too eager to respond. It will only reward them too quickly, and allow them to feel like you're too easy. The old adage: "nothing good is every easy" applies here. Make them work for attention - it will only ramp up their desire.

Feign a Trouble that Only they Can Help You With
If they are a car expert, have a car issue. Computers? You suddenly need computer advice. Fashion? You can't figure out to wear to an important event. It will play on their expertise, and show them (without telling them) that you could earnestly need their presence in your life, and everyone needs to be needed. Especially since you've made it so hard on them lately!

Play on Their Fears
This sounds more cruel and dirty than it is, but a little play here doesn't really hurt. Talk about or bring up a situation that makes them nervous or that you know they are fearful of (whatever that may be) and then end the conversation by showing a conquering of that fear.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
A positive attitude can take you along way in life. It can also serve as an added attractant. People like to feel good - and they are naturally attracted to whatever makes that happen for them. A positive display is a sure-fire way to have your ex (and others!) begging for your attention, and your company.

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There are specific techniques that will show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms- Especially if you are the only one trying... Visit What to Say to Get Your Ex Back to find out more.

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