I Think I Have A Thin And Small Penis: What Is The Best Penis Enlargement

Learning how to make your penis longer is perhaps one of the hottest topics around, especially for men who wish to have a larger penis. This is maybe due to the fact that the virility, sexuality, and masculinity of men are often equated with the size of their male organ. And perhaps it is partly true but the question still remains, is it really possible to increase the size of the male organ?

The simple answer is yes, it is possible. But it's not as simple as that. There are a lot of way men can enlarge their penis and eventually it will still be up to them to choose the most effective one for them. But to provide you with some ideas with regards on how to actually achieve this lengthening, here are some facts.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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You can find a variety of penis enlargement products in the market these days. There are pills, creams, exercise devices and in case all else fails, surgery is the last resort. The good thing is with enough effort, patience, and perseverance, you can actually achieve lengthening without going under the knife.

The most common method of lengthening is the Jelq, it is an exercise for the penis to allow it to lengthen. This exercise is most effective when used in conjunction with other methods like application of creams and taking supplements as well as doing it consistently and regularly over a period of months.

You can also make use of devices that stretch the penis over a number of hours per day. Micro-tearing and tissue repair is what is rationale behind and is what helps increase penis length.

When you work on lengthening your penis, you actually stretch two muscles, the ischiocavernous muscle, and the bulbocavernous muscle and continuously stretching these two muscles allows them to gradually lengthen.

Just keep in mind that any technique you employ in lengthening your penis, except perhaps surgery where effect is evident at once, effects are gradual and will only be noticeable after a noticeable amount of time has passed. And if you don't do it consistently the effects will be minimal at best and none at worst. So you need to be patient as well as persistent if you want your penis to elongate.

So the question on how to make your penis longer is answered, you should now strive to do them and see results as you work hard for it.

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If you are reading this article, chances are that you have already seen a wide array of penis enlargement methods. Penis pills, pumps, extenders are some of the most common methods apart from exercises. I could write a whole article on why you should avoid pills or pumps or extenders but I want to use this article to explain why penis exercises is the most effective method as of now.

The penis responds to exercises just like any other body part. It is just that people have the common misconception that it is not possible to change the size of the penis with exercises. This is largely due to the fact that penis enlargement is still a source of embarrassment for a lot of people and it is also considered taboo. The Internet has allowed exercises to become more popular as people are able to learn about them anonymously without having to face the ridicule of society. Also, a lot of people who disapprove of penis exercises are usually people who would have never tried them in the first place. Moreover, they don't even know what penis exercises do but just deny its effectiveness because they are morally against it.

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Now, to understand penis exercises, one needs to know the anatomy of the penis well. The penis is not a muscle. It is like a balloon that fills up with blood instead of air. When the penis is full of blood, it is in an erect stage. It has three chambers in it that hold blood. The size of these penis chambers are what decide your penis size. Pumps, pills are all designed to pump more blood into the penis but if your penis chambers are small, they can only so much blood and it is useless to increase the blood flow into the penis. To make your penis bigger, you need to make your penis chambers bigger which is exactly what penis exercises do. They make the chambers bigger by reducing the thickness of the cell walls that surround these chambers. These cell walls are usually thick in most adults and that is why almost any man has the potential to increase penis size, even if he is already large in size.

The process is slow and gradual and therefore very safe and effective. The exercises used to enlarge a penis usually gradually increase in intensity and last about 6-8 weeks although the actual exercising takes only about 10 minutes a day. People usually start to see gains after about 2-3 weeks and a lot of people average gains between 1 and 2 inches during this period.

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A lot of people are instantly interested at the mention of penis exercises as an enlargement method. The reason is because it sounds logical to a lot of people that the penis would respond to exercises just like any other body part responds to exercises.

While enlargement with penis exercises is very successful, one has to make sure that they do not commit the following mistakes while doing them.

Doing random exercises - Would you go to a gym and start doing heavy weights all of a sudden. You will first of all not be able to do heavy weights and if you do try them, you will just end up really sore and possibly hurt your muscles in the process. Similarly, if you quickly search for a penis exercise on the Internet and then start pulling away the next minute, it does not mean that you are going to have a bigger penis over night. In fact, penis exercises need to be done in a gradually increasing intensity that will give you safe and effective growth. There are a whole bunch of variations that a good program will put you through to get you the results that you want.

Doing exercises for too long - This is another common mistake that is committed by a lot of people. They exercise their penis for about an hour everyday hoping for quick gains. You could not go more wrong here. A good program will only require you to exercise the penis for about 10 or 12 minutes a day, never more than that.

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Doing the exercises wrong - This is probably the biggest reason why penis exercises fail for a lot of people. They just do not know what they are doing. Exercises need to be done only after a warm up. A warm up could be a hot shower or a warm towel wrap for a few minutes. While this may sound unnecessary, it actually helps a great deal in improving the blood flow into the penis, thus preparing it for enlargement exercises. You also need to know that these exercises are never to be performed on a fully erect penis. Depending on the exercise, you should do them only when you are soft or semi erect, never fully erect

Expecting too much - A lot of people also expect too much from penis exercises. It is realistic to expect a gain of an inch or two from this type of enlargement. People also expect results in a couple of days. A typical exercise program will take between 5-9 weeks, with results starting to show somewhere in the 2-3 week range.

Having mentioned all the mistakes that need to be avoided, you can go ahead and begin exercising your penis the right way to get a bigger penis in a few weeks.

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Feel your penis is too small? Worried you are not giving your wife or girlfriend what she wants in bed? No man wants to be stuck in this situation in his life, ever. But don't despair - there is one simple way to gain more size to your manhood and get over this hurdle in your life. How? Just start exercising your penis from today onwards!

Doing exercises on your penis helps to accelerate the amount of blood flowing into your organ. With more blood inside the main blood vessels of your penis, the tissues that make up a major part of your organ expands in size. Over time, through regular exercising, this results in your penis appearing physically bigger in size. Now, you may be thinking... why exercise? Especially when there are dozens of other products out there that can help you achieve a similar gain in size for your manhood. Here are 3 main points why doing exercises is far better than relying on those expensive products in the market:

1. It is extremely easy to do the exercises!

The term exercising may scare you, but in actual fact, penis exercising does not involve much effort at all! The exercise routines consist of mainly stretches and stroking actions on your male organ, all using just your own hands. Because of how easy it is to do the exercises, you typically only require about 20 minutes or so to perform them daily.

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2. Exercising does not cost a lot of money!

Unlike most other conventional methods of enlarging your penis, exercising it costs virtually nothing! You only need your hands to do the exercises, and apart from spending a little bit on learning the right method of doing the exercises, you don't need to spend a dime on anything else.

3. Doing the exercises regularly improves your sex life!

Not only does exercising help to enhance your penis size naturally, doing so also promotes a better sexual health. How? The exercises are a good way of improving the blood circulation going to your penis. This undoubtedly helps strengthen your male organ by a significant bit, making it stronger to achieve longer-lasting erections to elevate your performance in bed.

I don't suppose I need to tell you just how much doing exercises on your penis will benefit not only your male confidence, but also the health of your relationship with your woman. Seeing just how convenient and easy it is to start doing the exercises, why hesitate from doing so today onwards?

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