Yaa has been in a relationship with Kofi for three months now. When she met him, he used to drink occasionally. Now, she has realized her boyfriend is drinking more than he used to.
“I think my boyfriend has a drinking problem,” she says. “But I love him and I don’t want to leave him. I want to help him overcome this habit. What should I do,” she asks with a careworn expression on her face.
If you are a woman and you find yourself in a similar situation, here are a few things you can do to help your boyfriend.

1. Be Patient
Remind yourself of the times you have been patient with your boyfriend when he did things that you hated. Then, choose to become even more patient so that you can help him to deal with his situation. Say something such as this to yourself, “When Isaac cheated with Yaa, I was patient with him and accepted him back when he apologized. In this situation too, I must be patient.”

2. Swallow Your Pride
Some girlfriends start behaving arrogantly towards their boyfriends, and treat them with disrespect when their boyfriend’s habit gets worse. This can make him feel isolated emotionally and, as a result, he may drink even more to combat the negative feelings he will get.
So, try to treat your partner with respect so that you will not reinforce his negative behavior. If you find yourself acting in a condescending manner towards him, try to control your ego. By doing this, you will find it easier to convince him to see therapists.

3. Never Question His Self- worth
You must be careful not to say things that will make your boyfriend feel that you think he is not a useful person. Questioning his worth as a person may make him depressed and he may drink even more to battle the depression.
So, for example, if his drinking is affecting his productivity at work, don’t say to him that,” You are a useless guy! All you know to do is to drink! You are a drunkard and you are not even worthy to be my boyfriend! Instead of staying sober so that you can get a promotion and earn more money, you just choose to mess up your life! Drunkard!”
Instead, try to make him feel he is still a man worthy of your respect, despite his situation. Treat him with respect. Regularly, you may say something such as this to him, “Isaac, you have the potential to be a big man in the company. I see greatness in you. You could even become the CEO of the company. The only problem stopping you from becoming great is your drinking habit and you have to do something about it.” Such an attitude may strike a tender chord in his heart and make his reconsider his life. As a result, he may want to change and so start taking steps to solve the problem.

4. Create a Loving Relationship
Show a lot more affection for your boyfriend. Create a loving atmosphere in which he will feel comfortable to continue expressing his feelings. Additionally, encourage him to talk about his fears and worries, often.
Furthermore, listen to him. Do not treat his remarks, pieces of advice, and concerns with disrespect. Let him see that you still value his company. It will make him trust you more and also help to make you an authority in his life. This will come in handy when you want to convince him to go for group therapy or to see a professional counselor.
Consequently, there is a chance that he may stand back and see what he is doing to himself and to you and, subsequently, he may seek help to solve the problem.

5. Help Him to Avoid Temptation
Try to convince your boyfriend to avoid friends and situations that make him drink. Keep communication open and try to let him see that those friends are causing him more harm than good.
In addition, do your best to dissuade him from going to functions where alcohol will be served.
Rather, encourage him to make new friends who will have a positive impact on his life. Connect him with some of your male friends who are teetotalers. They may become positive role models when he gets to know them well and that may encourage him to seek help so that he can also become like them.

6. Pray for Him
God has got the power to deliver your boyfriend from his habit, if you pray for him often, for “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19 v 26).
This is backed by science. A study has shown that prayers can help to reduce alcohol cravings in alcoholics. So, every day, reverently intone prayers of intercession for your boyfriend and believe that God will touch his heart. God will honor your faith and save your boyfriend from his habit.

If you say to yourself and to others often that, “I think my boyfriend has a drinking problem,” do your best to continue honoring your boyfriend, create a loving relationship, help him to avoid temptation, and present the situation before God’s throne of grace and you will see a change in your boyfriend in due time.

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