I Think My Spouse Is Cheating On Me: I Have A Feeling My Husband Is Cheating On Me

You have a feeling that your partner is cheating on you recently but you are not very sure. What are the warning signs of cheating partner that you should watch out for?

One of the most obvious signs cheating partner is they no longer want to have intimacy or they find excuses not to have any intimacy with you. This is very unhealthy for a marriage.

Another warning signs of cheating partner, they suddenly have to work late very frequently, they also come out with all kinds of excuses that they are busy at work or excuses to stay away from home.

This could be another hint that your partner is trying to hide something from you. If your partner is starting to talk very mysteriously on the phone and put down the phone immediately when you are beside him or maybe he suddenly develop a habit of erasing his cell phone call log or messages

Another obvious warning signs of cheating partner to watch out is condoms, contraceptive pills on your partner, etc. However, you already have vasectomy or tubal ligation.

Your partner may leave trace of evidence in his credit cards bills, you may find him or her having excessive purchases, restaurant tabs, etc.

Cheating partner may show extreme behavior, it is either showing extremely strong affections or strong disinterest in you.

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Do you want to stop your divorce? Do you have many questions on how to go about saving your marriage? You have to know that there is still a chance of saving your marriage. You have to apologise and explain how you feel about the divorce. You have to tell your partner that you don't want the divorce.

It is not easy to apologise but is a step you have to take in order to save your marriage. Knowing how to stop your divorce requires that you find out what your partner thinks and feels about the divorce. Just talking to your partner can save your marriage. You have to listen to them and at this point respect what they decide.

Are you still asking the question how to stop the divorce and save your marriage? You know that you don't want it, so you have to work out a plan that you can use to in order to get back your partner. What you say can make a big difference. It is about doing what it will take to make the marriage work.

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You will have to handle this with maturity. There is no need to yell or be in your partners' face all the time begging. Just remember that no one wants to be with a needy person. You should not at all blame your partner or point fingers. You don't want to give him more reason to want the divorce. Stopping the divorce and saving your marriage means you have to stop all the anger and resent that you are feeling right now.

Finally you must set some ground rules like making sure the relationship does not go back to being the way it was before. You have to tell your partner that you are changing for the better and make sure you keep your word.

You have to remember that marriage is about team work.

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Saving a marriage no matter how complex and complicated should still allow you to breathe, to live and to love. You might be facing a blank wall right at this very moment and you do not know what to do as your marriage and family life is gradually crumbling and falling apart right before your very eyes. The situation you're in might be too profound to expound that even words do not seem to convey the kind of betrayal, disappointment and frustration you are experiencing at this time. It is an acceptable fact that any marriage experiences highs and lows, ups and downs but no matter where this roller coaster ride takes you, the truth is that you are still a couple and marriage is a bond that grants the both of you to become one should always be considered.

Saving your marriage might be easier said than done. It is so easy for you to say, "I can save my marriage" where in all actuality; you are not doing anything to save it. Thus, when you say all these things, you need to couple it with a pledge that you live to what you say no matter what it takes. This is a way of saving a marriage - doing whatever you can to make it all work for the best.

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You can save your marriage, even if it feels like all the impossibilities and uncertainties are outweighing the positive. Here are the following things that you can do and consider when it seems like it is too difficult to save the marriage.

- Life is worthless and hollow without love. The reason why you're able to live through each day is all because of love, the love you have for your partner and for the family that you are building or are yet to establish. If this sole reason turns to zilch, you sure will not find any more meaning to life. This being said, saving a marriage should be based on discerning what life would be without your significant other and without that burning passion that keep the relationship alive.

- Know your major reason in fighting for the marriage. If you find it hard to make your partner be the reason to stay in the marriage, think of your children. Most married couples stay for the purpose of having a complete family all for the purpose of wanting to have their children live a normal life. Although it would be a difficult situation to stay in a relationship, not because of love for your partner, but because of innocent children in the family, you will still find it a lot more meaningful. If you have wasted your love to someone that does not deserve to have it in the first place, at least you have spent meaningful years of your life being a father/mother to your children. That says it all.

Saving a marriage is saving a family. You would not want your children come to you one day asking, "Why is our family different from the rest", why is that you and mommy live separately, why is that you and daddy cannot be together for our sake?" Think of these scenarios and see if this is what you want your family to become.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Some people easily get disappointed when things don't go as they expected. Sometimes, their disappointment over a situation, person or project stays with them for a long time that they end up very depressed. The next thing they know, they're finding it difficult to cope with the low feeling and bounce back to their usual disposition.

Depression is a serious problem that should not be taken for granted. This is actually what prompts many people to seek a counselor or therapist. Whatever its causes, it's vital that people find a way to help them cope with and get over this negative feeling.

Attending counseling sessions is a good start to helping depressed people pour out their sentiments to a person or an authority they can trust. Some people find it more comfortable discussing their personal and marital issues with a third party rather than opening up to friends and family members. For many, seeking the professional advice of a family or marriage counselor is more helpful as they don't get judged on their situations and attitudes which they fear would happen if they approach a friend, one of their parents or even their sibling.

But other than seeing a counselor, did you know that animals also play an important role in helping improve the mental, emotional and even the physical condition of people? This is known as the animal-assisted therapy or AAT. Through this therapy, an animal with specific positive characteristics is utilized as part of the treatment process. These days, this is used in both individual and group treatment and has been proven to be effective in most cases.

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An animal-assisted therapy may use different types of animals such as cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, lizards, guinea pigs, horses, dolphins and even large animals such as elephants. In fact in the U.S. alone, studies have suggested that those who own pets show a happy disposition compared to people who do not have pets at home. A research done by Erika Friedmann at the University of Maryland Nursing School found that among heart attack patients, those that own pets have a better chance of surviving for at least one more year after their attack.

In terms of mental health benefits, a meta analysis done in 2007 showed that animal-assisted therapy can help improve verbal interactions, attention skills, boost self esteem and develop leisure as well as recreation skills. Having a pet in the home is also very helpful in reducing anxiety and loneliness.

So if you're already a pet lover and at some point in your married life, you get depressed over your relationship with your spouse or children, your dog or cat can already give you relief. As long as you know how to divert your attention from your disappointments and frustrations to your pet, you can overcome your negative feelings without even going to a marriage or family counselor.

But if you're still new to pets, your therapist might advice you to get an animal that can live with you in your home if you're amenable to it. Otherwise, you can just accommodate pet visits from your counselor or friends who have pets every now and then depending on what suits you.

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