I Want My Boyfriend Back but I Don't Know If He Still Loves Me: How Do I Know If He Still Loves Me after a Break Up

I want my boyfriend back but I don't know if he really cares for me. One day he seems to want to get back together; the next day he doesn't return my call. Does this sound familiar? If this is your problem, read on to see what happened to Paula when she was in this situation.

Paula's Story

My boyfriend Terry dumped me after we had been together for six months. I was really in love and I thought Terry loved me too. There were no warning signs to indicate that he might be thinking of ending our relationship. One day out of the blue he said we were finished. He dumped me without any warning. I was heartbroken and I begged him not to break up with me. I did everything I could think of to get my boyfriend to come back to me. I called him several times a day. When he didn't answer my calls, I sent text messages to let him know I still loved him and wanted him back. This went on for weeks, but I didn't hear from Terry.

When I took some advice, I found out that this was exactly the opposite of how I should be behaving. So, I followed the advice I received and stopped trying to contact my ex boyfriend. I was just starting to feel that I was getting over the pain of breaking up, when my ex boyfriend phoned me. We talked on the phone for over half an hour and it was as if we had never split up. I went over to his apartment and it was as if the breakup had never happened. I still loved him deeply and I thought he felt the same about me. I stayed the night.

Terry didn't call me but I kept waiting and hoping. Eventually, I tried calling him but he didn't answer his phone. I have heard nothing from my ex boyfriend for a whole week now. I thought we had got back together. I want my boyfriend back, but I don't know if he wants me. I am so confused and hurt.

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This is the point where Paula decided to get some help to deal with her relationship with her ex boyfriend. Paula made a big mistake. She misread her ex boyfriend's motives. She is still in love with him and assumed his advances meant that he still loved her. We can't know what was in Terry's heart that night. What we can see is that Terry's behaviour towards Paula since then is not that of somebody in love. If he loved Paula,he wouldn't be ignoring her after their night together.

Receiving the call she had longed for, made Paula react in completely the wrong way. She should have kept this first communication to a brief conversation. She should have acted in a friendly manner while keeping her distance and not giving away her feelings. She should not have rushed over to her ex boyfriend's house after one phone call. By doing this, she has shown her ex it doesn't matter how badly he behaves. She has given him the power to manipulate her and he has used it.

This is a hard lesson for anyone to learn. Paula's self respect is in shreds. She feels humiliated. The agony of losing her boyfriend has been stirred up again. She now has to face the fact that her ex boyfriend doesn't want to get back with her. She has been left with the unhappy thought that maybe he never really loved her and was just using her right from the start.

Unfortunately, Paula let her heart overrule her head. When she received an unexpected call from her ex boyfriend, she forgot all about pride and self esteem. She should have given herself a breathing space to get over the surprise of hearing from him. She should have arranged a meeting for a later date on neutral territory. She should not have gone running straight over to his home. If Paula had known the rules to follow, she would not have made those mistakes. If she had taken expert advice, she would have known that the first rule of getting back with your ex is "Don't try to rush things".

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If you want to know how to tell if your ex still loves you, then you have come to the right place. When a long term relationship ends, it can be very difficult. Things may not be as bad as they seem. Your ex may only need a break. The first step is determining whether or not they still love you.

Hint 1: No Communication Breaks

When trying to decide how to tell if your ex still loves you, make sure you do not overlook this important hint: ongoing communication. Does your ex still speak to you frequently? Does he or she ask about your status often? If they haven't completely cut off communication then that is a good sign they still want to be a part of your life.

When this happens, stay calm and give it time. You do not want to rush things and possibly damage your chances for a reunion. Give your ex some time, but consider pushing him or her away for a short period. Let them miss you and they will realize they need you after all.

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Hint 2: Can't Seem to Get Their Stuff

If you lived together or spent a great deal of time together, you probably left something at each other's homes. After the break up, you may have tried to return your ex's items but for some reason they never seemed able to come and get it. This could be because leaving something of theirs with you makes them feel connected to you.

If you notice your ex can't seem to get his or her things, it may be time to have a talk. Make sure a little time has passed so you both have time to cool down and sort things out then invite your ex to have a private chat about your situation.

Hint 3: Talks to Others About You

What is your ex saying to others? Your trusted mutual friends can probably tell you whether or not he or she mentions you frequently. If they seem to talk or ask about you often, then this is a sure sign you are on their mind. Always allow some time for your ex to get things sorted out in their mind and experience what life might be like without you. Then, consider inviting them to discuss things and see if you can get to the root of the problem that caused the break up.

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Yes, this exactly what you don't want to hear but you should listen very carefully... rushing to get your ex back after the break up is a perfect recipe for disaster. If you want to do it successfully you have to be patient and take things rather slow. What if you don't listen to this advice? Nothing... you are already a single. And there will be no next chapter of the relationship with your ex.

After a bad breakup, it is hard to know what to do. You think you want to get your ex back, but such nasty things were said during the split that you just are not sure. At that moment, you feel hurt and angry and find it difficult to sort out your own emotions. So the best thing to do in this situation is to take things slowly.

You are an emotional wreck at this moment. You are upset, hurt, angry, confused, and this is not the time try to get your ex back - you need a handle on your own emotions before you can start to consider making serious decisions. Both you and your ex are feeling very confused and uncertain at this point, so take a few days to calm down and get your emotions settled. You both must have time to heal all the hurt inside you caused by the breakup. That way, when you do begin to talk again, you can be calm and friendly. This makes the chance to get your ex back far better.

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Use your time apart to evaluate and partake in a bit of problem solving. You need to absolutely sure that you still love your ex and that the relationship is worth the effort it will take to save. Remember, being alone is not THAT bad.

There is a strong likelihood that you are going to need to do a bit of changing to get your ex back. You need to be able to tell your ex exactly how you plan to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. You want them to know that you are going to change, and it shows them how important it is to you to get back together again.

When you finally do make contact, do not jump straight into serious relationship talk. You need to get comfortable being friends again first. Catch up on what has happened in each others lives while you've been apart. Once you and you ex are on more solid footing, you can mention the option to get back together again.

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That dandruff commercial says you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That may be true but it's never too late to try and impress your ex-boyfriend and instead of shaving your head to prevent dandruff, follow these steps first.

Step 1: Impress Yourself: The road to impressing others begins by saying 'wow' when you look in the mirror. You'll never have the ability to put on a show for the crowd if you first don't deem it possible. Instead, walk with the attitude that you know you're hot and cool and others will soon pick up on the vibe.

Step 2: Journey To His Head: This trip could be interesting but since you spent time with your ex-boyfriend, you know what he likes. Use this to your advantage in joining the softball team or volunteering at the animal shelter where he takes abandoned squirrels.

Step 3: The Mental Makeover: The first thing you should remember is that it's not your goal just to get your ex-boyfriend back. If you set that as the peak, you'll never realize the true potential of what you can become. Think of impressing him as just a side perk of improving your life.

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Step 4: Fufill His Plans: Whether you knew it or not, your ex-boyfriend had plans for you in the relationship. If you want to impress him, fulfill those plans. This could be as simple as baking cookies when he swears 'she can't cook' or finally taking out the chain that links your nose ring to your earring to your lip ring to your toe piercing.

Step 5: Infinity And Beyond: Just because your ex-boyfriend now thinks you're hot or likes that you can make toast without burning down the neighborhood, keep driving up his desires. This might mean moving out of your parent's attic, buying your own house or climbing the corporate ladder.

Step 6: Try A Different Demeanor Your ex-boyfriend will likely have a general description of you in his head but what you might not know is that other people probably tagged you as something similar. Try and change 'Negative Nancy' into 'Nonchalant Nancy' and try to alter people's perceptions of you.

Step 7: Roll With It: Maybe you've tried dozens of things but your ex-boyfriend still isn't digging you. What you might not understand is that his deflection of all your good changes is his way of actually saying he still wants you. Sometimes it's easier for a guy to blow off a girl than it is to fess up and say that she drives him crazy so don't get depressed, instead just keep working until he's eating out of your hand.

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