I Want To Apologize To My Ex Boyfriend: Should I Apologize To My Ex After Years

Most of us girls have been in this situation! You and your boyfriend have just had a fight; a really bad fight. In the midst of anger, you have probably said some things that you shouldn't have and he has probably said some things to you too that are hurtful and make you feel like crying. But even though these cruel words are exchanged, you want to make everything right again. You love him and care about the relationship that you have with him so much that you would do anything to salvage the situation.

There are ways to apologize to your boyfriend but the tips used that I am going to explain to you in this article will help you make the job of apologizing much easier and less humiliating.

So without any further ado, here are these tips that will get your boyfriend back and let him forgive you faster.

1) Make your apology sincere. You must apologize sincerely, especially if you are the one in the wrong. If you do not feel that you are at fault, then I would caution you not to apologize as this may hurt you later on. The reason it might hurt you later on is that by apologizing when you don't need to may cause some later bitterness and bad feeling. And those kinds of feelings will only hurt your relationship in the future.

2) Try to understand his side of the situation. Because there are two sides to every story, it will help you to see things from his perspective. Explain to him that you understand his perspective and express to him that you know why he is angry.

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3) It is important to choose a good time to apologize. If you apologize to him when he is still angry, the less chance that he will believe or accept your apology. You may need to wait a little while to let things simmer down. For a greater chance of him accepting your apology, choose a quiet time and place to apologize and make sure that he has calmed down when you apologize.

4) Giving your boyfriend a gesture always works well. If for example, you take the time and energy to write down your feelings in a card or letter, this may seem to your boyfriend that you are sincere and heartfelt and will only make him feel that you are putting in the effort to apologize. This in turn will allow him to see you in a positive light and make him love you all over again. Once you have apologized to his face, let him go away alone with your letter. The letter will sweeten the apology even more and this tactic will help you get him back faster.

5) The last tip is acceptance. You need to realize that even if you put all the above into action, he just might not accept your apology. In some situations depending on what has happened, he just may need a longer time for the bad feelings to simmer. After this time has passed, he may feel less strongly about the fault at hand and may then forgive you. However, even after time has passed and he doesn't forgive you, you need to be prepared for this reaction. Accept the change in the relationship and try to move on. Don't dwell on what might or could have been.

If you try the above tips, you are closer to letting him forgive you than by not taking the above advice.
I say good luck to you and if you were truly meant to be together, then things will work out in its own time.

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Do the words "I want my boyfriend back" keep going around in your mind? When you are trying to get your boyfriend back there are certain things that you need to say. By saying just the right words, you will be able to give your ex-boyfriend something to think about in terms of your relationship. When you cause him to think, you will have him wondering if ending the relationship is really what he wants to do. Here are the five things you must say to your boyfriend in order to get him back.

"I apologize."

You need to be prepared to apologize even if you feel that you haven't done anything wrong. If you have broken up with your boyfriend, you might have done something to upset him without even knowing it. Be prepared to apologize for any hurt feelings or for anything you might have unintentionally done to hurt him. Then ask him what it is that you might have done: if you find out, you can work on fixing the relationship.

"I need you."

Let your ex-boyfriend know that you need him in your life every day. Be sincere and explain to him that you recognize all the things he has done for you in the past, and how he is such an essential part of your life. People like to feel that they are important and needed, and your ex-boyfriend is no different.

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"I want you."

Needing your ex-boyfriend and wanting him are two very different things. When you need someone, you have to have them in your life; when you want someone you really desire that person. Your ex-boyfriend will benefit from knowing precisely how much you want him.

"I miss you."

Tell him clearly that you miss him. It should be easy to do since you really do miss him. Let him know how much your life has changed since he walked out of your life. Be clear about how you feel and don't hide anything.

"I love you."

Tell your ex that you love him. Don't beat around the bush or wait until he says it to you first. Sometimes, these three little words are all a man needs to hear from a woman in order to be more open to repairing the relationship.

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If texting your ex boyfriend back is currently on your agenda, then you should know that this is a very easy goal to achieve if you know what you are doing.

Texting happens to be a very powerful tool when it comes to relationships because it can bring about passion, love and romance. If used right, they can also evoke curiosity and mystery in the person that is being texted. And, you will be happy to hear that it can heal the wounds of the past, as well.

That's right. By texting your ex boyfriend back, you can make him feel closer to you like never before and you can even use them to your advantage, so that your ex starts feeling the way that you want him to feel. Of course, texting can be a bane in your relationship, as well, though, so you have to make sure you learn how to use it properly before you proceed.

For starters, you should never get desperate and start sexting your ex. On that note, you shouldn't try and seduce him by sending him naked pictures of yourself through text, either. Not only will this lead to embarrassing and downright traumatizing situations, but they could get passed around and fall into the hands of people you do not trust.

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Aside from that, texting your ex boyfriend back in the wrong way can also start unnecessary fights. It might make you look desperate, needy or boring, and might even push your ex boyfriend farther away.

Here are the two kinds of texts that you have to avoid like the plague:

1. Texts that don't say much.

These texts refer to simple things like, "Hey", "Hi" and "How's it going?" Texts like this sound like they are coming from teenagers and don't really do anything to spark your ex's curiosity. Basically, all it will make him do is wonder why you texted him in the first place and why he should reply to your text to begin with. In other words, you will just make things awkward.

2. Texts that reek of desperation and insecurity.

Repeatedly sending him texts would fall under this category along with texts that ask things like "What are you up to?", "Why haven't you been replying to my texts?" and "Who are you dating now?"

Avoiding these kinds of texts while texting your ex boyfriend back will give you much higher chances of getting what you want in the end - remember that.

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If your breakup was a hasty one and you still feel that your ex has feelings for you then you need to confirm that. Your ex will not say so in as many words and you will have to figure it out yourself. Here is how you can tell if he/she still likes you.

Your offer to remain friends is welcomed

If your ex still likes you he/she will not object to remaining friends with you. Your offer will be immediately taken and you will not have to pursue the issue much. This is a clear cut indication that your ex still likes you. On the other hand if your ex didn't have any feelings for you they will avoid this issue altogether.

Your ex does not hesitate when he/she has to help you

You can run a simple test. Ask your ex to help you out in something they are good at. If your ex does not bat an eyelid and readily comes to your help then he/she definitely likes you. However, if your ex is over and done with you then he/she will give you some excuse and avoid meeting you.

He/she is still single

This is the easiest way to tell if your ex still likes you. If after a considerable period post breakup he/she chooses to remain single then it means that they still like you and would like to get back with you in the near future.

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Your ex has not badmouthed you anywhere

Your common friends or colleagues have not heard a single mean word uttered about you by your ex. On the contrary your ex has only good things to say about you. Well, this means your ex still likes you

Your ex loves to spend time with you

Whenever you meet your ex you get the feeling that your ex is trying to prolong the meeting. Your ex treats you at the best eating joints or watering holes and makes sure that your choices are ordered. This proves that he/she has feelings for you and they want you to notice that.

His/her body language gives you the signals

Your ex tries to get close physically even though you find it awkward. They do it without realizing that you are feeling uncomfortable. If that is the case then your ex surely likes you. However, if your ex maintains a safe distance and does not do much except shake your hand then it means he/she has no feelings for you.

Relishes the opportunity to meet you alone

There a simple test you can try on your ex. Ask your ex to meet you alone on a really busy day. If your ex does so without a murmur then it means he/she definitely likes you. You are one lucky person. Talk to him/her for a second chance and your ex will readily grant you one.

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