I did quit my job, -“I fired my boss” as I used to say- because I had a little voice inside telling me to do so. But, at the same time, I was so afraid. I could also hear another voice inside telling me all the horrible things that might happen. These two voices were creating an inner conflict that resembled a “pas-de-deux,” a well-orchestrated dance – very smooth, like a well-oiled machine. One voice would start, and the other one would reply, then it was the first ones turn… and I was in the middle of this conversation, completely frozen, non productive and confused.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! You see, I had never run a business before, so I was definitely out of my comfort zone, not knowing what to expect. I was worried I might not be able to do it and I could hear the opinion of people around me saying that they doubted it too!

How would I attract clients to my practice? Would I have enough of them to be able to thrive …or survive? Would I go broke and not be able to pay my bills? Would I make terrible mistakes in my business decisions? What did I need to know about taxes, employment, and all the legal stuff?

Then, I stopped my inner questioning for a minute (ah, the relief!!) and decided to take a deep breath and exhale all my fears and doubts. I actually had to take way more than a couple deep breaths due to the amount of pent up anxiety. I couldn’t even think straight anymore.

I asked myself: “what do I really want now in my life?” Do I want to continue on doing what I do? Working for this boss in this environment? With this amount of stress? With this schedule? With these co-workers? Or do I want to create a business where I can help people and be my own boss? And where I can choose my hours and also (at some point) choose my clients?

“Well, if you ask me, I want to be my own boss and help people. I feel completely drawn to create a business where I can be of service and make a difference in people’s lives”. The other voice had now calmed down totally. I couldn’t hear a word of doubt or fear in my head. I could sense a strange feeling of freedom and strength, certitude and peacefulness.

That is how I decided once and for all to fire my boss and become my own boss, working from home!

And I prepared to “step out alone in the big world.” I decided to quit, but stayed a few more months to build up my savings. I could invest in myself and in my own business. I didn’t do it without a plan. (I am a Virgo, so a few things have to be organized!) I didn’t want to run out of money before the turning point when the business would be established and generate income. I did not want to be forced to make the decision to go back to work in a JOB (Just Over Broke) because my business wouldn’t bring enough income in.

That is one thing I hear in my clients stories. They share with me that they had to go back to work for someone else because they did not create a safety net before leaving and they starved during the first six months (or sometimes a year) of being in business for themselves. I think that it is a wise decision to make if you cannot withstand the financial pressure and if you start making business decisions based on fear and lack of money. You do not see marketing and management the same way when you don’t generate enough revenue. You tend to forget the business’ best interest and do not invest in yourself as you should when you run out of money!

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Nathalie Ekobo is an international Business Coach/Consultant, Speaker, Teacher, Author, Master of Energy, and is known as The International Alchemist™. As a former Marketing executive, Nathalie now uses her highly developed intuitive skills united with her keen business acumen, to assist her clients to reach their highest potential. It is not unusual for them to double, and in some cases triple their business with Nathalie’s expertise. Nathalie has touched the lives of thousands of people worldwide through live classes, teleconferences, seminars, workshops, radio interviews and is featured in a phenomenal new movie called the Breakthrough as one of the experts on spiritual teachings. She has also shared the stage with esteemed personages such as Hay House authors, Marianne Williamson, Caroline Sutherland and Dr. Judith Orloff.