On the surface, everything in your relationship seems fine. You get along, he seems happy with you, and you've been together for a reasonably long time:
'So why do I want to get engaged but he doesn't?'

According to dating expert T.W. Jackson, 'sometimes men fake being in love'. He might pretend that he's happy with you, but deep down, he doesn't think the relationship will last. He just doesn't know how to tell you. He might care about you, but he doesn't see you as his future wife. Instead, he sees you as 'okay for right now'.

You might sense that something is wrong because he doesn't want to move the relationship forward. He doesn't want to talk about your future together, having kids, or buying a house one day. In other words, you want to get married and he doesn't.

When a man is 'faking' being in love, you might ask him 'Is something wrong?' but he'll say that 'everything is fine.'

But under the surface, everything is not 'fine'. He's having second thoughts about you, and that's why he won't commit. But instead of doing the right thing and telling you the truth - so you can end the relationship and find someone who does love you - he wastes your time. Then, when someone he thinks is "better" comes along, he dumps you.

This is an 'inability to delay gratification' on his part. Most people don't like to be alone and your boyfriend is no exception. So he might stay with you even though he knows you're not 'THE ONE' just so he doesn't have to be alone.

He enjoys having a woman in his life and he doesn't want to have to go through the loneliness of being single until he meets another woman he's crazy about. He could meet her at work, one night when he's out with his friends... he's holding out for her.

Unfortunately, by putting off the inevitable date when he knows he's going to leave you, he keeps you in a state of 'limbo'. He keeps fanning the flames of hope in your heart that one day, he'll change his mind and ask you to marry him. If you feel that something is wrong in your relationship or that he's hiding his true feelings, try to get things out in the open. The sooner you know the truth about whether 'he's faking' his love for you, the better.

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