Are you short and saying I want to grow taller? If you have ever been called Shorty, then you know how miserable it is to be short. There is this believe that it’s impossible to grow taller after puberty. Well, this is false. You can still increase in height regardless of how old you are at the moment. If you are saying “I want to grow taller”, then all you need is a proven method to help you increase your height.

One of the ways to grow taller is sleep. Yes, just sleeping can help you increase your height. A lot of people go too far in their search for ways to grow taller, when they can simply increase their height by just sleeping. Every average person spends two-third of his or her lifetime sleeping. Therefore, there is obviously something that is not done right in order to grow taller by just sleeping.

To begin with, you must sleep for at least 8 – 10 hours daily. For the reason that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is secreted while we are sleeping. If you do not have enough sleep, your body might not have the opportunity to secret this Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is essential for the overall growth of the body.

If you are saying, “I want to grow taller”, then just sleeping alone will not do the magic. There are certain things you must do if you really want to increase your height. You have to change the posture you take while sleeping. Also, the bed you sleep as well play a great role in helping you grow taller.

For the body to grow taller, it is mostly credited the bones in the spine and legs. Therefore, you want to make sure that your spine is in a straight line while you sleep. The one way to achieve this is to sleep on a hard bed. Yes, you read the right. Your bed must be hard because soft bed can cause your back to sink too deep, and thereby causing your spine to bend. Not only should you sleep on a hard bed but you have to sleep without pillow. Using pillow is also going to cause your spine to bend, so you must do away with it. I know it’s difficult to sleep without pillow and on a hard bed. However, if you are saying, “I want to grow taller”, then this is a must.

Another important point to take into consideration while sleeping is the posture you take. Your posture while sleeping is very important to help you grow taller. The right posture to take when sleeping is to sleep with you back and your legs fully stretched out. You want to make sure that your spine doesn’t arch. So, you must sleep straight.

It is essential to get enough sleep everyday and maintain a good posture in your bed so that you can grow taller. Certainly, the changes won’t happen overnight and you may find yourself shouting I want to grow taller! But be patient.

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