When I was out earlier I saw someone who reminded me of someone I spoke to a number of years ago. We spoke about a number of things, and one of the things I remember clearly is how they wanted to make a difference in the world.

But, this was not something that they hadn’t really thought about; it was something that had consumed their mind for a little while. I was interested in hearing more, so I asked them a number of questions.

A Huge Goal

This was someone who had a few videos out but that was about it; what they hadn’t done is written any articles or books, for instance. One of the things that they told me was that they wanted to help a billion people.

I was amazed by what I heard, and I thought that this person was setting themselves up to suffer unnecessarily. Now, this was not because I believed that this couldn’t be achieved; there was no way that I could have known whether it was or wasn’t possible.

Start Small

The reason I came to this conclusion was due to the fact that this was an incredibly big goal and it would take a lot of motivation for them to be able to keep going; there would be ups and downs, and there was always the chance that they would never achieve this goal. I also wondered how they would know when this had taken place; it wasn’t as though they would be able to keep track of every person they help

I suggested that it might be better for them to start with a small goal and then to gradually build on this goal. By doing this, it wouldn’t take very long for them to see progress and this would give them the motivation to keep going.


What I also sensed during this time was that this wasn’t a goal that was fully in alignment with their true needs. Their need to help so many people seemed to be a reflection of their need to receive approval.

So, although they said that they wanted to help a lot of people, it was as though their greatest need was to be famous. Undoubtedly, it sounds nobler when someone says that they want to help a lot of people.

Final Thoughts

Taking all this consideration, it makes me think about how important it is to take one step at a time and not to get too caught up in what may or may not happen in the future. Getting attached to an outcome is a great way to leave the present moment and to postpone our happiness.

In can be a case of: I will be happy, fulfilled and worthy once I achieve a certain goal, but not before. When someone experiences life in this way, it can show that they believe that they are worthless, amongst other things.

If they were to get in touch with their own value, they might no longer want to achieve the same things and their motivation could decrease. Through being in touch with their own value, their value will be based on who they are as opposed to what they do.

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