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Do you ejaculate too soon? Do you want to boost your sexual stamina and last longer? Do you want to make love passionately to your woman? If so, I strongly urge you to read every single word of this page with the utmost attention. You are about to discover the powerful tips to make you last longer in bed tonight...

Don't neglect these powerful tips. These tricks are guaranteed to make you last longer. They have a 97% percent success rate. These tricks worked for many other men. They worked for me and it can work for you too. The key is to be persistent and take action. So I urge you to pay close attention and start following them right away...

Learn this one technique -- simple and easy for any man to use -- and not only will sex be more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet. Here's how to have sex more often -- and have her thank you for it

Here are the powerful tips to make you last longer in bed tonight...

Breathe Deeply - Most men have no clue about the power of deep breathing. Deep breathing when you are having sex makes you have more control over your ejaculate. You don't get stimulated too easily and therefore you last long. Practice deep breathing right away. This is a powerful Kama sutra technique for great sex. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath for four counts. Hold for eight counts and release for four counts. Then hold for four counts and breathe in for four counts. Keep practicing deep breathing. Deep breathing is better for your healthy anyway. It removes all stress you have and boosts your sexual stamina.

Be Self-Less - When it comes to sex, be self-less. Don't put your priority first. Make it a priority to satisfy your woman. She needs you to satisfy her. You don't need it. You can easily experience that pleasure. So don't thrust too deeply or too hard. Allow your penis to enter only the first two inches of her vagina. Those are the most sensitive parts in a woman and therefore it will get her to orgasm quickly. Moreover, a shallow thrust will make you have more ejaculatory control.

Masturbate Longer - Stop masturbating frequently for short periods. Masturbate longer and less times. Make sure that each masturbation session is more than fifteen minutes. Keep masturbating until you reach the point of no return for greater sexual stamina and ejaculatory control. Close your eyes and visualize your woman feeling orgasm. Try giving your woman the orgasm. If you do it, you will last. If you don't, you won't and your woman will be frustrated.

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The ultimate end, when one has sex, is to climax or orgasm; maybe once or more. When a girl has sex with a man she looks forward to the mind blowing orgasms that he would give her.

A man too looks forward to the pleasure of giving his girl the mind blowing orgasms she'd like to have.

You should know what to do to make a girl orgasm.

Romancing - Romance and love should be in the air for a girl to feel in the mood for sex. So a man should be alert about building up such an ambience to attract the girl towards him. He should talk in a romantic manner and show all his love for her so that she wishes to give in to him and have sex with him. She should feel a level of comfort first, before being in the mood for love.

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Compliments - Learning to appreciate a girl for her looks and qualities is very important and you should learn or develop this art if you wish to be successful with her. There are her looks and her choice of clothes that certainly warrant attention and appreciation. Then the color of her hair too complements her eyes and deserves appreciation.

Go slow - Do not make the mistake for making a lunge for sex right away. Caress and cuddle her in your arms and kiss her passionately. Let your passion flow into her; making her long for sex. Begin the foreplay by gently caressing the bared parts of her body before reaching out for the covered parts of the body. Allow things to build up gradually.

The final act - Next slip your fingers on her thighs and slowly inch towards her vagina. Stroke the clitoris and the vaginal lips till you feel the passion rise in her. It's time now to slip a finger into the vagina to locate her g spot and stimulate it. From her expressions and sounds you'll know that she has had an earth shattering orgasm.

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In this article you are going to discover a little-known, yet extremely powerful SEX TECHNIQUE that is going to enable you to give your woman an ANAL ORGASM. If you want to not only get your woman to let you have anal sex with her, but actually want you to do it and perhaps even demand you to do it -- you need to use this sex technique.

You see, when most guys want anal sex, they usually take one of the following approaches:

- They either ask/beg their women for to have 'back door' action with them


- They 'accidentally' penetrate her anus

Both options are at best weak and at worst a disaster.

Listen up.

The thing about anal sex is this...

From a woman's perspective -- it's something that she almost definitely would like to try because it's a little naughty, dirty and considered TABOO. And women really like to get naughty and do taboo things in the bedroom (with the right man). But what stops most women from trying anal sex is FEAR. The fear that it's going to hurt!

Makes sense, right?

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Now here's the thing...

If you go down the route of asking your woman for anal sex or accidentally slipping yourself up her ass -- you will almost certainly HURT her. Then you'll simply have confirmed her fears that it will hurt and she'll never want to try it again. Period. The REAL MAN's approach is to slowly warm your woman up to the idea of anal sex by getting her to realize that it can feel really good when you touch her ass. Of course, there is no better feeling during sex than an ORGASM, so the best way to get her to feel really good when you touch her ass is to give her the legendary anal orgasm.

Here's how it's done...

How To Give Your Woman An ANAL ORGASM

To use this sex technique effectively, first make sure that your hands are in good order... that means clean, smooth and short finger nails. Next, get your woman IN THE MOOD. Then engage her in foreplay and give her a clitoral orgasm, followed by a g-spot vaginal orgasm. Next, penetrate her anus with your middle or index finger (she should be laying on her back at this point). Now locate her g-spot and massage it using a 'come hither' motion until she orgasms. And then you've done it -- you've given her an anal orgasm.

NOTE: It's easy to massage her g-spot with your finger in her ass because the wall between the vagina and anus is not very thick.

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If you want to get the phone number of the girl of your dreams, you need to master the art of control and manipulation when it comes to sexual energy and sexual tension with that girl first. Girls would never want to give a guy her number unless they find him sexually attractive. This is a universal truth.

So, by successfully mastering this art, getting the girl of your dreams should definitely be a goal that you can achieve in no time. What can set you apart when it comes to this, though? How can you succeed if so many other guys have failed at it before? Read on to learn the secrets you need to learn and, after you understand them, run after your girl of choice immediately.

How To Make Girls Want You For Sex - 3 Secrets To Light Up Her Sexual Fire

Secret #1: Stare at her just right. This might prove to be quite hard to do, actually. See, if you stare at her for far too long, she will simply get creeped out but if you do not stare at her long enough, you will never make the impression that you need to make. Either way, though, whenever you see a girl you are interested in when you are out at a restaurant or in a club, try to avoid approaching her right away since distance could be your best friend at that particular moment.

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Secret #2: Tease her in a seductive manner. One successful way to improve any sexual tension that is already mounting between you is the art of teasing her in a seductive manner. Work at her confidence without offending her, for example. This might sound difficult, but it really isn't. You need to know that there are some topics out there that you need to stay away from at all costs, though. Jokes that revolve around her appearance, for example, are a definite no-no since pulling such jokes is sure to result in nothing but an instant dismissal from her, leaving you to go back to scratch with all of the other girls in the vicinity who might have even witnessed the debacle and consider you a jerk now, as well.

The secret here would therefore be to lace your manner of teasing with some compliments that aren't too over-the-top. Doing this will improve that sexual tension between you by a ton - provided you do things the right way, that is.

Secret #3: Be a real man. Prove you are a real man by openly showing what you want from a girl. Many guys out there always try to hide what they are really like, so that girls will fall for them faster. However, this only makes them look like a creep after their true colors emerge. Therefore, you have to concentrate on what makes you a real man and simply use that to produce something useful out of your potential relationship. Dirty jokes that revolve around your real intentions would be the best way to break the ice in this regard.

See, if you are upfront when it comes to this and bask in your manliness like you should, you will appear confident in the eyes of girls and thus prevent striking out with them if they didn't want the same things as you to begin with. If you follow this secret, girls will know what to expect and you can go from there.

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