I Want To Leave My Husband but We Have a Child: How to Leave Your Husband When You Have a Child

When you have children and are having marital problems, you should try to work things out. A divorce hurts everyone - the couple getting divorced, the family and friends of the couple, and the children.

However - if your problems are abuse related, please get out. The children are suffering more by your staying there. You should NEVER stay in an abusive relationship. Leave - if your spouse really loves you, they will work on their problem, and you can go back, if you choose. No relationship in the world is worth harm to you!

Children are especially hurt by a troubled marriage, because they are faced with the fact that the only home they've ever known may be torn apart. You have to make it very clear to them that this isn't their fault, and explain, as much as you can, what is going on with the marriage.

Among other things, a divorce means a custody case. The children may be faced with choosing one parent over the other. A child that is forced into that situation often struggles with emotional difficulties for a long time afterward. In younger children, the court offers no choice. The court makes the decision of who gets custody.

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Many children of divorced parents suffer from anger problems, insecurity issues, and loneliness. They can suffer sleep problems, or eating problems. These problems are merely a reaction to the trauma they have endured.

When you are facing a divorce, you really should try to save your marriage, especially when you have children. Don't, however, use your children as a crutch - sometimes a divorce simply cannot be avoided. In that situation, ensure your children that they are loved very much by both of you, and instill in them that this is in no way their fault.

Once you have both decided that you want to try to save your marriage, you have to start working on it immediately. Find out what the problems are, and start to fix them. It will take some time, but both you and your children will be much stronger, and your family bond will be much stronger, also.

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When couples marry they all start out believing that their love for each other will last forever. Separation and divorce are the furthest things from their minds. Sadly very few modern marriages will stand the test of time and almost one in three in the UK will end in divorce. But what about those couples that choose to stay in a loveless relationship, believing that the life that they continue to lead is an easier option than divorce and starting over again? Is this really a viable route to take?

There is no doubt that separation and divorce is a daunting and painful process. It can take months, if not years, before you are able to rebuild your life and regain your confidence. The decision to separate or divorce will be all the harder if there are children involved and how ever much you want to be out of the relationship, you may find yourself reluctant to leave due to the heart break that will be caused to your siblings. Despite the inevitable pain, you may be surprised at how resilient children can be. There will no doubt be far more emotion and worry built up in your mind about the future, than usually does if the decision is made. Staying in a loveless marriage because you feel duty bound by your children is often a mistake, as the mental and psychological damage that you can cause can be far greater than making a break and building a new life.

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Even without the involvement of children the usual commitments of modern life such as mortgages, loans, cars and pets, can be enough to make you step back from a heartfelt decision and convince you to continue with your sad and loveless existence. Everyone has heard the saying 'Life is too short' and this have never been so poignant where relationships are concerned. It is far better to suffer the short term pain of a break up, rather than a life time of unhappiness and unfulfillment. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It may just take a while to reach it.

The thought of being alone and left on the shelf can also become a factor in an acceptance of a dead marriage. Not may people will cherish the thought of growing old alone, but with the help of the internet, there are thousands of singles from your own local area literally at your finger tips.By using an internet dating site it is far more likely that you will meet someone that has had similar experiences as yourself, than it would have been twenty years ago.

For those that do find the strength and courage required, they may be lucky enough to find years of happiness ahead of them.

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Ever asked your parents what has kept them together for so many years (assuming your parents aren't divorced)? I did. My parents have been married for 40 years and when I asked them this question, they told me it was because of the hard work they've put in. Yes, it's true. A happy and successful marriage takes a lot of work...and for most, it's worth the effort.

If you are facing marital discord, and want to learn how to save your marriage you must begin by changing your mindset. It's very important that you put in full effort to FIX your marriage in the best ways possible. While every couple has their own way of making their marriage work, they also have a favorite list of strategies that they use to ensure that they work as a team, in unison, as a single unit without stepping on each other's toes.

Team work is extremely essential for the good health of a marriage and it is best for learning how to save marriage. Fortunately, there aren't any major skills required to work as a team. But, this process does require practice of certain habits and three of the most important habits or steps towards building a healthy relationship (team) are mentioned here.

1. Maintain Equilibrium

There are many times in marriage when both the partners end up being depressed or in a mood. While sometimes it's next to impossible to get over your blues, it will really strengthen your marriage if you allow your spouse to play out his/her blues and thus, maintain the balance of the relationship. Don't be angry or annoyed at your partner when they are irritable or annoyed. Bite back your anger and do stop being peeved. Initially this may be very hard for you to do. Make a conscious effort. A sincere, honest, and tenacious effort to not give in to your feelings and you'll find that it really works for your marriage. No longer will you have to ask me about how to save marriage!

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2. Assign Expert Tasks

So, you and your partner have fixed chores to take care of at home. You take out the garbage, she loads the dishwashers. You hang the clothes dry while she loads the washing machine and folds and irons them. While it's good to have a clear demarcation about who gets which task, it's also very important to mix up these chores just a little bit. This helps break the monotony and brings in an element of surprise and caring. Moreover, there may be many areas where just one of you is the real expert. Therefore, avoid conflict about who gets to do that task by discussing it beforehand. Perhaps you can be in charge of change and your partner can be in charge of progress.

3. Take Permission For Suggestion

And, finally the most important step. NEVER tell your partner how they must do things unless and until they ask you to. But, if you want a certain thing done in a particular manner, politely ask him/her if you could tell them your preference. So, treat your partner as an adult and not as a child...never forget this!

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