Currently, the problem of excess weight is associated with a certain paradox. On the one hand, ordinary people (mostly those who are not directly affected) feel certain contempt for the subject; you can often hear phrases like: "What is there to treat? – They should just eat less!" On the other hand, the experience of specialists in this field indicates that weight loss is an extremely difficult task.

From the homeopathic standpoint this paradox can be explained quite simply. We should not concentrate on the ill-fated fat cells and instead look at the whole person, to his other problems and his mental state. Most overweight people are more anxious, more depressed, they perceive distress more acutely, they are easier to injure, hurt, upset, and they are more susceptible to the "emotional stress". For the obese people food is an integral part of their behavioral mechanisms and begins to adopt non-characteristic functions - becomes "a sedative", "an antidepressant", "a sleeping pill”...

And this allows homeopathy to demonstrate its full potential. Why? During the process of correction of the excess body weight it is important to remember that diet and exercise without the correction of the psycho-emotional state and the normalization of metabolic processes require enormous willpower and, as a rule, are ineffective or give unstable effect.

Only homeopathy can accomplish individualized, gradual, painstaking work of the restructuring of feeding behavior, with the active participation of the patient. Individually chosen homeopathic remedies help to normalize the psyche and relieve bouts of hunger, improve your mood and overall energy of the body.

Only homeopathy can normalize the disturbed metabolism, with individually selected homeopathic medicines, which are most suitable to a person at this stage of his or her life.

For example, when a person is irresistibly drawn to sweets, you may need to apply one drug, but if a stressed patient always wants salt the other remedy is prescribed, when dealing with a headache, which goes away only after an intake of food, a third type of remedy can help. Only after a visit to a homeopath who takes into account all of the disease of a person throughout his or her life and all complaints to date, obese patients finds hope, begin to believe in themselves, and gain hope that their lives will change for the better. Perhaps this is the most important thing.

Thus, as a homeopath, at first I select individually chosen homeopathic remedies and try to regulate all the processes of human activity, organize the work of all organs and systems.

Afterwards the body itself (without loss of health) will adjust its weight to normal - your individual rate. The choice is yours.

Hilda Spektor, ND

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Graduated from Clayton college as Naturopathy Doctor. Major in Homeopathy.
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